Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 234 - Tidal Combat Body  

Chapter 234: Tidal Combat Body

There were dozens of constitutions in Lin Feng’s mind. They were all painstakingly collected by Bemond, and some were even created by Bemond himself. There was no such thing as the strongest combat body, only the most suitable one. Lin Feng remembered this sentence firmly.

What kind of combat body was the most suitable for him?

Lin Feng was also pondering. He was undergoing a life transition through cell division. Cell division could increase strength, restorative ability, and so on.

Then, only a combat body focusing on these aspects would be more suitable for him.

Soon, Lin Feng discovered a type of combat body called the Tidal Combat Body.

This kind of constitution was created by a great galactic lifeform when witnessing cosmic catastrophes. The wave after wave of cosmic catastrophe were infinite as surging tides.

Hence, this kind of constitution had extremely strong defense. Its focus was defense. When attacking this combat body, it could only be destroyed by breaking it in one go. Otherwise, it would recover extremely quickly, and was very difficult to kill.

Of course, this kind of combat body also had very powerful strength.

Coupled with his own characteristics, Lin Feng felt that the Tidal Combat Body was actually very suitable for him. Therefore, Lin Feng did not hesitate any longer and chose the Tidal Combat Body. Details of the Tidal Combat Body naturally appeared in his mind.

Hence, Lin Feng began to guide the cells in his body to restructure constantly, arranging and reorganizing them according to the Tidal Combat Body.

This was a long process. Every time his cells divided and restructured, Lin Feng needed to use his mental power to guide them accurately. Hence, he needed extremely strong mental power. If Lin Feng was still at the first level of the Mental Guidance Technique, he would not be able to successfully condense the Tidal Combat Body at all.


As Lin Feng began to condense the Tidal Combat Body, his body also expanded further, and it expanded very regularly. Every time his cells were restructured, his body would expand once.

Originally, Lin Feng was only about over a meter tall. However, as his cells continued to divide and reorganize, and with the support of a large amount of energy, his body also began to expand rapidly.

Two meters, three meters, four meters, five meters…

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng expanded several times, turning into a small giant!

This was not an illusion, nor was it an “illusory” body. It was a real body, filled with terrifying power. Almost every time it expanded, Lin Feng’s strength soared explosively.

Yes, soaring. Lin Feng felt that his strength was soaring at this moment. Originally, Lin Feng had more than 80,000 strands of Astral Power, which could theoretically unleash about 320,000 tons of strength.

Of course, that was only theoretical. For an ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artist, unleashing 9,999 strands of Astral Power was already slightly unbearable for their body, let alone over 80,000 strands of Astral Power in Lin Feng.

If it really erupted, even Lin Feng’s body probably would not be able to withstand it.

However, with the strength of Lin Feng’s body and the eruption of Astral Power, in terms of raw strength, it should not be a problem for him to exceed 10,000 tons of strength, or even reach tens of thousands of tons of strength.

Now, there was no longer any Astral Power in Lin Feng’s body. All the Astral Power had been absorbed by his combat body as energy. His cells kept dividing and restructuring, and his body kept expanding.

Although he had no Astral Power, Lin Feng’s strength increased explosively!

Fifty thousand tons, a hundred thousand tons, a hundred and fifty thousand tons…

Divine Realm experts were not evaluated by their strength. For instance, could the Void Bubble be measured by strength? However, when strength reached a certain level, it was definitely a standard of evaluation.

As Lin Feng’s body expanded rapidly, his strength also increased rapidly. In the end, even Lin Feng himself could no longer calculate how strong he was.

When Lin Feng’s body reached 10 meters, he already collided with the roof of the warehouse. However, Lin Feng’s body did not stop expanding. Instead, it continued to expand and grow.

Eleven meters, fifteen meters, twenty meters…

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng’s body had grown to a height of 20 meters. Moreover, it still showed no signs of stopping and continued to grow.

This was what the combat body was!

Under normal circumstances, the combat body from the first life transition was only about 10 meters in size. Lin Feng had already missed the first life transition, but he did not miss the second life transition. He seized the opportunity.

In the second life transition, a combat body could generally reach over a hundred meters, or even hundreds of meters. Depending on the way a lifeform underwent life transition and the combat body it condensed, the height it could grow to in the end would actually differ.

Lin Feng did not know how tall he could grow in the end, and he was not in the mood to think about it now. All his energy was focused on condensing his combat body.

The Tidal Combat Body began to take shape slowly, and the speed far exceeded Lin Feng’s expectations. This was because the Combat Body Guidance Technique made calculations according to the speed of ordinary life transitions, but Lin Feng’s method of life transition was cell division.

The speed at which cells divided and condensed the combat body was simply astonishing. Of course, the energy consumed was also very shocking.

When Lin Feng’s combat body reached 40 meters, the energy in the first warehouse had already been exhausted.

Forget about 20,000 merit value, such a huge amount of energy required was impossible to purchase even with 200,000 merit value.

Lin Feng was even a little glad that he had come to this ruin and found the energy factory. Otherwise, even with his life transition, the energy required to cultivate the Tidal Combat Body would be extremely troublesome.

If the cultivation of the combat body failed in the end due to a lack of energy, it would really be too late for regrets.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had sufficient energy in the energy factory this time, Lin Feng decisively condensed the Tidal Combat Body to its peak state. Hence, his 40-meter-tall body easily demolished the first warehouse with a single smack.

When he arrived at the second warehouse, Lin Feng gave the second warehouse another smack and easily dismantled it. The energy modules that were piled up in the warehouse immediately scattered all over the ground.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and absorbed the large amount of energy modules on the ground like a whale quaffing water.

Thus, his body continued to grow.

Fifty meters, sixty meters, seventy meters, eighty meters…

At 80 meters, Lin Feng’s body was already too huge, like a prehistoric behemoth.

The energy modules in the second warehouse were devoured, followed by the third warehouse.

Ninety meters, a hundred meters, a hundred and ten meters, a hundred and twenty meters…

Without any hesitation, Lin Feng came to the fourth warehouse.

A hundred and thirty meters, a hundred and forty meters, a hundred and fifty meters, a hundred and sixty meters…

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng’s body had already grown to 160 meters. Fortunately, in order to attract star power, the roof of the energy factory was very, very tall, reaching hundreds of meters. Moreover, the place was very spacious, enough to accommodate Lin Feng’s current terrifying combat body.

There was still the fifth warehouse. Lin Feng went on to the fifth warehouse, which was still more than half filled with energy modules.

A hundred and seventy meters, a hundred and eighty meters, a hundred and ninety meters…

When Lin Feng’s Tidal Combat Body reached 190 meters, the speed at which it condensed clearly slowed down. Moreover, Lin Feng had a vague feeling of being “very full”.

He knew that it was basically almost at the limit, but he did not give up and continued to condense.

A hundred and ninety-five meters, a hundred and ninety-eight meters, two hundred meters.

Finally, when the Tidal Combat Body reached 200 meters, Lin Feng stopped. He had a feeling of “perfection”, as if his current combat body had reached its most perfect state.

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