Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 170 - Changes in the Genetic Fusion Device

Chapter 170 Changes in the Genetic Fusion Device

As Mo Lei and the other three unleashed a massacre, Lin Feng did not fall behind. He charged towards the Terrestrial Ant demons. Although there was no more Astral Power in his body, he did not need Astral Power to deal with these Terrestrial Ant demons at all. He could practically kill each of them with a punch, and without worry of getting injured.

In the blink of an eye, the horde of Terrestrial Ant demons dispersed. They really dispersed everywhere. The battlefield was in chaos. Lin Feng alone had killed almost 21 Terrestrial Ant demons.

This battle record was extremely impressive. With a total of 21 Terrestrial Ant demons, even the combined efforts of Mo Lei and the other three made fewer kills than Lin Feng alone.

The merit value obtainable from 21 Terrestrial Ant demons was 105. Even a Chief Commander had to guard a base for 10 years to obtain 100 merit value.

This trip was truly a huge boon. Be it to Lin Feng, Mo Lei, or the others, all of them had huge gains.

As Lin Feng, Mo Lei, and the others worked together and killed over 30 Terrestrial Ant demons, the Terrestrial Ants on the battlefield also began to disperse. They fought to be the first to escape and rapidly dug tunnels into the ground. In the blink of an eye, many tunnels appeared on the surface of the ground outside the Northe Mountain Base. They were densely packed, and the sight was very “impressive”.

“There’s indeed no Queen Ant. What happened to these Terrestrial Ants?”

Lin Feng looked around. There were fleeing Terrestrial Ants everywhere, and he was not interested in pursuing them. It was not easy to get Terrestrial Ants to flee in such an disorderly manner. In the past, with the Queen Ant, even if they retreated, they would retreat in an orderly manner.

“That tunnel is huge. Does it lead to the Terrestrial Ants’ anthill?”

Lin Feng saw a huge tunnel. Many Terrestrial Ant demons had escaped through that tunnel just now. Lin Feng naturally connected it to the Terrestrial Ants’ anthill underground.


This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If they took advantage of the Terrestrial Ants’ massive defeat to pursue them to their anthill, perhaps they could completely get rid of the trouble with Terrestrial Ants, and resolve the problem once and for all./ MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

“Why don’t we continue pursuing them to their anthill, and resolve the problem of the Terrestrial Ants once and for all?”

As soon as Lin Feng made this suggestion, Mo Lei shook his head and said, “No, it’s too risky. Who knows if the Queen Ant underground is still around? It won’t go well if we encounter her. Didn’t the previous Chief Commander of the South Mountain Base, Zhou Yun, cause heavy losses to the South Mountain Base by making a risky advance?”

Actually, Lin Feng was not too determined to continue pursuing those Terrestrial Ants. He was just making a suggestion. After all, the problem of the Terrestrial Ants was handled by the North Mountain Base. There was no need for him to overstep and interfere by insisting on getting rid of the Terrestrial Ants once and for all.

Moreover, the Queen Ant was indeed a difficult problem. No one present was confident that they could resist the Queen Ant.

“What a pity.”

Lin Feng still felt that it was a pity. Many Terrestrial Ants had fled back to their anthill underground. Just as Lin Feng was about to leave, the genetic fusion device on his arm suddenly changed slightly for the first time.

“Detected matrix.”

“The matrix? The genetic fusion device has a matrix?”

Lin Feng was shocked. For a long time, he had actually tried finding some information or clues regarding the genetic fusion device as


Unfortunately, he found nothing.

Moreover, he was even more certain that it was absolutely impossible for the current human society to produce a genetic fusion device, at least in the present.

This genetic fusion device was very mysterious. Without it, Lin Feng would not have been able to break the genetic lock, and his strange illness would have been impossible to cure.

He had always thought that the genetic fusion device was complete, but now, a change had suddenly occurred in this genetic fusion device. Moreover, it was a notification that the “matrix” had been discovered. Just from the name alone, he knew that the genetic fusion device was part of it.

