Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 249 - Wrath of the Deity!  

Chapter 249: Wrath of the Deity!

“Down you get!”

Lin Feng growled, and his huge arm grabbed towards Shang Yuntao in the sky. His speed was so fast that Shang Yuntao did not even have time to dodge.

Shang Yuntao was shocked. The violet flames around his body surged again.

“Polar Ice Flames!”

The endless flames also transformed into a huge fist that collided with Lin Feng’s fist.


The violet flames exploded. The armor on Lin Feng’s body was enveloped by the Polar Ice Flame, but it was extinguished in the blink of an eye.

Shang Yuntao was shocked. His long hair moved without wind, and the violet flames on his body were faintly tainted with a layer of Astral Power. Violent Astral Power fluctuations gradually emitted from Shang Yuntao’s body.

“Do you know why Divine Realm martial artists are called Divine Realm? It’s because of Astral Power. The Astral Power we have is unimaginable for ordinary martial artists. Stellar Blade, slash!”

At some point, Shang Yuntao had already condensed a large saber.

This saber, which was completely formed of Astral Power, was burning with a violet Polar Ice Flame. It was several meters long and stretched across the void, emitting a terrifying pressure above Lin Feng’s head.


Lin Feng was a little surprised. There was indeed a lot of Astral Power contained in this sword. It had already far exceeded 50,000 strands, and reached even 100,000 or 200,000 strands.

Although Lin Feng was no longer a pure martial artist and had already embarked on the path of cosmic cultivation, he still had some understanding of martial arts.

After a Divine Realm martial artist underwent a life transition, the Astral Power in their body would also condense into an Astral Sphere, composed completely of Astral Power. At that time, the Astral Power would compress like insane. A tiny Astral Sphere might even contain a million strands of Astral Power.

Compared to a Metamorphic Realm martial artist, that was an earth-shattering change.

In the past, Lin Feng had only comprehended it. Although he had also possessed 80,000 strands of Astral Power, he could not understand what it felt like to have hundreds of thousands, or even millions of strands of Astral Power, let alone how powerful it was.

Now, Lin Feng could sense that the Astral Saber above his head was indeed extraordinarily powerful. Especially when combined with the Polar Ice Flame, its power was even stronger!


The saber slashed down instantly, its sharp edge swinging down overwhelmingly. Even a demon general would probably feel threatened.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. The power unleashed by the ten-meter combat body was enough to deal with ordinary Divine Realm martial artists, but it was somewhat difficult to deal with a peak Divine Realm martial artist like Shang Yuntao.

In that case, Lin Feng would not hold back.


Lin Feng’s body expanded again, like a balloon. In the blink of an eye, it quickly expanded to a height of 30 meters.

Thirty meters was equivalent to seven or eight stories. Imagine a seven or eight-story building suddenly turning into a giant in gray armor. How shocking would that be?


Lin Feng did not use any fancy moves. He just slapped down with his palm, completely breaking all techniques with force.

No matter what techniques they had, and no matter how much Astral Power they had, it was useless.


With a palm strike, the Astral Saber that was several meters in size was instantly shattered, and the Astral Power quickly dissipated into the void.

“You didn’t use Astral Power. How can you be so strong?”

Shang Yuntao was somewhat incredulous, and even felt that this had exceeded his understanding. Be it Divine Realm martial artists or Meta-divine Realm martial artists, they all cultivated Astral Power.

Martial arts were already firmly combined with Astral Power. Powerful martial artists could already unleash the power of Astral Power to the limit.

Even for Sages, putting aside the terrifying bodies brought about by their four life transitions, their strength actually also came from Astral Power!

However, only Lin Feng’s slap just now was clearly not inferior to the strength of any peak Divine Realm expert, and even exceeded it. However, there was no fluctuation of Astral Power at all. It was purely strength.

It was simple and crude, but very effective!

This differed from martial artists. On the contrary, it was somewhat similar to those demons with powerful bodies. However, those demons also relied on various powerful innate abilities, and not entirely on their bodies.

Lin Feng appeared out of the blue like a freak of nature.

How could Shang Yuntao know that Lin Feng cultivated the combat body? It was simple and crude, but it was the most effective truth in the universe!

