Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 232 - Cell Division  

Chapter 232: Cell Division

Lin Feng was so shocked that he even fell silent.

How could he not understand now? Humanity’s way of martial arts had actually taken the wrong path. Human civilization had also taken the wrong path at the present.

Astral Power was indeed worth studying, but it was not about cultivating Astral Power. Instead, star power should be converted into energy modules and produced constantly. Weren’t the defensive weapons in this ruin capable of threatening even Sages, just by relying on the accumulation of a large amount of energy modules?

With infinite energy, killing a Sage would be nothing.

This was also the advantage of technological civilizations in the universe. Some technological civilizations could even deal with great life forms at the galactic-level!

“Lin Feng, this much energy is enough for you to cultivate the combat body when completing your second life transition! Of course, the prerequisite is that you can undergo the second life transition. According to your cultivation system, it should be breaking the genetic lock for the second time!”

That’s right. This many energy modules was enough for Lin Feng to condense any kind of combat body, but the prerequisite was that he could undergo a second life transition.

However, how could a second life transition be so easy?

It had only been a year since Lin Feng broke the genetic lock. Breaking the genetic lock again and undergoing a second life transition in a year was too fast. Even Lin Feng himself was not confident.

Moreover, Lin Feng only had a slight idea of direction now, and did not even have a hint of certainty. However, if he did not stay here and work hard to undergo a second life transition, he would be courting death if he went out.

Bang. Bang. Bang.


Just as Lin Feng was about to take the risk and give it a try, the footsteps of two more lizards came from outside the door again. There was a faint roar. It seemed like these two lizards were determined to take Lin Feng down. They would not leave until Lin Feng was dead.

This also completely dispelled Lin Feng’s intention to take the risk.

In that case, he might as well focus on researching the problem of the second life transition in this energy factory. Perhaps he could still gain something. Moreover, Lin Feng had already found a direction previously.

Lin Feng’s direction was also very simple. It was to study the body!

Ever since Lin Feng broke the genetic lock, he seemed to have gone astray. He was only focused on fusing the genes of dire beasts or cultivating Astral Power, and did not study his own body properly at all.

Especially now that Lin Feng had strong mental power, his mental power could seep into his body and observe every slight change in his body in detail.

Lin Feng had various innate abilities, such as the strength ability, armor ability, Petrification ability, Sharp Horn ability, and the undying characteristic.

These various talents were actually abilities unleashed from the depths of genes. Lin Feng was currently using these talents as the foundation to observe the changes in his body, in an attempt to understand the mysteries of the human body.

Seeing that Lin Feng was immersed in comprehension, Longbetham did not disturb Lin Feng. In reality, it did not think much of Lin Feng either. However, if it “forced” Lin Feng now, he might be able to obtain unexpected gains.


Lin Feng used his armor ability. He “saw” it clearly. The cells began to release a strange energy in a unique manner, before forming a protective layer on the surface of the cells.

This was armor!

“Petrification Technique!”

Lin Feng used the Petrification Technique. They were both defensive talents, but the principles within his body were completely different. This Petrification Technique seemed to be an “strengthening” ability within his cells.

By “strengthening” the cells, the Petrification Technique could be formed to strengthen the body.

“Sharp Horn!”

Lin Feng continued to observe the Sharp Horn and realized that it still arose from a change in the cells. These cells began to transform on their own, gradually forming a special kind of cells that were different from other cells. They were like hedgehogs, possessing terrifying offensive power.

Lin Feng focused on studying the increments in strength. When he used his strength ability, his entire body would erupt with a powerful force. When he observed the cells, he realized that the cells expanded in an instant, becoming about twice, or even thrice the size of other cells.

The human body was composed of countless cells. The cells constantly divided, metabolized, and maintained the activities of the human body. Be it strength ability, armor ability, Sharp Horn, or so on, they all came from changes at the cellular level.

As for deeper levels, such as the interior of the cells, genes, and so on, Lin Feng did not have the ability to study them yet.

After observing so many abilities, there was actually one last one, which was also Lin Feng’s most important ability, the undying characteristic!


Lin Feng used his nails to scratch his fingers with all his might. Blood immediately dripped to the ground. This bit of pain was insignificant to Lin Feng. Not caring about the injury, he immediately used his mental power to inspect the wound.

At the location of the wound, Lin Feng could clearly feel that the cells were rapidly dividing at a speed ten or even dozens of times faster than usual, replacing the dead and damaged cells.

This shocked Lin Feng.

Normally, cells would divide constantly with metabolism, but the speed was relatively slow, and there was always a limit. However, his undying characteristic could actually increase the speed of cell division by ten or even dozens of times in an instant.

This was the only way for Lin Feng to recover quickly, no matter how severe his injuries. This was the undying characteristic!

An idea seemed to flash through Lin Feng’s mind. He wanted to grasp it, but he felt that something was still missing. At this moment, he closed his eyes and carefully recalled the undying characteristic he had observed just now, and the constant division of his cells.

Cells could divide, but there had to be something supporting them. What was supporting them to divide so quickly?

Lin Feng even recalled the huge, mountain-like tumors that he saw in the darkness when he was asleep before.

There were extremely clear patterns on those tumors. Through various complicated transformations, they finally split into another tumor.

He carefully compared the scene to cell division again. Wasn’t that cell division?

Could those tumors be cells?

Lin Feng was shocked. At the same time, the fog in his mind seemed to be blown away bit by bit. His mind became clearer and clearer, as if he had discovered some mystery about his body.

“Cells divide constantly. If I could control the division of the cells with my consciousness, what would happen?”

Such a thought suddenly appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. Moreover, as soon as this thought appeared, he felt that it could not be restrained and could no longer be dispelled.

This was incomparably insane and bold. He could not wait to try it.

As for the danger? The unknown?

Lin Feng did not care at all. It was as if he had understood the mystery of the body, and could not wait to try it out immediately.

At this moment, Lin Feng mobilized the massive mental power in his body. He did not plan on controlling all the cells in his body to divide, but wanted to control a single cell.

This kind of attempt was nothing short of bold and insane, but Lin Feng was like a drowning man who wanted to hold on to the last straw. No one could stop him!


Lin Feng growled. His massive mental power immediately seized control over a cell and began to divide it!

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