Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 51 - Slay

Chapter 51: Slay

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Seeing Lin Feng step forward, Yu Shan fell silent.

“All right, if you can’t hold out, I’l go up again!”

Yu Shan was not a talkative person. He was usually very quiet. Even in a life-or-death situation like this, he was still very quiet. But the quiet Yu Shan was nonetheless reassuring.

This was the first time Lin Feng had “observed” the three dire beast kings at such a close distance. In reality, dire beast kings were very rare. Even professional martial artists might not encounter a single dire beast king in their entire lives. From a certain perspective, there were actually fewer dire beast

kings than demons.

Apart from the heavily injured Proboscis Beast, there were also the dire beast that had ambushed Shui Yuansheng among the three dire beast kings. It was like a porcupine, and its entire figure was hideous beyond compare. Just the sight of it was rather daunting.

However, this digd not raise Lin Feng’s perception of it. What he really took seriously was the last dire beast king. This dire beast king was covered in tumors, and looked like a gigantic worm.

That’s right—this dire beast king was actually similar to the six demons. They should be the same type of dire beast, but it was a dire beast king and not a demon yet.

Not all dire beasts could become dire beast kings. There must be something special about those who could become dire beast kings. Moreover, those who became dire beast kings first before becoming demons would definitely become greater demons, far surpassing ordinary demons.

Thus, the dire beast king like a huge worm was actually the most terrifying one.

Ordinary martial artists were by far outmatched when facing one dire beast king, let alone three. One could tell just by looking at Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci’s bleak appearances at this moment.

However, Lin Feng was not afraid. He slowly raised the saber in his hand. People who lived in this era, even if they had never seen dire beasts, knew that the conflict between dire beasts and humans was a true life-or-death struggle.


The human world propagated the brutality of dire beasts ubiquitously every day while establishing various heroes of humanity. These heroes included ordinary martial artists and inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock.

Without exception, they were people who engaged in the most intense battles with dire beasts on the frontline.

‘When facing dire beasts, all humans would unite. This was also why Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci, the two old rivals, had joined forces and even fought hard to buy time for the other despite taking serious injuries.

This was also why Yu Shan still wanted to stand up and resist the three dire beast kings, despite knowing he was no match for them.

This was also Lin Feng’s reason. Even if he did not have much time to live, he was still a martial artist and a member of the human race. At this moment, he would make the same choice as all ordinary martial artists and ordinary humans—to resist these three dire beast kings!

“Come at me.”

Lin Feng held his saber and stood where he was, but the aura on his body was rapidly rising. Dire beast kings, also known as king-level dire beasts, were invincible beings among dire beasts.

Some people even said that dire beast kings were also invincible among professional martial artists.

Professional martial artists were only classified from Grade One to Grade Nine. There was no such thing as a “king-level” above professional Grade Nine, only breaking the genetic lock. However, it was also a fact that professional martial artists were no match for king-level dire beasts.

According to legend, the Demon King Dongfang Sheng had once killed a dire beast king. Apart from that, almost no martial artist could kill a dire beast king.

Only inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock could rival dire beast kings. This had almost become an ironclad rule. But now, Lin Feng wanted to challenge this ironclad rule!


Lin Feng drew his saber, meeting the first giant Proboscis Beast that charged towards him. The trajectory of his strike was almost impossible to see, and the power in his body erupted in full force.

“One Spiral Force!”


Lin Feng immediately unleashed a Spiral Force. In an instant, the power in his body rapidly doubled. The daunting strength, combined with the Lightning Arc Saber Technique, gave rise to a devastating power.


More than 16 tons of strength erupted when Lin Feng slashed down. Even the massive Proboscis Beast, which was known for its strength, and a dire beast king at that, was slightly stunned. A terrible saber scar appeared on its long trunk.

He had forced the Proboscis Beast king to a halt with a single slash!

“This strike…”

Shui Yuansheng’s eyes shot open, as if in disbelief.

“Such power. It’s even more formidable than my berserk state. Could he also have supernatural powers?”

Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe’s eyes also widened. In terms of strength, he believed that he was not inferior to anyone. However, the terrifying force of Lin Feng’s slash was absolutely strength that was powerful to the extreme. Just the force of this strike was something Gao Tianci couldn’t beat!

“No, that’s not a superpower. It’s Nonuple Body Tempering created by the Invincible Fist Sage! How unexpected, he actually mastered Nonuple Body Tempering…”

A sharp glint flashed in Yu Shan’s eyes. He was not extraordinarily gifted, nor did he have any superpowers, but he had extraordinary comprehensive ability in martial arts.

Hence, Yu Shan mastered many profound martial arts. The Nonuple Body Tempering was a martial art created by the Invincible Fist Sage. It was profound and powerful, and Yu Shan had also practiced it before.

However, he had failed. This was one of the few martial arts that Yu Shan could not master. He did not expect Lin Feng to actually be able to master it. How could Yu Shan not be pleasantly surprised?

However, even with Nonuple Body Tempering, Lin Feng’s first attack seemed to be slightly inferior. He was repelled by the giant Proboscis Beast, and the giant Proboscis Beast only suffered some light injuries.

The giant Proboscis Beast flew into an unbridled rage. Lin Feng was like a tiny bug. How could he possibly injure it? Thus, the giant Proboscis Beast curled its trunk again. With a cracking sound, its trunk swiped towards Lin Feng like an incomparably huge whip.

Lin Feng took more than ten steps back, but his mind was even calmer.

“Two Spiral Forces!”

The two Spiral Forces erupted again. This time, Lin Feng’s strength increased directly by 16 tons. Added to his original eight tons of strength, that was 24 tons.

How formidable was 24 tons of strength? Even Lin Feng himself didn’t know, because ever since he had mastered the second and third levels of the Nonuple Body Tempering, he had almost never used them in battle.

With a flash of light from his blade, Lin Feng’s saber struck the huge Proboscis Beast’s trunk.


Lin Feng’s saber easily sliced off the huge Proboscis Beast’s trunk. Foul blood rained down on Lin Feng’s body.

The giant Proboscis Beast cried out in pain. Its enormous body fell straight to the ground. It was not dead, but its trunk had been severed, and it was in so much pain that it had gone berserk. The collapse of its mountainous body alone almost caused a slight earthquake.

The giant Proboscis Beast cried and screeched in pain. Both Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci’s mouths fell open, and they wore extremely shocked expressions. Even Yu Shan seemed about to say something before hesitating, his eyes filled with shock.

How could anyone possibly defeat a dire beast king? Wasn’t it impossible to defeat a dire beast king without breaking the genetic lock?

Looking at the giant Proboscis Beast that had gone berserk on the ground, Lin Feng’s gaze became even more resolute.

So what if it’s a dire beast king? So what if they were invincible kings among the dire beasts?

He could still slay it!

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