Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 246 - Your Account Is Not Enough!  

Chapter 246: Your Account Is Not Enough!

In the morning, a fiery red sunrise glowed on the horizon. Although it was only April, the air was already slightly warm.

“I found it!”

Longbetham’s voice sounded in Lin Feng’s mind. Lin Feng immediately opened his eyes.

After investigating for the entire night, Longbetham had investigated everything there was about the entire Zhao family.

“What did you find out?”

“Heh, very interesting. There is a lot of information. I will send it to your communicator. Take your time to read it.”

With that, Lin Feng’s communicator rang. It was a mailbox notification. He immediately logged into his mailbox. As expected, Longbetham had already delivered a heap of information.

First was information about Zhao Ping. Zhao Ping had been notorious since he was young. It turned out that before Lin Qian, Zhao Ping had forcefully abducted nine female students. He had used all kinds of methods to force himself upon those girls.

In the end, some of the girls endured the humiliation, some gave up on themselves and became Zhao Ping’s playthings, and some immediately transferred schools and left Central Sea.

In the past, the parents of those girls had tried to make Zhao Ping pay, but the Zhao family stopped all of them through channels.

At that time, Zhao Ping was still young. Although he was reckless, he did not cause too much trouble. Ever since the Lin Qian incident, the Zhao family had restrained Zhao Ping for a while, and Zhao Ping had also become obedient during that period.


However, good times did not last long. Three months after Lin Feng left Central Sea, Zhao Ping went to a nightclub to play and forcefully abducted three young girls. Two of the girls resisted, but Zhao Ping actually killed them in a fit of anger.

In the end, the Zhao family used various methods to settle it again.

The remaining girl also went insane. The Zhao family used money to bribe the girl’s family into silence. From then on, she disappeared and left Central Sea.

After this incident, Zhao Ping became even more unbridled. Learning from the lesson with Lin Qian, he never dared to provoke girls with even a little background. He would have fun at nightclubs, bars, and other places every night.

Among them, he used forceful methods on many. His misdeeds were innumerable. Someone like this deserved to die ten times over for his crimes.


Lin Feng slammed his hand on the table. His expression was very dark, and his eyes emitted an intense killing intent. It was simply the most ironic thing that such a person was still alive in this world!

“And there’s Zhao Beisheng!”

Lin Feng also looked at everything on Zhao Beisheng. This Zhao Beisheng was not as unbridled as Zhao Ping, but he was more dangerous. Under Zhao Beisheng’s control, the East Sea Corporation used various methods to take advantage of others, and use unorthodox methods to attack competitors. It even caused many companies to go bankrupt, while the company head committed suicide by jumping off a building.

Zhao Beisheng had caused the deaths of even more people than Zhao Ping. As expected, the wicked colluded with each other. The father and son were alike in their immorality.

As for Zhao Dongsheng, he was actually a martial arts fanatic. He had been practicing martial arts since he was young before going to the frontline. He kept working hard until he finally became inhuman. Even until now, he had not married. Zhao Ping and his father were his only family.

It was precisely because of this that Zhao Dongsheng was so indulgent towards Zhao Ping.

Zhao Dongsheng naturally knew about the Zhao family’s matters, but he pretended not to know. He only focused on practicing martial arts, and was too indulgent towards his family. This led to the Zhao family’s overbearing and unbridled actions.

Lin Feng stood up, his eyes flickering with a cold light. With this information in his hands, Zhao Ping and his father were done for!

“Feng’er, someone from the Zhao family is here.”

Suddenly, his eldest brother Lin Yong’s voice sounded outside Lin Feng’s door.

Lin Feng opened the door and saw that Lin Yong had a solemn expression on his face. He said in a low voice, “Lin Feng, someone from the Zhao family has arrived. Apart from Zhao Ping, his father and Zhao Dongsheng, there seems to be a stranger who’s putting on airs.”

“All right, I see. Let’s go down and take a look.”

Lin Feng sneered inwardly. He’d like to see what else the Zhao family had come up with.

