Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 178 - Longbetham

Chapter 178 Longbetham

The red-eyed robot asked Lin Feng to sit down. Then, the red light in its eyes kept flickering, as if it was thinking about something

“First, let me see civilizations has occurred now.”

The red-eyed robot waved its hand, and Lin Feng’s communicator flew out of thin air and landed in the red-eyed robot’s hand. Lin Feng opened his mouth, but did not say anything.

This red-eyed robot was too terrifying. Although it did not look as massive or oppressive as the giant Pangolin Beast, it could easily control the giant Pangolin Beast. This was no ordinary method.

Hence, Lin Feng would not attack unless it was absolutely necessary.

The red-eyed robot enveloped the communicator with a red light, which flickered continuously. About a minute later, the red-eyed robot returned the communicator to Lin Feng.

“I have found it. This is actually the ninth civilization, and nine powerful lifeforms with four life transitions have been born. Right, you call them Sages!”

Lin Feng was shocked. Could the red-eyed robot have used his communicator to enter the network just now? The network of human society was very strict. Only the person themselves could log in. Even if other people took the communicator, they would not be able to connect to the network at all.

However, thinking about how the red-eyed robot was very mysterious to begin with, and could even control a demon general comparable to a Divine Realm martial artist, cracking the online password did not seem like a big deal.

“What do you mean by the ninth civilization?”


Lin Feng felt that this red-eyed robot had no ill will towards him, so he tried asking.

This time, the red-eyed robot replied directly, “The ninth civilization, as the name implies, is naturally the ninth time civilization developed on this planet. Your current civilization is the ninth civilization.”

“Could there be another eight civilizations before this?”

“Of course there were eight more civilizations before you! Do you not know? Yes, I understand now. Your current level of civilization is too low, so you naturally cannot come into contact with things at too high a level. The upper echelons of your current civilization already know about the former civilizations. For example, numerous of your Nine Sages obtained some benefits from the ancient civilizations.”

Lin Feng was shocked. The upper echelons of humanity actually knew about the so-called ancient civilizations.

“Your current civilization is not bad. Powerful lifeforms with four life transitions have actually appeared. However, they are too weak. The cultivation system is also too crude.”

The red-eyed robot shook its head, appearing very disappointed.

“Who exactly are you? Did you put my genetic fusion device in Central Sea University?”

Lin Feng asked again.

“I am the great mechanical lifeform, Longbetham! I released many genetic fusion devices before I went into slumber. You were very lucky to have obtained the genetic fusion device and found this place. You meet the first requirement of great master’s screening.”

“Mechanical lifeform, like artificial intelligence? Also, who is the great master you mentioned?”

Lin Feng felt that this red-eyed robot might contain a huge secret.

The red-eyed robot said coldly, “I am a great mechanical lifeform, a true lifeform. Do not compare your foolish programs with me. You have many questions to ask. Let me briefly explain my origins and the great mission I have undertaken. You will understand after listening.”

For some reason, although the red-eyed robot was expressionless, Lin Feng could sense that it seemed to be very angry. It seemed to disdain comparing itself to the artificial intelligence that Lin Feng knew of.

“About 3.8 billion years ago, the great master Lord Bemond sent tens of thousands of spaceships to various parts of the universe in search of a disciple Lord Bemond was satisfied with.”

“I was chosen by Lord Bemond and flew into the depths of the universe in this spaceship. I drifted slowly for 30 million years, but could not find a planet with life that satisfied me. In the end, the energy ran out, and the spaceship drifted to your planet.”

“Your planet is very strange. It is protected by a powerful protective layer. You call it the Canopy! It is very difficult to enter your planet from the outside. Some powerful entity must have set up this Canopy because they wanted to protect you. I only barely managed to enter your planet after exhausting all the power Master left on the spaceship.”

“Unfortunately, as my energy was exhausted, the spaceship fell to the ground. I also entered a slumber due to losing my energy. Later, when I woke up, the spaceship had already been buried underground. I came with Master’s mission to choose outstanding disciples for Master. When I return one day, I will receive Master’s favor and become a superior mechanical lifeform!”

“It is a shame that although many of the genetic fusion devices I placed have been obtained by others before, none of them could attain four life transitions in the end. They were not even qualified to receive the legacy. I kept waiting and kept placing genetic fusion devices, hoping that one day, someone would attain four life transitions, and follow the instructions of the genetic fusion device to come here to receive the legacy.”

“This wait lasted for more than three billion years, but no one has ever found this place. You are very lucky. Although you only had one life transition, you took the initiative to find this place. Although you cannot receive Master’s true legacy, I will still give you a chance. If you can seize the opportunity and attain four life transitions some day, you can come here to accept Master’s true legacy.”

At this point, Longbetham stopped and carefully observed Lin Feng’s expression.

At this moment, Lin Feng was very shocked and a little confused.

It turned out that there were really other lives in the cosmos, and they were very powerful. Just looking at Longbetham and this huge spaceship was enough to tell.

And this spaceship had actually existed for more than three billion years. This was incredible. In fact, all of this was somewhat absurd.

His genetic fusion device was actually one of the countless “tiny gadgets” that Longbethan had placed. If he had not found this place by chance, he would probably be like some other martial artists who had obtained genetic fusion devices before. Without four life transitions, they would never be able to find this place, and they would never know the secret of the genetic fusion device.

“Others have obtained the genetic fusion device too?”

“Of course, and many people had obtained it in the past. In particular, in the third civilization, the fourth civilization, the fifth civilization, and so on, there were people who had obtained it. They even held high positions in their civilizations and had many privileges. Unfortunately, none of them could undergo four life transitions, and were not qualified to accept the legacy of the great master.”

“Does that mean that even after obtaining the genetic fusion device, it’ll still be very difficult to undergo four life transitions?”

“It is very difficult! The genetic fusion device is only an aid. Life transitions depend on oneself.”

Lin Feng felt a little disappointed. He had always felt that with the genetic fusion device, he could quickly break the genetic lock and achieve two life transitions, three life transitions, and even four life transitions.

Only now did he understand that the genetic fusion device was not as miraculous as he had imagined

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