Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 219 - Second Level  

Chapter 219: Second Level


The Peacock Pollen was from a strange flower that looked like a peacock’s tail. Its pollen had a strong hallucinatory effect, and even Divine Realm martial artists would usually be bewitched by it.

Hence, the price was also very expensive.

However, Lin Feng was a little worried. Would he still fall into an illusion when his mental power was so strong? After all, ordinary illusions could no longer confuse Lin Feng.

Soon, the Peacock Pollen was delivered to Lin Feng. The 10 grams of peacock pollen were divided into 10 portions. One gram of Peacock Pollen was enough to cause a Divine Realm martial artist to fall into an illusion. However, this pollen did not differentiate between friend and foe. If it was used rashly, even the user might fall into an illusion.

Hence, although some people treated it as a trump card or as some special methods, they rarely used it in reality.

Lin Feng brought the Peacock Powder to his nose and sniffed it. This pollen was meant to cause people to fall into an illusion through the air.

The Peacock Pollen entered Lin Feng’s body. In his daze, he felt as if he was floating. He even felt that his surroundings were a little blurry, as if he was in a dream.

“Wake up now.”

Longbetham’s voice exploded in Lin Feng’s mind like a thunderclap. He woke up immediately.

Although his consciousness was clear, he still felt very drowsy, as if he was about to fall asleep. This shocked him immensely.

“Is Peacock Pollen that powerful?”


“Of course. With enough Peacock Pollen, even your Sages cannot resist it. You cannot resist it unless your mental power can break through to the second level of the Mental Guidance Technique.”

Lin Feng realized another layer of meaning in Longbetham’s words. Since the second level of the Mental Guidance Technique could resist the psychedelic effect of the Peacock Pollen, yet a Sage with four life transitions could not, this meant that in terms of mental power alone, the mental power of the Nine Sages was actually far from reaching the second level of the Mental Guidance Technique.

“The mental power of Sages has not reached the second level of the Mental Guidance Technique. How is this possible?”

Lin Feng found it unbelievable.

“What is impossible about that? The Nine Sages of your world are truly impressive. Their mental power is so weak, and they do not even have any methods to specially train their mental power, yet they actually forced their way into undergoing four life transitions. Even I find it strange and incomprehensible. Perhaps it is because they do not need to cultivate combat bodies.”

There was also a hint of surprise in Longbetham’s tone.

However, no matter what the Nine Sages did, Lin Feng had to seize the opportunity to cultivate the Mental Guidance Technique, and strive to break through to the second level of the Mental Guidance Technique as soon as possible.

The psychedelic effect of the Peacock Pollen was indeed outstanding, but compared to the Ink Poison, the effect seemed to be slightly inferior.

Lin Feng could use one gram of pollen a day. After a total of ten days, the Peacock Pollen no longer had much effect on Lin Feng. By this time, his mental power had increased by another 20%.

The Mental Power Sphere in his mind had already expanded to the size of a baby’s fist, emitting a dazzling light. A large amount of mental power like white mist was absorbed by the Mental Power Sphere.

“Soon. Just a little more.”

Lin Feng was a little excited. He could clearly sense that he was just a bit away from breaking through to the second level of the Mental Guidance Technique.

Although the Peacock Pollen was no longer effective, Lin Feng did not purchase other miraculous items anymore. This was because there was no need for it at all. He just kept circulating the Mental Guidance Technique, causing his mental power to explode again and again, thereby producing a small amount of mental power.

He only needed a little more mental power to break through.


After an unknown period of time, when the mental power in Lin Feng’s mind exploded again, a mental storm suddenly appeared in his mind. It swept over, and even the Mental Power Sphere in his mind exploded instantly.

Lin Feng’s mind went blank. Even his consciousness disappeared for a short period of time. It felt like an instant, but also like millions of years. By the time his consciousness recovered, the tempestuous mental power in his mind had already condensed into a Mental Power Sphere again.

However, this Mental Power Sphere was even more refined. It seemed like the misty mental power had vaguely liquidified. This mental power was invisible, and only Lin Feng could sense it in his mind.

Lin Feng had never seen this kind of mental power that approached the liquid state before, but he could sense that a trace of mental power now was almost stronger than three or five strands before.

“The second level of the Bemond Mental Guidance Technique truly is amazing!”

Lin Feng sensed the Mental Power Sphere in his mind carefully. It seemed that his current level of mental power could already affect others. Even if he did not know illusionary techniques, he could still cause people to fall into an illusion.

Of course, the purpose of mental power was not to perform illusions. That would be too wasteful, and it was entirely putting the cart before the horse. The purpose of mental power was to guide the restructuring of genes and cells during life transitions to cultivate the combat body.

Now, his mental power had reached the requirements to cultivate the combat body, while he was still far from his second life transition. Lin Feng had no direction for which to break through at all.

According to what Longbetham had said, life transitions were actually an ascension in the essence of life. Normally, the most important thing was to constantly accumulate it.

However, according to Lin Feng’s current physique, his accumulation was already sufficient. All he needed now was an opportunity. This opportunity was the most crucial thing, and could only be chanced upon by luck.

Lin Feng calculated the time. He had stayed in the hotel for about a month and a half. During this period of time, he had purchased numerous miraculous items. Now, he only has 17,307 merit value left.

This was still abundant, enough to purchase more miraculous items.

However, Lin Feng’s mental power had already broken through. Even if more miraculous items could increase his mental strength, they would not increase it by much. Moreover, he only had a little more than a month before he had to head to the ruin of the ancient civilization.

There was not much time, and it would not increase much mental power. Lin Feng simply left the hotel.

He wanted to spend the remaining time to accompany Qu Chen properly.

Compared to Lin Feng’s “leisure”, the other nine martial artists went all out. In just three months, they “raided” all the precious items, cultivation techniques, and even Astral martial arts in the Martial Domain Network.

The purchasing power of 10,000 merit value was obviously rather formidable. Many precious items were completely bought out, and some advanced technological products were favored instead.

After all, they were going to explore the ruins of a technological civilization this time. No one could say for certain what dangers they would encounter inside. There were some advanced technological products that might be able to save their lives at critical moments.

Besides that, they also purchased Astral martial arts. In fact, the Void Bubble used by Lin Feng during the Global Martial Arts Competition was simply invincible.

As a result, the Void Bubble was also very popular. Of the nine martial artists who were going to explore the ruins, at least five of them bought the Astral martial art of Void Bubble.

Unfortunately, they could not practice it after purchasing it. The difficulty was too great. Even if they had the courage to practice it and succeeded, they would realize that they could only integrate a mere 4,000 strands of Astral Power. Although it was also very powerful, it was far inferior to the Void Bubble deployed by Lin Feng.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng had no choice but to bid farewell to Qu Chen and meet up with the other nine martial artists.

As expected, Sage Kang and Sage Yuanyi came in person. They left the areas they oversaw and temporarily took the time to specially escort Lin Feng and the others to the ancient ruins.

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