Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 191 - True Genius  

Chapter 191: True Genius

“Good, good!”

Xia Laogui’s eyes seemed to be gleaming as he stared intently at Lin Feng. Moreover, he did not mention anything about “sparring” anymore. What a joke. Wouldn’t asking Yumo from the Second Level of Metamorphic Realm to compete with Lin Feng from the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm be asking for humiliation?

Yumo also bit her lip, her expression rather complicated. Lin Feng was much younger than her, yet he was already at the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm. This was simply incredible.

“Young lad, do you have a sweetheart?”


“Xia Laogui, get lost!”

Hao Shiyi quickly came in front of Lin Feng. With a solemn expression, he asked in a low voice, “Lin Feng, you’re not lying to me. Have you really broken through to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm?”

Lin Feng nodded and said, “I fought with dire beasts in the South Mountain Base and was fortunate enough to break through in a life-or-death situation. I’m indeed at the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm now.”

In fact, the most important aspect of the Metamorphic Realm was mental power. If one’s mental power was not strong, one would not be able to compress Astral Power, and naturally could not break through. Lin Feng could only use this compromise to make others think that he had broken through because his mental will improved greatly in battle.

Although breaking through to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm in nine months was somewhat exaggerated, it was not impossible. After all, transcending the three minor realms within the Metamorphic Realm was far less difficult than life transitions.

“Haha, good. I remember that it’s been less than nine months since you broke the genetic lock, right? In nine months, you broke through three realms in a row and reached the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm. You’ve already broken Dongfang Sheng’s record and become the martial artist with the fastest breakthrough speed among all the martial artists in our Myriad Academy!”


“Oh, Dongfang Sheng, the Demon King of the Myriad Academy, Dongfang Sheng?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He had defeated Dongfang Sheng in the Virtual Battle Chamber, but he knew that Dongfang Sheng had long broken the genetic lock. As the most talented student in the history of the Myriad Academy, Dongfang Sheng had long been a legend of the Myriad Academy.

However, the strange thing was that after Lin Feng broke the genetic lock, he rarely heard about Dongfang Sheng again.

“That’s right. Dongfang Sheng is gifted, but he’s also sufficiently hardworking. He has always been cultivating arduously. Ordinary people don’t know about it. However, even a genius like Dongfang Sheng took a year and three months to break through from the First Level of Metamorphic Realm to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm. You are faster than him by half a year.”

A strange look flashed across Lin Feng’s eyes. Originally, he thought that Dongfang Sheng was only very strong at the level of a professional martial artist. After all, at that stage, one would have a huge advantage if they had strong innate abilities.

However, he did not expect Dongfang Sheng to still be so strong after breaking the genetic lock. He only took a little over a year to reach the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm.

Although he was a little surprised, Lin Feng was relieved. He had used nine months to reach the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm. Although it was a little shocking, with Dongfang Sheng’s example before him, it was not unbelievable. At most, he’d just be more gifted than Dongfang Sheng.

At the very least, it could temporarily conceal his “abnormality”.

“Lord Hao Shiyi, will Dongfang Sheng participate in this Global Martial Arts Competition?”

Lin Feng was actually somewhat interested in Dongfang Sheng now.

“Will Dongfang Sheng participate in the Global Martial Arts Competition?”

Everyone’s gaze was a little strange. In the end, it was Xia Laogui who said, “Young lad, Dongfang Sheng won’t participate in the Martial Arts Competition. Even if he does, he won’t be a contestant, but an invited guest. Do you know how many life transitions Dongfang Sheng has undergone?”

Lin Feng frowned. He had also learned about Dongfang Sheng before. He was actually only 20 or 30 years older than Lin Feng, and could be considered very young among martial artists who had broken the genetic lock.

Could such a young martial artist have reached the Divine Realm through a second life transition already?

“Has Dongfang Sheng undergone a second life transition and become a Divine Realm martial artist?”

Xia Laogui chuckled and said, “Of course he’s not a Divine Realm martial artist.

A few months ago, Dongfang Sheng went deep into the volcanic lava to cultivate. He underwent three life transitions and became a Meta-divine Realm martial artist before the age of 50!”

“What? Three life transitions?”

Even Lin Feng was stunned. He knew how difficult three life transitions were. Forget about three, even martial artists who underwent two life transitions were very rare.

Normally, one could only undergo a second life transition in their seventies or eighties. As for three life transitions, practically all happened after they were over a hundred years old.

Only Dongfang Sheng had actually undergone three life transitions before the age of 50. This was not just the three minor realms of the Metamorphic Realm, but a life transition.

Even if he obtained the genetic fusion device, it was actually just an aid. It could not directly help martial artists undergo life transitions.

Hao Shiyi also heaved a long sigh and said, “I didn’t think I’d admire anyone other than the Nine Sages. Even for those Meta-divine Realm martial artists, I firmly believe that I can surpass them one day!

“But this Dongfang Sheng is my junior, and he has already surpassed me. Most martial artists even assert that Dongfang Sheng has a high chance of becoming the tenth Sage!”

Lin Feng did not expect Dongfang Sheng to be so highly rated in the martial arts circle. He was actually already a Meta-divine Realm martial artist.

“This Dongfang Sheng is very good. If he had obtained the genetic fusion device, he might be able to meet Master’s conditions and obtain Master’s true legacy.”

A voice rang out in Lin Feng’s mind. It was Longbetham’s voice. Lin Feng was shocked. He did not know what method Longbetham had used, such that its speech only occurred in Lin Feng’s mind, and outsiders could not hear it at all.

However, Lin Feng could not respond now. Moreover, he also felt that this Dongfang Sheng was indeed a true genius!

At this moment, Hao Shiyi’s gaze became much gentler. He said with a smile, “You actually hid this from me, lad. Are you holding back your big move and preparing to shine at the Global Martial Arts Competition?”

Lin Feng did not know how to answer. The other Divine Realm martial artists all laughed heartily.

“All right, since you’re so talented, this Global Martial Arts Competition may be your chance to rise to success. I heard that the Nine Sages have prepared some good stuff for the top ten of this competition. You have to seize the opportunity.”

“Good stuff? Could there be other rewards besides merit value?”

“Of course there are. Do you think the Nine Sages would cast projections personally just to distribute some merit value to you people? I’m not sure what exactly it is, though. The Nine Sages’ confidentiality measures are all very good this time, but the Invincible Fist Sage did reveal one thing. That is, our Myriad Academy must send out the strongest lineup and strive to get into the top ten. If we miss this opportunity, there won’t be a next time.”

Lin Feng nodded, deep in thought. Even Longbetham had not found out what other rewards there were in the competition. Hao Shiyi had only obtained a bit of information, too.

It seemed like the Nine Sages’ purpose for holding the Global Martial Arts Competition was definitely not that simple.

But no matter what, Lin Feng’s goal was getting the first. It would naturally be clear when the time came.

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