Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 208 - Fatal Weakness?  

Chapter 208: Fatal Weakness?

“Not bad. Your observation skills are very good. Even I forgot that the Void Bubble has such a weakness.”

In the Virtual Combat System, Lin Feng nodded as well, agreeing with Liu Chengfeng’s analysis.

Liu Chengfeng frowned and said, “I’ve figured out your fatal weakness, but you’re not worried at all. Are you pretending to be calm, or are you confident about your ability?”

“There’s no point in talking. Let’s fight.”

Lin Feng shook his head. The Void Bubble did have flaws. After all, no martial art was completely perfect. If it was really a perfect martial art, there wouldn’t be so few people practicing the Void Bubble. No matter how difficult it was, there would be martial artists who would give their all to study it.

The Void Bubble was imperfect, and there had never been a perfect martial art in the world.

Lin Feng knew the flaw of the Void Bubble very well. The Void Bubble could only work if it collided with his opponent. If it did not collide with his opponent, what could the Void Bubble do no matter how strong it was?

Actually, this flaw would not affect Lin Feng much in reality. This was because he had more than 80,000 strands of Astral Power. It would not be a problem for him to sustain the Void Bubble for more than a hundred meters.

How massive was an Astral Bubble over a hundred meters in diameter?

Moreover, with more than 80,000 Astral Power condensed, even a hundred-meter Astral Bubble would still be terrifyingly powerful. At the very least, a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist would definitely not be able to withstand it.

Unfortunately, this was not reality. For the sake of concealment, Lin Feng had Longbetham maintain his Astral Power at 9,999 strands. It was impossible for him to condense a hundred-meter-long Astral Bubble. Even if he did, it would have no ability to harm Liu Chengfeng.


However, did Lin Feng not have any other methods apart from the Void Bubble?


Liu Chengfeng moved. His name meant “Ride the Wind”. In reality, he had also awakened a wind-type innate ability. In addition, he cultivated speed-type Astral martial arts.

Hence, his entire figure was light and drifting. His movements were erratic, and he was extremely fast. Lin Feng could not even lock onto him with his mental power, let alone deploy the Void Bubble.

Liu Chengfeng was indeed extremely careful. He would not give Lin Feng the chance to deploy the Void Bubble.

In that case, Lin Feng might as well have a good fight with Liu Chengfeng.


Lin Feng growled. Immediately, a layer of armor as black as ink quickly covered his body. This layer of armor almost covered Lin Feng’s entire body, revealing only his eyes.

A few sharp spikes protruded from his shoulder, and there were a few hideous and terrifying tumors on his back. Lin Feng’s entire aura changed. He was like the most terrifying dire beast, emitting a monstrous murderous aura.

“Hmm, innate ability?”

Liu Chengfeng found it very strange. Lin Feng’s innate ability was obviously defensive, but he was a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist. What could a mere defensive innate ability do?

Once his Astral Power erupted, the power would be unimaginable.

However, Lin Feng was not done. Of course he knew how terrifying the eruption of Astral Power of Metamorphic Realm martial artists was. With a thought, he said in a low voice, “Petrification Technique!”


A ripple-like light flashed across the surface of Lin Feng’s armor. Then, his armor became even harder, and his defense increased by at least two or three times.

This was the innate ability Lin Feng had obtained from fusing the Pangolin Beast genes not long ago, the Petrification Technique! Its defense was even above Lin Feng’s armor, but it looked very inconspicuous. Almost no one knew how formidable this faint layer of light was. Even a Sage would probably think that it was the light of Lin Feng’s armor.

However, this also happened to conceal the innate ability of Lin Feng’s Petrification Technique, and could also cause his opponents to underestimate him. Lin Feng naturally would not take the initiative to expose an innate ability like the Petrification Technique.

Moreover, Lin Feng had the undying characteristic. He was not afraid of any Metamorphic Realm martial artist!


Suddenly, Lin Feng felt an invisible force cutting into his body. However, the Petrification Technique on his body merely rippled. Nothing took effect at all.

This was only a probing attack from Liu Chengfeng.

“Is his defense that strong? Looks like ordinary attacks are useless. I can only unleash Astral Power!”

Liu Chengfeng’s style was cautious. Without full confidence, he would not usually take the initiative to attack.

But now, he had no choice but to take the initiative to attack. He had already created such good conditions and understood the fatal flaw of Lin Feng’s Void Bubble. They were both at the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm. What was there to be afraid of?

Hence, Liu Chengfeng sped up again. Some afterimages even appeared as he rapidly approached Lin Feng.


Lin Feng laughed out loud. He had always used the Void Bubble. Coupled with his lean body, many people did not know that what he advocated deep down was fists!

“Whirlwind Explosion!”

Liu Chengfeng shouted. He was also a decisive person. He mobilized over 9,000 strands of Astral Power in his body almost entirely, and they surged into his arm in a frenzy.

Liu Chengfeng seemed to have transformed into a terrifying whirlwind that swept towards Lin Feng. It was too late for Lin Feng to use the Void Bubble now.

“Haha, come on, let’s decide the winner with a punch!”

Lin Feng was wearing armor, and his appearance was extremely feral. His body even emitted a fiendish aura. He was like a completely different person from before, stunning all the martial artists.

However, at this moment, the 9,999 strands of Astral Power in Lin Feng’s body exploded in an instant!

Astral Power erupted!

Six Spiral Forces erupted!

Sharp Horn erupted!

Perhaps no one could describe how strong Lin Feng was at this moment.

A hundred strands of Astral Power could unleash about 400 tons of strength. Then, once 9,999 strands of Astral Power erupted, it could unleash at least 40,000 tons of strength.

There were also six Spiral Forces. Coupled with the strength of his physical body, there were at least over 4,000 tons of strength.

There was also the Sharp Horn. It was indestructible and not convertible to strength. If it was really converted into strength, it would not be inferior to 4,000 tons of strength, or even stronger.

How could any Metamorphic Realm martial artist rival such a terrifying power?


The two collided fiercely. This was a collision of pure strength. The entire battle scene seemed to be shaking all of a sudden. A terrifying impact quickly spread in all directions.

It swept in all directions mightily. At this moment, even a First Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist would probably be shattered by the aftershock. The originally flat ground exploded all of a sudden, and cracked rapidly like an earthquake.

This was a true cataclysm. Although it was simulated by the Virtual Combat System, this simulation was completely realistic. If Lin Feng and Liu Chengfeng were really fighting in the ruins at this moment, the ruins would probably have been razed to the ground long ago.

This was a real battle. There were no unnecessary fancy moves or techniques. It was just a head-on clash. The destructive power that was far more devastating than the most horrific bomb was directly presented to everyone in the world.

The shock in their hearts made many people stare at the television screen in shock.

This was the true strength of martial artists. The destructive power at that level was far more shocking than some data or adjectives used by experts.

The screen became very quiet. Who was the winner of this shocking head-on clash?

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