Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 243 - The Sage's Reminder  

Chapter 243: The Sage’s Reminder

“Big Brother, Lin Feng is returning. He’ll be home this afternoon!”

Zhao Beisheng hurriedly returned to the Zhao family’s villa.

Zhao Dongsheng had returned some time ago, and as soon as he returned, he decisively took action to express his goodwill to the Lin family.

Even though doing this might damage the Zhao family’s reputation, what was reputation worth? How could it be more important than the survival of the Zhao family?

Zhao Dongsheng’s expression lit up. Lin Feng had finally returned.

“Very good, Beisheng. It’s really been hard on you this time, making you bow down to the Lin family. However, there’s nothing we can do about it. You don’t know how much influence Lin Feng has among martial artists after obtaining the first place in the Global Martial Arts Competition. Our Zhao family has stumbled this time, and we have really stumbled hard. We must think of a way to remedy things.”

“Big Brother, it’s all my fault.”

Zhao Beisheng also felt very guilty. The Zhao family’s rise was actually all thanks to Zhao Dongsheng, the inhuman expert. Otherwise, how could the Zhao family have established itself in Central Sea City?

“Beisheng, this isn’t your fault. Since we’ve made a mistake previously, we have to think of a way to remedy it. Fortunately, I paid a small price and invited a Divine Realm martial artist from our Freelance Cultivators Union to come forward. With a Divine Realm martial artist coming forward, I believe Lin Feng will show a little respect. Then, we can reconcile. Even if we lose a little in the process, it won’t be to the extent that Lin Feng’s influence will make it impossible for our Zhao family to gain a foothold in Central Sea City in the future.”

“Big brother, are you talking about that Mr. Shang?”

“That’s right. Lord Shang Yuntao is one of the famous Divine Realm martial artists from our Freelance Cultivators Union. With him around, there will definitely be no problem. I’ll contact Lord Shang Yuntao and ask him to come to Central Sea City as soon as possible.”


Zhao Beisheng heaved a long sigh. It was all because of Zhao Ping. If not for Zhao Ping, this unfilial son, how could the Zhao family have become enemies with the Lin family?

“Dad, Uncle, have you settled things with the Lin family?”

Zhao Ping said listlessly at the moment. It was as if he had just gotten out of bed. There was no knowing where he was fooling around earlier.

“Unfilial son! If you fool around like this every day in the future, no one can save you!”

Zhao Beisheng could no longer control Zhao Ping. He also expected better from Zhao Ping, but there was nothing he could do to change Zhao Ping’s current state. Moreover, Zhao Ping was the only male descendant in the Zhao family. This was the result of his doting on Zhao Ping.

“Beisheng, let Zhao Ping get married as soon as possible. It’ll best if he can inherit the Zhao family’s lineage as soon as possible.”

Zhao Dongsheng glanced coldly at Zhao Ping. He had completely given up on this nephew. If the Zhao family had any other male descendants, trash like Zhao Ping would have long been kicked out.

But now, Zhao Ping was unmarried. Before he had children, Zhao Ping had to live, and the Zhao family had to protect Zhao Ping!

“How comfortable. It’s so stable even at five times the speed of sound?”

Lin Feng sat on the spacious and comfortable sofa and looked at the scenery outside the airship.

Actually, it was all white outside, and there was nothing much to look at. Moreover, the speed was so fast. At five times the speed of sound, even if there was any beautiful scenery, it would be gone in the blink of an eye.

At this speed, he would be able to return to Central Sea in a few hours.

At this moment, Lin Feng’s communicator rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

However, Lin Feng still picked up.

“Lin Feng, not bad, not bad. You are indeed worthy of my high opinion. Haha, you’ve really made me and the Myriad Academy proud!”


How could Lin Feng not recognize the voice? It was clearly the voice of the Dean of the Myriad Academy and one of the Nine Sages of the world, the Invincible Fist Sage.

“Sage Kang has told me the basics. You’ve done a good job this time and made a huge contribution. I’ve approved the three-month leave. As for you taking the position of the Legate of Central Sea City, there’s no problem as well. Your information has already been sent to the law enforcement team of Central Sea City. You can take office at any time.”

