Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 201 - Heavyweight Duel  

Chapter 201: Heavyweight Duel


Mo Lei was also eliminated. He only had a winning streak of over 20 matches, and almost every match was a tough one. In the end, he was unfortunate enough to encounter Bai Xu, who was ranked 21st.

At the thought of Bai Xu, a cold glint flashed across Mo Lei’s eyes. This Bai Xu was simply too cruel. Bai Xu was proficient in illusory martial arts. Some Astral martial arts also contained illusions.

This kind of martial artist was very terrifying. Not only did they have strong wills, they were very powerful. Moreover, once they deployed an illusion, if their opponent failed to withstand it, their opponent would practically be at their mercy.

Mo Lei was pulled into the illusion by Bai Xu and tortured extensively. In the end, he was finished off by Bai Xu with a punch.

The pain from the illusion was almost entrenched in the depths of his memory, and could not be cleared so soon. It was precisely because of this that he could still feel the pain even after being eliminated and leaving the Virtual Combat System.

Actually, Bai Xu could have saved himself the trouble. He could have killed his opponent immediately after pulling them into the illusion. However, Bai Xu loved manipulating his opponents’ minds and enjoyed the pain of opponents who were manipulated by him.

It was also because of this that when some martial artists encountered Bai Xu, they simply admitted defeat and did not fight at all.

After Mo Lei was eliminated, he naturally saw Lin Feng. He was also very surprised to see Lin Feng’s ranking rising steadily. Although Lin Feng had displayed strength not inferior to a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist in the North Mountain Base, he was not a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist after all.

But now, Lin Feng had clearly become the greatest dark horse!

“Huh? It’s Bai Xu?”


Mo Lei was still paying attention to Lin Feng, but he did not expect Lin Feng’s next opponent to be Bai Xu. Remembering how horrifying Bai Xu was, Mo Lei gritted his teeth, but there was nothing he could do.

“Alas, it’s fate. Brother Lin Feng, I hope you won’t suffer too much.”

Mo Lei shook his head. Even though he also hated Bai Xu, he was more afraid of Bai Xu. The other party’s illusion had already buried a crack in the depths of his heart. If he faced Bai Xu again, Mo Lei would probably not be able to unleash even half of his strength.

As for Lin Feng defeating Bai Xu?

Mo Lei had never thought of the possibility. Bai Xu’s illusory martial arts were too terrifying. Up until now, he had no opponents.

Without a doubt, this battle immediately became the key match of this round. Everyone’s gazes were focused on this “battle between titans”.

Lin Feng was the greatest dark horse, rising all the way to the 38th place. Bai Xu, on the other hand, was ranked 21st. He also practiced illusory martial arts, which could kill without leaving a trace.

The encounter between the two parties could be considered the most important encounter in this round!

Some were looking forward to it, but others were worried.

Qu Chen frowned. She knew about Bai Xu and paid close attention to him. In reality, Bai Xu’s illusory martial arts were simply unpredictable and impossible to guard against, such that one would not know when they had fallen into the illusion.

Some martial artists even danced and made fools of themselves.

Qu Chen was a little worried that Lin Feng would not be able to withstand Bai Xu’s illusory martial arts.

Li Hang had long lost his previous vigor. His big brother, whom he saw as a god, had long been eliminated. Meanwhile, Lin Feng had risen rapidly, climbing all the way to the 38th place as a dark horse.

The last thing he wanted to see had really happened before his eyes.

Seeing Qu Chen’s worried expression, Li Hang’s expression fell. He even felt that his previous confidence was ridiculous. It was simply a fool’s dream to think that he could compare to Lin Feng.

“Qu Chen, I’m not feeling well. I’ll leave first.”

With that, Li Hang stood up and left.

Qu Chen looked contemplative, but in the end, she merely sighed slightly. How could she not know what Li Hang was thinking? However, that person had always been in her heart, and always on her mind. Perhaps there was no room for anyone else.

Li Hang’s departure did not affect the popularity of the Global Martial Arts Competition. In fact, since Lin Feng was about to fight Bai Xu, the collision between these heavyweight martial artists caused the viewership ratings to soar rapidly.

According to incomplete statistics, at least 80% of the world’s people were watching the Global Martial Arts Competition. How impressive was this figure?

No matter who it was, as long as they performed well in this Martial Arts Competition, they would receive worldwide attention and enjoy endless benefits.

Bai Xu was one of them. His goal was not just to get into the top 50, but the top 10, or even the top 3!

He wanted to show enough outstanding talent. He wanted to prove to everyone that after leaving the Bai family, he was still the most talented martial artist!

Bai Xu was a martial artist from the Freelance Cultivators Union. In reality, however, the Bai family was very prestigious. It was a huge martial family from the consortium faction. The Bai family had a Divine Realm martial artist presiding over it, and there were many geniuses in the family. At first, they did not pay much attention to Bai Xu.

Later, Bai Xu betrayed the Bai family and joined the Freelance Cultivators Union, earning the recognition of a Divine Realm martial artist. From then on, Bai Xu and the Bai family were irreconcilable. Just before, he met someone from the Bai family, who was his biological elder brother.

In the end, Bai Xu used an illusion technique and practically “tortured” his own brother to death. This act had long made the Bai family hate him to the bone, but Bai Xu felt exhilarated. He even felt that his heart was gradually becoming whole. He was about to master the illusory technique, and had a chance of undergoing a second life transition to enter the Divine Realm!

As for Lin Feng?

Bai Xu did not care at all. He had never even taken the dark horse known as Lin Feng seriously!

The two of them confronted each other in the Virtual Combat System Lin Feng was not in a hurry to attack. Of course, he knew that Bai Xu was an expert. In the Virtual Combat System, both parties could obtain each other’s results.

Without a doubt, in terms of battle results, Bai Xu was more outstanding than Lin Feng.

“Your illusory martial arts are very strong.”

Lin Feng said indifferently. He did not attack immediately. It was rare to encounter such a powerful Metamorphic Realm martial artist.

“What you are using is the Void Bubble, right? Its power is not bad. I just wonder if you can still deploy the Void Bubble after you fall into an illusion?”

Bai Xu also said calmly. He was dressed in white, and looked more like an ancient scholar or scion than a martial artist. However, his gaze was slightly sharp.

“You are so young. You have a family, right? Have you ever felt what it’s like to be betrayed by your loved ones and have your family destroyed?”

Bai Xu slowly took a step forward. There was a faint fluctuation of Astral Power on his body. This was the illusory martial art he used, a very profound and bizarre Astral martial art.

The enemy would see whatever he wanted them to see. From there, the enemy would fall into an illusion. This targeted the opponent’s mental weakness entirely.

His illusionary martial arts had already been tried and tested at the Global Martial Arts Competition. No one could resist it. This was also why he was extremely confident.

Young genius martial artists like Lin Feng had many mental flaws, and family was often very important to them. Hence, Bai Xu believed that family was Lin Feng’s greatest mental weakness.

That was why Bai Xu had said those words just now. It was to render Lin Feng’s heart apart and find his weakness.

Bai Xu was very confident in his illusion martial arts. Hence, a smile gradually appeared on his lips as he waited for Lin Feng to be immersed in the illusion.

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