In the living room of the villa, Mr. and Mrs. Lin sat upright and still, their expressions a little dark.

Zhao Dongsheng, Zhao Beisheng, and Zhao Ping were all here. There was also a middle-aged man in a casual outfit with an extraordinary air. He was sitting casually on the sofa with his eyes closed, as if he was resting.

Lin Feng came downstairs and glanced at the Zhao family, especially at Zhao Ping.

How imposing was Lin Feng’s aura now? Even a glance from him was filled with authority. Zhao Ping shrunk in fear and lowered his head, not daring to speak. He no longer looked anything like the high and mighty Young Master Zhao.

“What a rare guest!” Lin Feng said coldly. He did not have a good impression of the Zhao family.

“Lin Feng!”

Zhao Beisheng was the first to speak. “I haven’t congratulated you on your extraordinary performance in the Global Martial Arts Competition yet. You’ve done people of Central Sea like us very proud! You’re really the pride of our Central Sea City!”

“Mr. Zhao, I can’t accept such praise from you.”

Zhao Beisheng’s expression froze slightly, but he continued, “Lin Feng, we came here sincerely to reconcile.”

“Reconcile? Didn’t we already reconcile the last time General Long came? Director Zhao, you’re being too kind.”

Zhao Beisheng’s expression was a little awkward. Could the last time be considered a reconciliation? Both parties knew very well that the Lin family had suffered greatly last time and could only swallow their anger.

From the looks of it, Lin Feng was clearly still angry. How could they reconcile so easily?

At this moment, Zhao Dongsheng suddenly said, “Lin Feng, you and I are both Metamorphic Realm martial artists now. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell me, what exactly do you want? Our Zhao family sincerely wants to reconcile this time!”

“Sincerely? Looks like your Zhao family wasn’t sincere in reconciling last time. Your Zhao family should know what I want. Why ask me?”

Lin Feng retorted bluntly.

“Lin Feng, Zhao Ping is the only heir to the Zhao family. Moreover, his crime is not punishable by death! What do you want, East Sea Corporation? We are willing to give up 51% of the shares of East Sea Corporation to your Lin Corporation to hold. Is this sincerity enough?”

Zhao Dongsheng was indeed decisive. He gave up the East Sea Corporation just like that.

“Zhao Dongsheng, you and I are both martial artists. Do you think I would care about a mere East Sea Corporation?”


Zhao Dongsheng was at his wit’s end. He felt that he had already made the greatest concession, but Lin Feng was still relentless. Zhao Dongsheng’s expression gradually darkened as he looked at the middle-aged man who had been resting with his eyes closed.


Suddenly, the middle-aged man who had been resting with his eyes closed opened his eyes.

“Young man, don’t be so aggressive sometimes. Forgive others when possible. How about you let the Zhao family off the hook on my account?”

The middle-aged man exuded an intimidating aura. As soon as he spoke, the atmosphere in the entire living room became incomparably heavy. It was as if the middle-aged man in front of him was a huge mountain, invoking reverence in one.

Under this aura, it was difficult for others to even speak, let alone argue. Looking at Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s flushed faces, they were clearly suppressed by the aura.

At this moment, Zhao Dongsheng heaved a sigh of relief. Then, his tone hardened.

“This is Lord Shang Yuntao, a Divine Realm martial artist of the Freelance Cultivators Union! I specially invited Lord Shang Yuntao to be a witness. Our Zhao family is indeed sincere about reconciling!”

Zhao Dongsheng had highlighted Shang Yuntao’s identity to pressurize Lin Feng. How was this seeking truce? He was clearly using authority to force Lin Feng to make peace.

After all, in the eyes of the Zhao family, no matter how strong and talented Lin Feng was, he was only a Metamorphic Realm martial artist at the moment. How could they dare to not show respect to a Divine Realm martial artist?

“So it’s Mr. Shang, a Divine Realm martial artist. Excuse my disrespect. However, your account is not enough!”

Lin Feng’s tone was calm, but as soon as he spoke, the atmosphere in the living room suddenly tensed, as if even the air had solidified.

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