If even an incomplete genetic fusion device was so powerful, how miraculous would a complete genetic fusion device be? Only Lin Feng knew about the notification of the genetic fusion device. He could even sense that the genetic fusion device in his body was “heating up”. The change in the genetic fusion device happened when Lin Feng approached the huge underground tunnel.

Lin Feng wanted to try again, so he took the initiative to approach the underground tunnel. As expected, the genetic fusion device became “hotter” and “hotter”. Finally, an “arrow” actually appeared on the surface of Lin Feng’s skin, looking like a directional symbol.

“This is guiding me to find the matrix of the genetic fusion device. Could the matrix be in the underground tunnel?”

Lin Feng was a little hesitant. The genetic fusion devices was too miraculous. Without it, Lin Feng would not be where he was today. Hence, he was very curious about the origins and uses of genetic fusion.

Now that he seemed to have discovered the matrix of the genetic fusion device, Lin Feng was even more tempted. However, there were a large number of Terrestrial Ants in the underground tunnel, and there might also be a general-level demon, the Queen Ant. There was still a certain degree of danger.

“My armor can defend against the acid of the Terrestrial Ant demons. It might even have the capability of resisting a general-level demon. Moreover, I may not encounter the Queen Ant. I just have to follow the instructions of the genetic fusion device, and leave immediately after obtaining the matrix.”

Lin Feng really did not want to miss this opportunity. The secret of the genetic fusion device was very likely going to be uncovered by him. How could he bear to miss the opportunity?

Hence, Lin Feng said to Mo Lei, “The Terrestrial Ants have already dispersed. The crisis at the North Mountain Base has been resolved. I want to go underground to see what happened to the Terrestrial Ants.”

Mo Lei was startled. Then, he hurriedly said, “No, Brother Lin Feng, it’s too dangerous. The underground is really too dangerous for this risk. You came from afar to support our North Mountain Base. What if something happens to


“Don’t worry, I can counter the acid of the Terrestrial Ants. No matter how many Terrestrial Ants there are, they won’t pose any threat to me. Moreover, I won’t take my own life lightly. I’ll return as soon as possible.”

Seeing that Lin Feng had already made up his mind to go underground, Mo Lei gritted his teeth and said, “You may go, but I’ll come with you. We can take care of each other.”

Lin Feng was a little surprised. This Mo Lei had actually “looked down” on the martial artists in the South Mountain Base from the beginning, including Lin Feng himself. If Lin Feng had not displayed his strength, Mo Lei would not have changed his attitude.

But now, even if Mo Lei was extremely reluctant, he was still willing to accompany Lin Feng on a dangerous underground venture. At least this Mo Lei had a very strong sense of duty.

If he actually wanted to go underground to investigate the changes in the Terrestrial Ants, Lin Feng naturally wouldn’t reject Mo Lei. After all, Mo Lei was also a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist, and was still very powerful. With Mo Lei around, it would also be safer.

However, Lin Feng was going to find the matrix of the genetic fusion device this time. It concerned the secret of the genetic fusion device. This was Lin Feng’s greatest secret. Up until now, he had never told anyone. Naturally, he would not let Mo Lei follow him.

“Brother Mo Lei, you’ve exhausted most of your Astral Power, right? Recovering your Astral Power will also take some time. You can’t counter the Terrestrial Ants either. Following me down there wouldn’t do much. Don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Mo Lei felt a little awkward. That’s right. His Astral Power had almost been depleted, and was actually not of much use against the Terrestrial Ants. He only smiled wanly. He did not expect that a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist like himself would actually be reduced to a “liability”.

“Since Brother Lin Feng insists on doing so, I won’t stop you. However, you have three days at most. If Brother Lin Feng still hasn’t come out in three days, I’ll personally lead people underground. We can’t leave Brother Lin Feng in any danger.”

Lin Feng thought for a moment. Three days should be enough for him to find the matrix of the genetic fusion device. Hence, he nodded and said, “All right, I’ll try my best to return within three days.”

With that, he leaped into the underground tunnel.

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