Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 189 - Polar City  

Chapter 189: Polar City

The airship was very fast. As Lin Feng was drunk, he fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up, he could already see a huge city ahead.

“Brother Lin Feng, how was it? Did you sleep well?”

Mo Lei asked with a faint smile. Lin Feng felt that Mo Lei’s smile seemed a little strange.

“I haven’t slept so well in a long time. Have we arrived at the Polar Academy?”

“Look, the Polar City is ahead. The Polar Academy is in the Polar City. A lot of people have come to the Polar City from everywhere recently.”

As expected, Lin Feng saw many airships outside their airship, densely packed as they flew towards the Polar City.

Back when Sage Bingyu established the Polar Academy, her original intention was just to nurture some martial artists. Hence, she built the Polar Academy at the frontline, where it often faced the threat of dire beasts.

However, over the years, the dire beasts around the Polar Academy had long been driven away by the martial artists of the Polar Academy. This place was no longer the frontline, but a prosperous city.

Around the Polar Academy, there were even clusters of economically prosperous cities with large populations.

Lin Feng also secretly admired Sage Bingyu. As the only woman among the Nine Sages, Sage Bingyu’s growth had long been legendary.

What was even more legendary was that after Sage Bingyu became a Sage, she established the Polar Academy near the frontline, allowing the martial artists of the Polar Academy to often face the threat of dire beasts. In the end, she actually opened up a large area of rich frontier for humanity.


Thinking about it, the Myriad Academy and the Holy Capital Academy were both established in the most prosperous places. It was no wonder that the Polar Academy was vaguely the leader of the three major martial academies. It was not that Sage Bingyu was the strongest, but that the overall strength of the Polar Academy was indeed stronger than the Holy Capital Academy and the Myriad Academy.

“We’re here!”

The airship slowly flew into Polar City. There were staff specifically in charge of guiding the airship to land.

Lin Feng and Mo Lei walked out of the airship and realized that there were already countless airships docked here. The two of them walked to the main street, where martial artists were densely packed everywhere.

There were also a large number of ordinary people, especially some reporters, who interviewed some martial artists on the spot.

Some of these martial artists were humble, while others were more confident and spoke eloquently. They appeared intent about showcasing their skills at this Global Martial Arts Competition.

There were also some merchants who waved large amounts of money and asked some martial artists to “endorse”. As long as they wore the clothes of the merchants or printed some advertisements when participating in the competition, they could obtain a large sum of money.

These businessmen were all very shrewd. This was also the first time such a martial arts competition was held. The five major factions had spent a lot of money to build it, and there was overwhelming publicity all over the world. When the time came, it would also be broadcast live on television and online. How huge a business opportunity would this be?

However, very few martial artists agreed to be “sponsored”. After all, martial artists who could participate in the Global Martial Arts Competition were basically all Metamorphic Realm martial artists who had broken the genetic lock. Who would care about a little endorsement fee?

They wanted merit value, but these merchants did not have the ability to obtain merit value. Only the five major factions were qualified to distribute merit value.

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“How lively.”

Mo Lei also sighed. In all the years he had been an inhuman expert, he had never encountered such a grand martial arts competition. This could be considered globally participated.

“Brother Lin Feng, let’s go. Some of my good friends have also arrived. They’re all Chief Commanders of some bases. I’ll introduce you to them.”

Lin Feng nodded. He did not know many people in the Polar Academy, so he might as well follow Mo Lei to meet other martial artists. After all, in terms of connections, Lin Feng had only broken the genetic lock for more than eight months. How could he compare to Mo Lei, who had been inhuman for decades?

He followed Mo Lei to a hotel. More than ten martial artists were gathered in the lounge inside, chatting and laughing.

When Mo Lei entered, the martial artists also greeted him.

“Come on. Let me introduce everyone. This is Brother Lin Feng from the South Mountain Base. He’s also here to participate in the Global Martial Arts Competition.”

The other martial artists had actually noticed Lin Feng long ago. He looked a little familiar, but they did not ask.

Hearing Mo Lei’s introduction, some martial artists asked in surprise, “Could it be Lin Feng, who obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal?”

“That’s right, it’s Brother Lin Feng!”

Mo Lei laughed and introduced these martial artists to Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin Feng, this is the Chief Commander of the Freelance Cultivators Union’s Nimbus Base.”

“This is the Chief Commander of the Gloaming Base.”

“This is…”

Lin Feng also exchanged a few pleasantries with them one by one. Although these martial artists all felt that Lin Feng was very young, they were naturally very polite to Lin Feng seeing Mo Lei’s proper introduction, and that he was the owner of the Hero of Humanity Medal.

“Lin Feng, I heard that the new policy for martial artists was implemented so quickly because you caused a scene in Stone City. All the martial artists at the frontline have you to thank.”

“That’s right. Let those cowards from the government faction have a taste of life-or-death battles with dire beasts at the frontline, haha.”

“Ever since the new policy for martial artists was implemented, the inhuman experts of those government factions went to the frontline. I heard that there were heavy casualties. Tsk tsk, it’s so satisfying.”

“Those cowards didn’t dare to go to the frontline in the past. It’s time to make them suffer now.”

Most of these martial artists were martial artists from the Freelance Cultivators Union. After all, Mo Lei was also a martial artist from the Freelance Cultivators Union. They all had the same attitude towards martial artists from the government faction, and looked down on them.

Then, these martial artists discussed the matter of this Global Martial Arts Competition. Although they had all signed up to participate in the Global Martial Arts Competition, in reality, they knew their own limits. No one was really arrogant enough to think that they could enter the top ten.

This was a gathering of most of the Metamorphic Realm martial artists in the world. Who would dare to claim that they would definitely be able to enter the top ten?

They just wanted to show off a little on this big stage. After all, it would be a pity if they did not participate in such a grand event personally.

Mo Lei chatted enthusiastically with everyone, but Lin Feng was a little dispirited. These people were ultimately Mo Lei’s friends, not his.

At this moment, Lin Feng thought of Yu Shan. Initially, Lin Feng wanted Yu Shan to come along, but Yu Shan said that it would be too embarrassing for a mere First Level Metamorphic Realm like himself to participate in the Global Martial Arts Competition. No amount of persuasion could get him to come.

Great, now Lin Feng was alone in Polar City.

As if sensing that Lin Feng was somewhat uncomfortable, Mo Lei asked softly, “Brother Lin Feng, how about we return to the hotel first?”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “You haven’t met your friends for many years. How can you leave so soon? I’m fine. I’ll return to the hotel myself first.”

Mo Lei thought for a moment and did not insist. In any case, they had exchanged contact methods. They could just contact each other when the time came.

Hence, Lin Feng bade farewell and left. However, he did not return to the hotel. Instead, he strolled along the streets alone.

Suddenly, his communicator rang.

Lin Feng took out his communicator and saw that it was Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi.

“Lin Feng, you’ve arrived at the Polar City?”

“Lord Hao Shiyi, I just arrived at the Polar City.”

“All right, come to the Polar Hotel quickly.”

Hao Shiyi did not care if Lin Feng agreed or not. With that, he hung up.

Although Lin Feng was a little taken aback, he could only rush to the Polar Hotel.

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