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Chapter 431 - The Abnormal Blue River Empire

Chapter 431: The Abnormal Blue River Empire

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The Blue River Empire was vast and had 69 territorial planets. It spanned hundreds of light-years from east to west. It was the undisputed hegemon of the vicinity!

Such a powerful empire had been expanding and warring everywhere over the past hundred years.

In a small, hidden room on the Blue River Imperial Planet, a few anti-war personnel were having a tense discussion.

They were all the most determined anti-war personnel of the Blue River Empire. The centuries of unending war and continuous expansion of territory had indeed made many people fanatical, but it also made some people weary.

They were the anti-war personnel!

In the beginning, the anti-war personnel could still step up to the front and openly oppose the acts of war of the Blue River Empire, requesting the Blue River Empire to stop the war and recuperate.

However, later on, the Blue River Empire banned all anti-war activities, made mass arrests of anti-war personnel, and strictly forbade the dissemination of anti-war ideas. Hence, these anti-war personnel gradually went underground and began carrying out anti-war activities in secret.

Chen Feng was the spiritual leader of the anti-war faction. He was once the captain of a battleship. After witnessing the cruelty of the imperial empire’s battlefield, he later retired due to injuries, and resolutely became an anti-war activist.

Now, he had even become the spiritual leader of the anti-war personnel.

At this moment, Chen Feng was looking at everyone present with a solemn expression. These were all the backbone of the people here. This time, they were going to do something major.

“The empire has already become a war machine. Countless compatriots have died in the war. We obtained planets, resources, and did not even develop them properly. What’s the use of continuing to occupy so many planets? Moreover, because of the war, we have already shattered more than ten planets. Billions of our compatriots have died or been injured.”

“The war must be stopped, and the culprits behind all of this are those nobles in the upper echelons of the empire, as well as the imperial family! We must overthrow the rule of the empire, so that we can turn the entire empire around and allow everyone to live a normal life.”

“If it weren’t necessary, I would not choose to use violence, but we no longer have a choice. Those nobles use public opinion to constantly instill the fallacy of war. If we keep hesitating, I’m afraid the empire will fall apart. Then, countless family and friends will die in the war.”

“Therefore, we cannot fail this time. We can only succeed! We already have the support of many junior officers, and even the support of some battleships. As long as we can break into the palace and control the royal family, we will almost be halfway to success. Everyone, the future fate of our Blue River civilization is in your hands!”

Chen Feng’s words were very sincere and persuasive. But if he had a choice, he would never choose to fight against the war through violent confrontation.

However, over the years, some of the things the empire had done made it impossible for him to see any hope.

“The operation will take place in an hour or two. Everyone, go back and make preparations.”

Hence, the meeting was dismissed. These people left in secret and returned to their positions.

The entire Blue River Imperial Planet seemed calm, but undercurrents were already surging. At some point, they would erupt like a powder keg.


In the spatial passage, a white light flashed. Lin Feng had already shuttled over through the spatial passage.


“Who is it?”

Lin Feng suddenly realized that there were already many soldiers, amored robots, and even battleships densely gathered outside the spatial passage. All of them were regarding Lin Feng menacingly.

“I’m a disciple of the upper district from the Divine Palace of Bemond. What are you trying to do?”

Lin Feng frowned slightly. The spatial passage was the hub that connected the Divine Palace of Bemond to the Blue River Empire. He did not believe that these people did not know his identity.

This was because only the disciples of the Divine Palace of Bemond could travel through space.

As long as they were in the Bemond Galaxy, no matter what civilization it was, they would definitely be respectful towards the Divine Palace personnel. However, this Blue River Empire was very strange. It seemed to be very wary of Lin Feng, and even vaguely hostile.

Soon, an officer walked out of the crowd. He seemed like a general.

He glanced at Lin Feng, then said with a stiff expression, “Your Highness, due to the disturbances caused by certain rebels recently, martial law has been imposed on all parts of the Blue River Imperial Planet. Your Highness, please understand. Did Your Highness come to the Blue River Empire on official business?”

“Do I need to report to you about anything?”

Lin Feng’s tone was cold. A mere general wanted to “interrogate” him? If not for the fact that he had yet to figure out the situation, Lin Feng would even want to attack.

No civilization had ever dared to condescend the disciples of the Divine Palace of Bemond like this.

Moreover, he was a disciple of the upper district of the Divine Palace. Out there, he represented the Divine Palace of Bemond!

The general’s expression changed slightly, but as if considering Lin Feng’s identity, he forced himself to hold it in, in the end. He forced a smile and said, “Your Highness, you’ve come a long way. We’ve already informed His Majesty. When the time comes, please go to the palace, and His Majesty will personally welcome Your Highness.”

“No need. I’m here to carry out a Divine Palace mission. I won’t bother you.”

With that, Lin Feng flew out of the spatial passage and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Looking at Lin Feng’s disappearing figure, the general’s expression gradually darkened.

Then, he dialed the communicator.

“An upper district disciple of Divine Palace is here!”

With that, the general hung up and left in a hurry.

Lin Feng had already left the spatial passage and blended into the crowd as an ordinary person.

Although there were many pedestrians on the streets, there were more armed robots. They seemed to be patrolling at all times, and the atmosphere was a little solemn.

“It’s abnormal.”

Lin Feng quickly sensed the unusual atmosphere on the Blue River Imperial Planet. Everyone here seemed to be very intimidated and oppressed. Apart from fear, there was also a trace of hatred in many people’s eyes towards those armed robots.

Although the Blue River Empire was an empire, Lin Feng learned from past information that the Blue River Empire was not an empire with a high-pressure atmosphere.

Among the many civilizations, the Blue River Empire was also reputed for its openness.

But now, everything seemed to have changed. On the Blue River Imperial Planet, there was a very oppressive feeling in the crowd. It was like an explosive barrel that could blow up at any moment.

Occasionally, there would be some young people holding signs fervently in support of the empire’s war.

Even though Lin Feng had only been in the Blue River Empire for less than an hour, he could feel the pressure in the Blue River Empire. It was as if the Blue River Empire was a tinderbox that could explode at any moment.

The difference between the before and after of the Blue River Empire was so great that even Lin Feng was a little confused.

“Longbetham, investigate when the Blue River Empire began its large-scale war. When did the situation in the Blue River Empire become like this?”

Lin Feng decisively entered the virtual network room to facilitate Longbetham’s investigation and further understand the situation in the Blue River Empire.

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