Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 41 - Mastery

Chapter 41: Mastery


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The second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering were actually about condensing two Spiral Forces and three Spiral Forces, respectively. The incremental power from being able to unleash two or three Spiral Forces simultaneously in battle was simply terrifying.

The reason the Invincible Fist Sage was called such was that his fist technique had reached an incredible level, enough to be considered a Sage. Just based on his Nonuple Body Tempering alone, it was definitely a name he lived up to!

Lin Feng practiced the second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering every day. Actually, the principles of the two levels were the same, and they could be practiced simultaneously. The only difference was that there was an additional Spiral Force.

However, during the practice, Lin Feng discovered the most critical aspect of Nonuple Body Tempering: the physique! How strong would the impact from a burst of Spiral Force be?

It might be difficult for an ordinary person to imagine, but in reality, just one Spiral Force would require the physique of a peak Grade Nine professional martial artist to have a small chance of mastering it, and withstanding the eruption of the Spiral Force.

If they were the second and third levels, Lin Feng found it hard to imagine who could withstand the eruption of three Spiral Forces. Perhaps only those who were born with superpowers and had extremely tough bodies could master them.

This also proved very well why only the first three levels of Nonuple Body Tempering could be traded. As for the fourth level, there was no open transaction at all. The Invincible Fist Sage must have expected this situation. Three Spiral Forces should be the limit that martial artists below the level of

inhuman could withstand.

However, Lin Feng also took a closer look at the number of purchases for the second and third levels of Nonuple Body Tempering. The number for the second level was slightly more than the third level, but it was only 36 purchases, and the third level was only purchased 30 times.

There might be some scions of influential families among them, who had more money than they knew how to spend. It wasn’t impossible that they used it to expand their horizons. Even if these were excluded, there should still be more than 20 people who had truly mastered the second and third levels of

Nonuple Body Tempering.

This was the total number of purchases. In other words, it was not the number of purchases in recent years. Considering how many geniuses there were in history, it was not actually surprising that a genius who could master Nonuple Body Tempering would come up occasionally.

Days passed, but Lin Feng did not master the second and third levels of the Nonuple Body Tempering. This was actually rather normal. If it was so easy to master, it would not be a martial art created by the Invincible Fist Sage.

Lin Feng did not become anxious. He didn’t even go out. Instead, he continued to study it in the dormitory.


Compared to Lin Feng, who kept a “low profile” and stayed in the dormitory all day, Feng Xiu was much more high-profile. No matter what, he was one of the two in the “Dire Beast Reapers” duo.

‘The Dire Beast Reapers were quite famous in Dragon Mountain Base nowadays. Feng Xiu had earned a great deal of points, and his ability to purchase resources had increased by quite a lot. He could be considered a celebrity in Dragon Mountain Base.

“Feng Xiu, you’ve made a big earning again recently, right?” Some martial artists who knew Feng Xiu asked enviously.

“Brother Feng has been practicing martial arts recently. He hasn’t gone out to sweep.”

Feng Xiu took a bottle of drink and sipped it, saying casually. These people were actually all very envious of Feng Xiu. He could earn many points effortlessly, while they wouldn’t be able to earn much even if they put their lives on the line.

There’s nothing that could be done about the fact that Feng Xiu got lucky and could follow Lin Feng.

“Feng Xiu, we really envy you. You haven’t encountered any danger, and you get lots of points every day. However, why don’t the two of you go to the frontline? With your leader’s power, there shouldn’t be much danger at the frontline either. There are plenty of dire beasts there, and recently, the

higher-ups are preparing for the decisive battle. Once the decisive battle begins, it’ll be a great opportunity to earn points. Points will all be doubled during the period.”

“What, double? Where did you hear about this?” Feng Xiu hurriedly asked as he eyes lit up.

“Why would I need to hear anything about that? It’s been all over the frontline recently. I heard that more than a dozen inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock have already arrived. This is clearly the sign of the decisive battle. The previous few battles that were tentatively initiated all sustained heavy

losses. It’s necessary to control the Dragon Mountain region as soon as possible. Thus, it’s very likely that the real decisive battle will be launched in the near future. The top 20 experts on the merit rankings have basically all gone to the frontline, since they don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime


Feng Xiu’s gaze was evasive. Inwardly, he was actually considering it as well. Recently, they had swept through the Dragon Mountain area comprehensively. They had gone everywhere other the frontline. There weren’t many dire beasts left for them to sweep through anymore.

Ifa decisive battle was truly going to take place on the frontline, points might be doubled too. That would be a wonderful thing. Lin Feng had no reason to let this opportunity slip by.

“All right, Il ask around. If it’s true, Brother Feng should be interested.”

Feng Xiu immediately took action. He began utilizing his network in the Dragon Mountain Base and quickly inquired about news on the frontline.

And this matter was indeed not a secret. Many people were at the frontline, so of course they knew what was going on. It was basically not far from the truth. The decisive battle was likely really about to begin.

Feng Xiu realized that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With Lin Feng’s strength, if he went to the frontline to participate in the decisive battle, how many points and merit points would he be able to obtain? It was simply unimaginable.

Hence, Feng Xiu immediately headed to Lin Feng’s dormitory in search of him.


Lin Feng’s arm suddenly swelled, expanding by a tum or even two at a visible rate. His arm became thicker than his thigh. With a casual punch, it was as if the entire dormitory was shaking.

“Success. The power of three Spiral Forces bursts is too devastating. Even my current physique can’t quite withstand it. I really wonder who else can master the third level of Nonuple Body Tempering.”

Lin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief. He was very satisfied with the power of the third level of Nonuple Body Tempering. Once the three Spiral Forces erupted together, it would increase strength by more than three times, and could unleash more than 32 tons of strength in an instant.

Such a devastating strength was unimaginable. Lin Feng even felt that he could kill a dire beast king with a single punch now.

However, using three bursts of Spiral Force were also very taxing on Lin Feng’s body. With his physique, he could maintain three bursts of Spiral Force for about a dozen times before he’d almost reach his limit. If he still wanted to unleash it by force, it would damage his body.

If other martial artists heard this, they would definitely be dumbfounded. Even if others mastered the third level of Nonuple Body Tempering, they’d only use it as a life-saving last resort.

Every time this power was unleashed, their bodies would be damaged, and they’d even lose the ability to fight. They couldn’t possibly maintain bursts for over a dozen times like Lin Feng. If he was fighting with his life, even with damage to his body, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to unleash the power

for 20 times.

Such a powerful physique was only attainable to Lin Feng after fusing the genes of three dire beasts. It was by far impossible for others to achieve it, even if they had superpowers.

“Brother Feng, I have something important to tell you.”

suddenly, Feng Xiu’s voice came from outside the door..

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