Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 198 - Winning Streak  

Chapter 198: Winning Streak

“The top competitor has already won ten matches in a row? Looks like I can’t underestimate other martial artists.”

Having just eliminated Chen Liang, Lin Feng turned around and realized that someone had already won 10 consecutive victories. He did not really care about the number of consecutive victories, since he was determined to fight for first place in the martial arts competition. Whether he had the most or the least consecutive victories, he still had to defeat everyone.

However, if he was too slow, the system might assign many stronger martial artists to him. Even though he had nothing to fear, it would still be rather troublesome.

Hence, Lin Feng prepared to speed up.


Lin Feng’s second match appeared in a desert. The sun was blazing in the sky. He stood in the desert like this, with yellow sand dancing in the air. It was rather majestic.


Without any warning, Lin Feng felt his hair stand on end. He had a faint feeling of danger.

It was a beam of light. No, it was the edge of a dagger, a dagger that emitted fluctuations of Astral Power. This Astral Power was vast and surging. There must be at least 5,000 strands of Astral Power.

Moreover, it was fast to the extreme! They did not even greet or introduce themselves. The moment they appeared, there was a chilling killing intent.

Lin Feng raised his brows. Although there was no need to introduce oneself or greet each other before a battle, this was only a competition, not a life-or-death battle. Was there a need to launch a sneak attack like this?



For a moment, a trace of coldness surged through Lin Feng as well. He did not even move as he immediately pointed.


Suddenly, a beautiful Astral Bubble enveloped the figure.

Only when the Astral Bubble enveloped the other party did Lin Feng realize that the figure was a female martial artist. Moreover, she was very beautiful, but there was a hint of coldness, like perennial frost.


The Astral Bubble was magnificent. Once it enveloped his opponent, Lin Feng had almost never seen anyone take the initiative to break free from the “hallucinogenic” dream. But now, this female martial artist had somehow barely sunk into it for a moment before snapping awake immediately.

This surprised Lin Feng a little.


Although Lin Feng was a little surprised, he did not hesitate at all. The Astral Bubble with a total of 4,000 strands of Astral Power began to collapse rapidly.

The female martial artist also understood the current situation. All the Astral Power in her body erupted.


Even Lin Feng could feel the violent fluctuations in the Astral Bubble. They were fluctuations of Astral Power. How terrifying was the fluctuation of more than 9,000 strands of Astral Power?

The other party must be a peak Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist, and her strength was far stronger than Chen Liang’s from before. With the will and actual combat methods displayed by this female martial artist, Chen Liang would not even be able to last three rounds.

Lin Feng’s expression also became a little solemn. He could clearly feel the violent vibration of the Astral Bubble. The 4,000 strands of Astral Power was still not quite enough.

He immediately infused another 3,000 strands of Astral Power. The Astral Bubble condensed from a total of 7,000 strands of Astral Power finally displayed its formidable power.

The Astral Bubble quickly collapsed. There seemed to be some surprise and confusion in the female martial artist’s eyes. In the end, she stared intently at Lin Feng, as if trying to remember him.


The bubbles disappeared, and the female martial artist was eliminated.

In the square, Qin Keren opened her eyes. There was a trace of coldness in her beautiful eyes.

“I was eliminated?”

Qin Keren muttered in a low voice, as if she was still in disbelief. Although her name seemed very elegant and gentle, in reality, Qin Keren was not gentle at all. In fact, she was very fierce.

The art she had practiced since she was young was assassination. She had once led a dark and illegal life. In the end, she had to join the Freelance Cultivators Union to escape that dark life.

Qin Keren was very strong, especially after joining the Freelance Cultivators Union. She also wanted to enter the top 100 in this Global Martial Arts Competition. By the time she met Lin Feng, she had already won three consecutive matches.

Unexpectedly, she was already eliminated in the fourth round.

“Could that bubble be the Void Bubble?”

Qin Keren was knowledgeable and vaguely recalled the Astral martial arts that Lin Feng had used.

However, how could a normal Void Bubble be so powerful?

Qin Keren did not know. In reality, even Lin Feng might not know. There were very few martial artists who could master the Void Bubble in the first place, and it was very difficult to master.

Even if they mastered it, although its power was decent, it was absolutely impossible for it to kill a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist in an instant. Just now, Qin Keren was completely crushed and could not even fight back. This was abnormal.

Qin Keren did not know who the martial artist that eliminated her was. Hence, she stared intently at the screen. She believed that since the other party could eliminate her, he would definitely be ranked in the top 100.

She wanted to take a closer look at who had eliminated her.

In the Virtual Combat System, Lin Feng frowned. He had already won two consecutive rounds, but why did it feel like each opponent was more powerful than the last?

The system’s “random” allocation was clearly treating him as a “doormat”, and specially assigned some stronger martial artists to him.

Lin Feng shook his head. When the third round arrived, the environment changed again. This time, it was deep in the modern streets, surrounded by tall buildings.

His opponent for the third round had already appeared. It was a Second Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist. He was very nervous when he saw Lin Feng.

“Void Bubble!”

Lin Feng shook his head and waved his hand. The Void Bubble wrapped around his opponent and instantly collapsed. That martial artist did not even have the slightest ability to struggle or resist and was directly eliminated.

“They’ve become weaker? Could it be that after I defeated two powerful martial artists in a row, the system determined that I’m stronger, so I also have the treatment of a seeded contestant now?”

Lin Feng knew very well that the system definitely would not allocate contestants randomly. There would usually be some seeds.

The stronger the seed, the weaker the opponent they would usually encounter. Lin Feng had established his status as a “seeded contestant” by winning two consecutive matches against powerful martial artists.

Hence, the martial artist in the third round was relatively weak.

Of course, this was only Lin Feng’s hypothesis. His hypothesis was then verified in the fourth, fifth, sixth rounds, and so on.

Lin Feng also had a clearer idea of the methods of Metamorphic Realm martial artists. He also had a direct understanding of the strength of peak Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artists.

In other words, he had lost interest in “observing” any longer.

Hence, in the next few battles, Lin Feng won against almost all of them in seconds, winning in seconds the whole way!

The seventh round, eighth round, ninth round, tenth round…

Every time he faced his opponent, Lin Feng did not fight for more than ten seconds. Moreover, Lin Feng became more and more familiar with deploying the Void Bubble. Just practicing in the past still had a huge difference with actual combat.

In fact, he was becoming more and more proficient at deploying the Void Bubble. He could even infuse Astral Power into the Astral Bubble at any moment, as long as the Astral Bubble had not collapsed.

Lin Feng did not anticipate such an unexpected surprise. Hence, he deployed the Void Bubble even more frequently in battle.

As Lin Feng’s winning streak continued to increase, his ranking also increased steadily.

A winning streak of 20 rounds, 30 rounds, 40 rounds…

Finally, Lin Feng’s name appeared before everyone for the first time. He was temporarily ranked 98th!

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