Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 216 - 20,000 Merit Value  

Chapter 216: 20,000 Merit Value

Lin Feng was waiting. He did not rush her, but waited quietly for Qu Chen’s response.

Qu Chen suddenly smiled. Her eyes were gentle as she said softly, “Actually, I’ve been waiting for you to say this for a year…”

Lin Feng held Qu Chen’s hand tightly. At this moment, he was content. The last trace of regret in his heart had disappeared. Although it was a year late, it was not too late.

“Chenchen, actually, I have to thank you. It was precisely because you went to the Polar Academy to pursue your dreams a year ago that I made up my mind to go to the Myriad Academy. I didn’t expect life to be so miraculous. We can still meet again in the Polar Academy a year later, and in such a way.”

Lin Feng recalled the past and sighed. Actually, there were still some things he had not told Qu Chen. Without the genetic fusion device, even if he went to the Myriad Academy, he would probably not be able to reach his current state.

As for why Lin Feng did not ask Qu Chen to stay back then, neither of them asked. There were some things that did not need to be said. Back then, Lin Feng was plagued by his strange illness, and breaking the genetic lock was a pipe dream. There might not even be any hope.

Under such circumstances, how could Lin Feng possibly ask Qu Chen to stay?

As for Qu Chen, was she merely pursuing her dream? In fact, during the year she was in the Polar Academy, Qu Chen had also inquired about Lin Feng’s strange illness through the internal network of the Polar Academy.

She even paid close attention to some technologies and drugs for treating genetic diseases. Unfortunately, she had never been able to find any drugs relevant for Lin Feng.

In the meantime, Qu Chen had always kept in touch with Lin Feng’s sister, Lin Qian, and asked about Lin Feng. She only heaved a sigh of relief when Lin Feng broke the genetic lock and became a Hero of Humanity.

There were some things that did not need to be said. Everything was implicit without words.


At this moment, the two of them could be considered to have experienced “trials and tribulations” and were finally together again. This time, Lin Feng would not leave any regrets for himself.

“Chenchen, if you want to break the genetic lock, I have some experience for your reference.”

Lin Feng told Qu Chen in detail how he felt when he broke the genetic lock back then. This was a rather precious experience, and very helpful to Qu Chen in breaking the genetic lock.

However, one could only rely on themselves to break the genetic lock. Even though Lin Feng currently had a lot of merit value, there was actually nothing that could help Qu Chen break the genetic lock.

Forget about the fact that Lin Feng was only a Metamorphic Realm martial artist now, even a Sage could not help a martial artist break the genetic lock.

“Yes, with your experience, I believe I’ll be prepared when I break the genetic lock in the future. However, my experience is still insufficient. I can feel that it’ll probably take me a few years to break the genetic lock.”

Qu Chen knew her limits. Normally, martial artists could only break the genetic lock in their twenties or thirties after a few years. Some were even older.

It was actually very rare for someone to break the genetic lock as young as Lin Feng did. He was considered a top-notch genius. Qu Chen naturally could not compare to Lin Feng, but she knew herself. She advanced towards her goal step by step, steadily, and consolidated her foundation without rushing things.

Moreover, now that she had reunited with Lin Feng and confirmed their relationship, their relationship had advanced by another step, so there was even less reason for her to be anxious.

Now that the matter of love had been resolved, all that was left was to continue pursuing their dreams.

“That’s just as well. You’ll continue to stay in the Polar Academy. If anything happens, contact me directly. Although I’m not a student of the Polar Academy, I know many inhuman experts of the Polar Academy.”

After all, Lin Feng was a Metamorphic Realm martial artist from the academic faction. Actually, he more or less knew some inhuman experts from the Polar Academy as they belonged to the same faction. If Qu Chen encountered trouble, he could naturally resolve it easily.

However, Qu Chen shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, the management of the Polar Academy is very strict. The messed up things you mentioned won’t happen in the Polar Academy.”

Lin Feng nodded. Sage Bingyu had founded the Polar Academy, and it had always been known for its strict rules. Even inhuman experts did not have any special privileges in the Polar Academy.

At this thought, Lin Feng also relaxed.

“Chenchen, I’ll be staying in the Polar City for another three months. I’ll leave after three months to carry out a secret mission.”

“Secret mission?”

Qu Chen did not ask. She was an intelligent girl, and naturally knew she should ask about and what she shouldn’t. She also understood what Lin Feng meant. At least he could accompany her for three months in the Polar City.

At the thought of this, Qu Chen could not help but blush. Happiness rippled through her heart.

After returning to the Polar City Hotel, Lin Feng entered the Martial Domain Network directly.

Now, his merit value had reached 20,347. This was a huge sum of wealth. Even a Divine Realm expert could not possibly have 20,000 merit value.

Lin Feng stayed with Qu Chen for a few hours before sending her back to the dormitory. After the two of them confirmed their relationship, Lin Feng’s entire being was glowing. Having resolved the last bit of regret in his heart, he naturally had to make preparations for the future.

In the past, Lin Feng was plagued by his strange illness and constantly threatened by death. Naturally, breaking the genetic lock was his top priority. But now, he had already broken the genetic lock, and was even famous worldwide, becoming the focus of global attention.

Lin Feng was satisfied with practically everything, from his career, family, to relationship. He was a top-notch winner in life in the eyes of ordinary people. What else was there for him to be dissatisfied with?

Hence, at this point, Lin Feng also had to make plans for himself, and that was martial arts!

Without the imminent threat to his life, Lin Feng wanted to pursue stronger martial arts. This time, by promising the Nine Sages to enter the ancient ruins, apart from the necessary life-preserving methods, the most important thing was his martial arts. Could he undergo a second life transition and master the combat body?

“Longbetham, what should I purchase from the Martial Domain Network to better protect my life?”

Lin Feng still trusted Longbetham’s ability a lot. After all, he was going to the ruins of a technological civilization this time. It was filled with technological products, so Longbetham should be very familiar with it.

“The technology in your world is too weak. Any of the few technological civilizations out of the first eight civilizations far outstrips your current level of technology. You do not have to buy anything. Anything you buy is useless.”

“Wouldn’t that be very dangerous?”

Lin Feng frowned. Even though he was confident in his current strength, that ancient civilization ruin could threaten Sages. He could not be too careful.

“I may not be able to solve other problems, but for technological problems, as long as they do not exceed the technological level of the mechanical civilization I am from, basically all of them are resolvable to me. Therefore, you do not have to worry too much about the safety of that ruin. On the other hand, the current progress of your mental power is somewhat slow. If it goes on at this pace, there is no knowing how long it will take for you to break through the second level, not to mention you still need to prepare a large amount of energy.”

Longbetham tone vaguely conveyed his dissatisfaction with Lin Feng’s current cultivation progress.

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