Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 228 - Desperation  

Chapter 228: Desperation

“Quick, quick, where’s the control room?”

Lin Feng was also beginning to panic. The two lizards behind him were fast, and could shoot lethal rays on top of that.


Two more rays instantly pierced through Lin Feng’s body.

These rays were very scorching, and a strange force exploded within his body. It was very difficult to resist. Forget about the fact that Lin Feng no longer had his armor, even with his armor and Petrification Technique, he could not resist these rays.

Fortunately, Lin Feng had the undying characteristic and astonishing restorative ability. Even if his body was pierced by the ray, he could recover extremely quickly.

Lin Feng had always felt that out of all the dire beast genes he had fused, the genes of the Screwworms were the strongest. Why? It was because this undying characteristic was simply too powerful. He had seen so many dire beasts or greater demons, but none of them possessed abilities comparable to the undying characteristic of the Screwworms.

The Screwworms were definitely not simple. It’s a pity that the Invincible Fist Sage seemed to be already in charge of the Screwworms’ matter. The Invincible Fist Sage was personally investigating it, and no one knew how far the investigation had gone.

Lin Feng did not believe that those few Screwworms outside Dragonlith City were all of them. There was not even a single demon general.

Relying on the undying characteristic, Lin Feng had evaded lethal threats for countless times.

If not for his undying characteristic, he would probably be long dead from the pursuit of the two lizards.


“That door in front. Do you see it? The control room is inside.”

Lin Feng did not know how long he had been running for. He could only follow Longbetham’s guidance and flee forward in a frenzy.

At this moment, Longbetham’s voice sounded again. They had arrived at the control room. However, Lin Feng saw the closed door. How could he open it?

“Longbetham, open the door quickly.”

There was no way Lin Feng could open that door himself.

“I need some time. It depends on whether you can hold out.”

“How long?”

“Half a minute should be enough!”

Lin Feng glanced at the two lizards running towards him from behind. It was hard to say if he could hold out for half a minute. After all, he no longer had any Astral Power left.

“All right, half a minute! Be as fast as possible. Else, once I die, you’ll have to wait for another candidate with the genetic fusion device again.”

“Do not worry. I hope you can survive too. Otherwise, it will be so dull back in the spaceship I can only sleep.”

With that, he placed the communicator on the electronic lock beside the door according to Longbetham’s instructions.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Only three seconds had passed before the two lizards caught up.

Swish! Swish!

The two lizards caught up. Without giving Lin Feng any chance, the dense eyes on their heads immediately shot out a great number of rays.


Lin Feng could not help but curse. He had to dodge those dense rays. Otherwise, even if he had the undying characteristic, he would be turned into a hornet’s nest. Even recovering would take a lot of effort.

Moreover, the two lizards were still eying him aggressively. How would they give him time to recover?

“Longbetham, hurry up!”

“All right, you can take the communicator now. You are in luck. It would not take half a minute, but only about twenty seconds.”

“Twenty seconds?”

Only three seconds had passed. He immediately put away his communicator and rolled on the ground.


The rays shot out close to Lin Feng’s arm, causing one of his arms to be covered in blood. However, it was only a superficial wound, and he would recover quickly. Lin Feng looked back again. Those rays had also shot at the door.

Lin Feng had also thought of using the two lizards to break through this door by force, but now, he saw that the indestructible rays of the lizards were actually useless against this door.

It seemed like this door was also made of special metal. Forget about the rays, even if two lizards collided with it wildly, it would be useless.

“I can only rely on Longbetham now. I hope Longbetham can be faster.”

Lin Feng gritted his teeth. He had rolled on the ground just now and bought some time.

Four seconds, five seconds, six seconds…

At this moment, every second felt like a year to Lin Feng. The two lizards approached step by step. The gray rays almost formed a huge net that constantly suppressed Lin Feng’s mobility.

As for fleeing, how far could Lin Feng run now? Moreover, there were hard walls behind him. There was nowhere to run.

“I can’t just wait for death.”

Lin Feng knew that he could not avoid these rays, so he stopped running.


Lin Feng suddenly stood up and charged towards one of the lizards.

“Six Spiral Forces!”

He saw that the lingering injuries on the lizard’s body from when he used the Void Bubble. The scales on its body had already fallen off, revealing bloody flesh.


However, before Lin Feng could approach this lizard, the tail of another lizard had already swung out and struck Lin Feng hard.

The lizard was simply too strong, far stronger than any of the dire beasts Lin Feng had encountered before. With a lash, Lin Feng was sent flying, and the bones in his body cracked.

“How miserable.”

Ever since Lin Feng had reached the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm, he had thought that he would never be in such a miserable state, even when facing a demon general. However, he knew now that he was wrong, and absurdly so.

What were 80,000 strands of Astral Power? Once Astral Power was exhausted, he was not much stronger than professional martial artists.

And how much use was the physical tempering he had always persevered in? It was even more useless than Astral Power.

Only the various innate abilities he had awakened, especially the undying characteristic, played a huge role. His other innate abilities were just so powerless at this moment.

Seven seconds, eight seconds, nine seconds, ten seconds…

Lin Feng watched as the lizards approached step by step and opened their bloody mouths. However, there was still no movement from the door. He suddenly laughed. Even though his mouth was filled with blood, he still laughed.

“I’m really at the end of my rope this time. How long has it been since I’ve been at the end of my rope?”

Lin Feng suddenly recalled the last time he entered the underground tunnel outside the North Mountain Base and encountered the Pangolin Beast demons. He had not been in such a sorry state even back then.

But now, he was really in a hopeless situation. It was no different from when he was outside Dragonlith City.

However, that time, Lin Feng broke the genetic lock and counterattacked in desperation. In the end, he held out until the arrival of the Invincible Fist Sage. And this time, what else could he do?

“There is great terror in life-or-death situations, but also great opportunity…”

Lin Feng slowly stood up against the wall behind him. His body was already riddled with internal injuries, but he still had the strength to fight!

The Mental Power Sphere in Lin Feng’s mind was Lin Feng’s foundation. When his mental power reached a certain level, it could form a mental storm that swept through all directions.

However, that could only be done when one’s mental power had reached a certain level. Right now, Lin Feng’s mental power was actually still very weak. It could only affect ordinary people slightly. It could not even deal with martial artists with slightly stronger wills.

“Mental storm!”

However, at this moment, Lin Feng had no choice. He gritted his teeth, and the Mental Power Sphere in his mind suddenly spun.

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