Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 31 - Dire Beasts

Chapter 31: Dire Beasts

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More than a dozen trucks came to a halt, and many people jumped out of them, all of them professional martial artists. In the Outland, many of the dire beasts were very strange. Most of them were not afraid of firearms. Hitting dire beasts with them wouldn’t produce much effect, unless they were especially powerful firearms.

This was also why martial artists became the main force for pioneering the Outland.

Lin Feng and Feng Xiu jumped out as well. They saw a pack of dire beasts in front of them. Some looked like dogs, but they were much larger. Moreover, their entire bodies were grayish-white. They were densely packed, with about a few hundred of them.

“They’re Subspecies Wolves, ordinary dire beasts.”

Feng Xiu had some understanding of dire beasts. In fact, many people recognized that these were the highly common Subspecies Wolves in the Outland. Ordinary Subspecies Wolves were basically just ordinary dire beasts. Only the stronger ones were comparable to elite dire beasts.

However, there weren’t many of such Subspecies Wolves. Most of them were ordinary dire beasts, but there were a large number of them, and they weren’t easy to deal with.


The leader of the guards was Xuan. Although this woman seemed very young, she was very experienced and had been enrolled in the Polar Academy before, so she was definitely not weak.

Following her command, many martial artists took out their firearms. These firearms were not meant to kill these Subspecies Wolves, but to frighten and disperse them.

Loud noises rang out. The firearms were rather imposing. The Subspecies Wolves immediately showed a trace of panic, and many of them couldn’t help but back away.


There was a howl.

All of a sudden, the initially somewhat frightened Subspecies Wolves recovered their order. They glared at the convoy menacingly.

Xuan’s expression changed slightly. She looked at the middle of the Subspecies Wolves. There was a gigantic wolf that was obviously three times the size of an ordinary Subspecies Wolf.

“An Alpha Wolf. There’s actually an Alpha Wolf in the pack. We’re in trouble.”

Xuan looked distressed. The Alpha Wolf was also known as the Wolf King. It was the leader of a pack of wolves. Although the Subspecies Wolf was equivalent to an ordinary dire beast and did not seem to be very strong, the Alpha Wolf’s strength was extremely terrifying, comparable to that of a dire beast lord.

Every single dire beast lord was comparable to a peak Grade Nine professional martial artist. In a one-on-one fight, an ordinary Grade Nine professional martial artist was far from being its match.

Especially when there were so many ordinary Subspecies Wolves. If a huge battle really broke out, it would definitely be a hard battle. Even if they won, it would be a Pyrrhic victory.

Xuan took a deep breath and quickly made a decision. She immediately invited the three strongest Grade Nine professional martial artists in the convoy and said to the three of them, “The three of you are experienced Grade Nine professional martial artists. Can the three of you can deal with the Alpha Wolf?”

The three of them pondered for a moment before saying, “If the three of us are dealing with the Alpha Wolf alone, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, the Alpha Wolf has so many ordinary Subspecies Wolves protecting it. It’ll be very difficult for us to surround and kill it.”

“That’s simple. We will attack the Subspecies Wolves together. The three of you just need to focus on dealing with the Alpha Wolf.”

“If you can really do that, we’ll have no problem.”

The three of them appeared very confident. Although the Alpha Wolf was a dire beast lord, it was not as if the three of them had never killed a dire beast lord by combining their forces before.

Xuan immediately made arrangements. She deployed most of the martial artists to form an assault team to escort the three professional Grade Nine martial artists to surround and kill the Alpha Wolf.

Meanwhile, the remaining people remained behind to protect the convoy.

“Lin Feng, Feng Xiu, the two of you can stay here and protect the convoy. Please protect Xiao Mo as well. She’s just a bit straightforward and doesn’t have any malicious feelings towards you.”

Hearing how forefront Xuan was, Lin Feng also nodded. “This is our responsibility.”

Since they had accepted the mission, they would definitely protect the people in the convoy.


Feng Xiu wasn’t too willing protect Xiao Mo. This little brat was simply too vicious with her words. However, with Lin Feng here, it wasn’t his place to say anything. On the other hand, Xiao Mo pouted her lips as though she was unwilling to be protected by Lin Feng and Feng Xiu. However, now that Xuan had gone to kill the dire beasts, Xuan definitely wouldn’t be able to keep her in line.

Lin Feng did not pay much attention to Xiao Mo. In fact, they were at the back of the crowd. They would not be in any danger before the Subspecies Wolves charged here.

At this moment, Xuan had already started organizing martial artists to attack the Subspecies Wolves. This was also the first time Lin Feng had seen a battle between martial artists and dire beasts. Xuan was obviously very experienced in this kind of battle.

She had organized 30 professional martial artists, all of whom were at least Grade Five or Grade Six professionals, with most of them even being Grade Seven professionals. Three of them were top Grade Nine professionals.

Furthermore, these martial artists were all wielding steel sabers or particle sabers. Using sabers to fight with dire beasts was indeed a great advantage. Under the Alpha Wolf’s command, the Subspecies Wolves also pounced towards the martial artists in a frenzy.

However, these ordinary Subspecies Wolves were unable to pose any threat to so many martial artists. Thus, the speed at which the martial artists advanced was very fast. In about seven or eight minutes, they had already advanced to a position not far from the Alpha Wolf.

“Kill it!”

The three Grade Nine professional martial artists immediately broke away from the crowd. With a flash, they quickly pounced on the Alpha Wolf. Even though there were countless Subspecies Wolves that wanted to protect the Alpha Wolves, how could they resist three Grade Nine professional martial artists?

Moreover, there were other martial artists who were constantly cleaning up the Subspecies Wolves around the Alpha Wolf.

The Alpha Wolf did not flee. Instead, it howled towards the sky. Then, its body actually enlarged once again. It engaged in battle with the three Grade Nine professional martial artists.

And it was not at all at a disadvantage.

“Heh, that’s it?”

Feng Xiu didn’t give it much regard. Even though the three professional Grade Nine martial artists had rich combat experience, their strength was not much. Feng Xiu was confident that he could take on two of them alone.

After all, Feng Xiu was a genius student of the Myriad Academy, and one could practice all kinds of profound martial arts in Myriad Academy. The martial artists outside the academy weren’t so lucky.

Xiao Mo was slightly incensed. She clenched her fists tightly and said, “Hmph! If you’re so good, then go ahead! Sister Xuan and the others will definitely be able to kill the Alpha Wolf and chase away these Subspecies Wolves. They’re not like rich young heirs from the Myriad Academy such as you people, who only know how to fool around. You’ve never even seen such ferocious dire beasts before, right?”

Feng Xiu’s face darkened. No matter how much he didn’t want to lower himself to the level of a little girl, he was still fuming. As a peak Grade Nine professional martial artist and a genius student of the Myriad Academy, he was valued everywhere he went. Yet, in this insignificant convoy, he was being derided by a little girl.

Feng Xiu was just about to lose it.

Thus, Feng Xiu sneered, “Great, why don’t we see if your Sister Xuan can repel these dire beasts then?”

The two of them were both fuming. Lin Feng ignored them. He could sense that there was a strange change in the wolf pack, and even a dangerous aura.

“Something isn’t right. What is it?”

Lin Feng abruptly raised his head. His gaze incomparably solemn.

“Be careful, there’s another Alpha Wolf!” Lin Feng could not help but shout.

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