Astral Power or other powers were actually just a form of energy. No matter how powerful one’s Astral Power cultivation was, what was the use?

In terms of Astral Power, there was actually more Astral Power contained in Lin Feng’s body than anyone else, probably even more than the Nine Sages combined.

How many energy modules had Lin Feng absorbed when he cultivated the Tidal Combat Body?

In the energy factory of the seventh civilization, almost all the energy modules in the five warehouses had been absorbed by Lin Feng. Those energy modules were also condensed from star power. What massive amount of Astral Power was that equivalent to?

If Lin Feng wanted to, he could actually condense Astral Power as well, but that would just be a waste. His Tidal Combat Body could directly absorb star power, and there was no need to convert it into Astral Power. It was completely unnecessary.

Moreover, with Lin Feng’s current strength, who did he have to fear?

The 30-meter-tall Tidal Combat Body simply crushed everything. Lin Feng shattered Shang Yuntao’s Stellar Blade with a slap, then smacked Shang Yuntao from the void to the ground.


Shang Yuntao smashed into the ground, forming a huge pit. Even though he was a Divine Realm martial artist and had used Astral Power to protect himself just now, he was in a very sorry state now. Even his Astral Power had become unstable from Lin Feng’s smack.

A huge pit with a radius of dozens of meters appeared on the ground. It was as if it had been created by the fiercest artillery fire. There were pits everywhere.

Any movement from Lin Feng’s massive body would shake the earth like an earthquake. How could anyone fight something like this?

They were confused. Everyone was confused.

They had never seen such a strange battle. The strange martial artist whose entire body emitted violet flames was almost like a deity. He was extremely powerful, and no one could think of resisting him.

However, the giant that Lin Feng had transformed into was even more terrifying and invincible. He swatted Shang Yuntao down with the ease of swatting a fly. It was a complete suppression. Shang Yuntao did not even have the slightest ability to retaliate.

Zhao Ping’s mouth fell open. Looking at Lin Feng’s mountain-like body, his face turned very pale, and his entire body trembled.

Zhao Dongsheng could not help but have a ridiculous thought. Could Lin Feng be a Divine Realm martial artist?

This thought was too insane and bold. Lin Feng had only broken the genetic lock for a year, and he was only 21 years old today. How could he be a Divine Realm martial artist?

However, if he was not a Divine Realm martial artist, how could he be so powerful? Even Shang Yuntao did not seem to be his match.

“Lin Feng! Die!”


The huge pit in the ground exploded, and a figure suddenly rushed out. It was the very disheveled Shang Yuntao.

However, at this moment, Shang Yuntao was not just in a sorry state. His eyes were bloodshot, and he had just about lost his mind.

“Ultimate Stellar Blade!”

Shang Yuntao roared at the sky. He had already lost his mind. He only wanted to kill Lin Feng and avenge his previous humiliation!


The sky seemed to have darkened all of a sudden. Everyone looked up at the sky.

What did they see?

The sky within a radius of several kilometers actually darkened all of a sudden. Waves of star power were directly channeled down, and with the infinite Astral Power and violet flames as the core, a terrifying saber hundreds of meters long was condensed, flickering with starlight and violet flames!

As soon as this saber appeared, the entire villa district, and even the surrounding residential buildings, sensed the aura of death. It was as if once the saber in the sky descended, it would annihilate everything!

“He’s insane. He’s definitely gone insane!”

Zhao Dongsheng wanted to yell. At this moment, Shang Yuntao was simply insane. Once this saber descended, everyone in the entire district would be dead. Even if Lin Feng was killed, Shang Yuntao would definitely die!

However, on some occasions, even Divine Realm martial artists failed to maintain their rationality at all times.

At this moment, Zhao Dongsheng regretted it. He even felt that he shouldn’t have invited Shang Yuntao. He never expected things to get to this point.

Once Shang Yuntao’s saber landed, even a Metamorphic Realm martial artist like him would not be able to withstand it. The entire villa district would be reduced to ashes.

All living beings trembled before the rage of Divine Realm!

Zhao Dongsheng wanted to stop him, but under the pressure of that terrifying saber, he could not even speak, let alone stop Shang Yuntao.

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