“Thank you, Dean.”

“There’s no need to thank me. You deserve it! However, you must also seize the time and cultivate. Don’t slack off. Try to undergo three life transitions as soon as possible. Elder Kang thinks you have a good chance of becoming the tenth Sage.”

Lin Feng was also shocked. He did not expect Sage Kang to think so highly of him.

“By the way, there’s one more thing you have to be careful about. By being in the limelight at the Global Martial Arts Competition, and you’ve actually already attracted the attention of certain people. Moreover, you’ve undergone a second life transition and become a Divine Realm martial artist in such a short period of time. Sage Kang and I will protect you, of course, but sometimes, things are beyond our reach. Therefore, you have to be careful. Where there’s darkness, there’s light. Every expert has to undergo all kinds of hardships to stand at the peak. I believe you can too!”

“Understood. Thank you for the advice, Dean.”

After turning off his communicator, Lin Feng’s expression gradually turned somber.

Apart from the fact that the Invincible Fist Sage had officially appointed Lin Feng as the Legate of Central Sea City, the most important thing was to remind Lin Feng that some people and some factions might have certain ideas regarding Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had only interacted with Sage Kang and the Invincible Fist Sage a few times, but he trusted them very much. In fact, Sage Kang and Sage Yuanyi had probably discovered how he did not have any Astral Power in his body, but they still never asked anything.

This was for his protection!

However, in this world, where light is, there darkness will be also. The Nine Sages were prestigious and powerful, and they tried their best to unite all the forces they could. The five major factions had also been propelling the human society into the era of martial artists.

However, there would always be certain factions and certain people who would disregard everything for their own interests. This was impossible to eliminate, for this was human nature!

In the past, Lin Feng might have been a little intimidated.

But now?

Lin Feng had already undergone two life transitions and successfully cultivated the combat body. Who else would he be afraid of?

If those people did not come, he would let matters rest. If they really came, he would not go easy on them.

The airship at five times the speed of sound quickly reached the human cities, and arrived at Central Sea City in a few hours.

A year later, Lin Feng finally returned to Central Sea City. Looking at the familiar city, streets, and scenery, Lin Feng felt rather emotional.

Back when he left Central Sea City, he swore that he would definitely break the genetic lock and cure his strange illness. Who would have thought that in just a year, Lin Feng would not only break the genetic lock, but also become a Divine Realm martial artist?

The opportunities in the world were just so incredible. Even Lin Feng felt like he was in a dream when he thought about it now.

The airship began to lower its altitude. It slowed down and slowly flew towards the Lin family’s villa area.

However, airships were rare to begin with. Moreover, this airship was the latest model of Deep Blue Corporation. Its sleek appearance was very eye-catching. Soon, people discovered the flying airship.

Even though Central Sea City was a famous economic capital with an extremely developed economy and many wealthy businessmen, large airships were very common, and small private airships like this were extremely rare.

In particular, private airships were often not something that could be bought with money alone, and required a certain status.

“What kind of airship is this? How come I haven’t seen it before?”

“The appearance is just too cool. Could it be the new toy of Xia family’s heir?”

“Heh, new toy? Let me tell you, this airship alone is worth at least a tenth of the Xia family’s wealth. Moreover, it’s not something that can be bought with money alone. This is the latest model of Deep Blue Corporation, and also the most luxurious airship. It’s never sold publicly, but only to some powerful martial artists or high-ranking politicians.”

“No way. Can’t the Xia family’s heir afford this airship?”

“Heh, not only can’t he afford it, the Xia family’s heir isn’t qualified to buy this airship at all.”

“I guess it must have been purchased by a powerful martial artist. Only those powerful martial artists can be extravagant enough to purchase such an advanced private airship.”

Seeing the airship heading towards the villa area, many people immediately took photos and uploaded them online to ask for specific information about the airship.

There were indeed many capable figures on the Internet. A veteran in the industry stated how precious this airship was. For a time, everyone’s attention was focused on the owner of this airship.

Who in Central Sea City could purchase such a precious private airship?

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