Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 160 - Dilemma

Chapter 160 Dilemma

“They’ve finally retreated. If I’m not wrong, that low roar just now should be from that Pangolin Beast general demon underground, right?”

Lin Feng’s expression was a little solemn. Only a Pangolin Beast demon general could command so many Pangolin Beasts.

“That’s right. When I was fighting underground with Chief Commander Zhou Yun, I saw that Pangolin Beast demon general. This aura is from that Pangolin Beast general demon!”

Lu Wei’s expression was also very solemn. Fortunately, that Pangolin Beast demon general had not appeared. Otherwise, how could Lin Feng possibly be a match for it?

Seemingly knowing what Lin Feng was worried about, a smile appeared on Lu Wei’s lips. “Chief Commander, there’s no need to worry. That Pangolin Beast demon general almost never appears. Even last time, it was underground. We were the ones who took the initiative to attack the Pangolin Beasts. Unless absolutely necessary, that Pangolin Beast demon general won’t appear.”

Lin Feng nodded, but he still felt a little uneasy inside. The Pangolin Beasts’ attack came so suddenly this time. Was it just for the sake of an ordinary Pangolin Beast demon?

It did not seem to be that simple. Why was that Pangolin Beast demon general unwilling to show itself so easily? Was it afraid of something, or was there another reason? Lin Feng did not know, but he knew that he absolutely could not place his hopes on the enemy.

Regardless of whether that Pangolin Beast demon general would appear, he must have the means to resist it, or they would always be in a very passive situation.

“Lu Wei, quickly tabulate the casualties this time. Also, write a report on Chen Xue’s matter. Make sure it’s detailed. I’ll report it to the higher-ups.”



Lu Wei nodded, but there was some sorrow in his eyes. Chen Xue’s mangled corpse was still outside the base. They could not go out to clean up the corpses for the time being. They had to wait for a period of time and confirm that the Pangolin Beasts had truly retreated before going out to clean up the corpses.

After handing these matters to Lu Wei, Lin Feng returned to his residence.

Although he had powerful regenerative abilities, he was still very tired. He was almost exhausted after such a huge battle. Hence, Lin Feng, who originally did not sleep much, also fell into a deep sleep on the bed for the entire day.

It was not until the next day that Lin Feng woke up feeling refreshed.

“Hmm, begin restoring Astral Power.”

After Lin Feng recovered his energy, he began to prepare to restore Astral Power. Hence, he circulated the Astral Swirl technique and attracted a large amount of star power, forming a vortex of Astral Power around him.

As soon as the Astral Vortex appeared, it was like a bottomless pit that devoured a large amount of star power in a frenzy, rapidly converting it into strands of Astral Power.

Although he could also circulate the Astral Swirl technique in battle, the efficiency was too low. After all, he could not control the technique at all times, and it might be interrupted at any time.

Moreover, star power could not recover automatically. Therefore, during battle, the depletion of Astral Power was almost impossible to replenish.

Lin Feng finally felt the benefits of having more Astral Power now. Moreover, the power of the Void Bubble had somewhat exceeded his imagination.

Even though he had a faint feeling that the Void Bubble would be very powerful, he did not actually have a direct understanding of how powerful it would be.

It lasted until this time, when Lin Feng faced the nine Pangolin Beast demons on the battlefield. In that instant, he utilized the Void Bubble, and the six Void Bubbles killed the six Pangolin Beast demons in almost the blink of an eye.

The six Pangolin Beast demons did not have any power to resist. In a breath’s time, they died from the collapse of the Astral Bubbles. It had to be known that the six Pangolin Beast demons were not ordinary Pangolin Beast. Lin Feng even suspected that they were comparable to Second Level Metamorphic Realm martial artists.

Moreover, the strongest aspect of Pangolin Beast demons was their rock-like skin. Even the eruption of Astral Power found it hard to break their skin.

However, the Pangolin Beast’s strongest defense was useless against the Void Bubble. As long as it collapsed, the Pangolin Beast demon would be instantly crushed into a mess of flesh and blood.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng only had 2,600 strands of Astral Power now. If he had more Astral Power, he wouldn’t be in such a sorry state now. As long as he had over 3,600 strands of Astral Power, he could deploy nine Astral Bubble at once, and he would be able to kill the nine Pangolin Beast demons instantly.

However, a mere 2,600 strands of Astral Power was far from Lin Feng’s limit. He could still continue to condense Astral Power. Calculating based on how Astral Power in the Second Level of Metamorphic Realm was 10 times that of First Level of Metamorphic Realm, Lin Feng’s limit of Astral Power would be at least 5,000 strands.

If he really had more than 5,000 strands of Astral Power, Lin Feng would have nothing to fear even if more than a dozen Pangolin Beast demons came at once.

In fact, if Lin Feng could break through again, how daunting would his Astral Power be? Lin Feng did not think about such distant matters. In this battle, apart from discovering that the power of the Void Bubble exceeded his imagination, his innate abilities all seemed to have improved as well.

Be it his strength ability, defensive armor, sharp horn, or even undying characteristic, all of them had improved by a certain extent.

This could not help but make Lin Feng speculate. Could it be that as his physique improved, his innate abilities could continue to improve? If he went through a second life transition and entered the Divine Realm, would his innate abilities improve along with


In the past, Lin Feng had concerns that if his strength continued to increase, these innate abilities would sooner or later be unable to keep up with his standards, or that if he went through a second life transition, perhaps these innate abilities would become useless.

But now, it seemed like he did not need to worry about this at all. His innate abilities seemed to be able to improve slowly as well.

“I’m still not strong enough.”

Lin Feng thought of that Pangolin Beast demon general. It was too much of a threat to the South Mountain Base.

If he wanted to increase his strength quickly, Lin Feng actually had a solution now, and that was to continue fusing the genes of dire beasts.

Ever since he broke the genetic lock, Lin Feng had been considering whether to fuse with the genes of dire beasts. Once he fused with the genes of dire beasts, it would bring about an obvious increase in strength.

The most obvious improvement was the improvement of his physique. Once he fused with the fifth dire beast gene, Lin Feng’s strength could even increase again. Relying on his body alone would probably allow him to unleash not only 350 tons of strength, but 400 tons, or even stronger!

This was far faster than the speed at which Lin Feng could slowly increase his strength through his body’s metamorphosis. However, at the same time, Lin Feng had some reservations about fusing the fifth dire beast gene.

He was afraid that the limit of his body would be broken again after fusing with the dire beast genes. Then, his limit of Astral Power might even reach more than 6,000 strands, or even more. If that happened, it would probably be even more difficult for him to advance to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm.

Fusing might allow him to increase his strength in a short period of time. It would be helpful for the current situation.

Not fusing would have certain benefits in the long term. At least, it would be slightly easier for Lin Feng to advance to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm in the future.

Should he fuse? Lin Feng was in a dilemma.

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