Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 16 - Choosing Martial Arts

Chapter 16: Choosing Martial Arts

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“Brother Feng, I know you’re strong, but I didn’t expect you to be so fierce. You’re ranked 8000th in the Virtual Battle Chamber for your first challenge, much stronger than the so-called six great freshmen prodigies. Haha, Brother Feng, you’re the number one freshman prodigy!”

Actually, Lin Feng wasn’t that excited. Zhang Qiji next to him on the other hand had a look of excitement. Lin Feng was not interested in the title of the so-called prodigy. His sole purpose in coming to the Myriad Academy was to break the genetic lock and become inhuman.

If he did not achieve this goal, no matter how strong he was or how great his reputation was, these were all meaningless. In three years, he would be dead from a strange illness, and no one would remember him.

“Brother Feng, I won’t disturb you anymore today. Haha, let’s go out and celebrate in a few days. Consider it a welcoming reception for Brother Feng.”

Zhang Qiji turned around and left happily. He had come to the Myriad Academy just to pass time. He was only too excited to be able to “hook up” with a real genius like Lin Feng. Although Zhang Qiji seemed to have a lot of influence in Delta, there were lots of people who were more powerful than him in the Myriad Academy. Moreover, in the Myriad Academy, the subject of competition was martial arts, so Zhang Qiji was completely unimpressive in the Myriad Academy and did not have much of a presence.

Lin Feng shook his head and ignored Zhang Miracle Doctor.

After returning to the dormitory, he slowly recalled all the people he had challenged in the Virtual Combat Chamber. Actually, with his strength, if he did not challenge opponents with such leaps in rankings, his ranking would definitely be much higher than his current one. However, this was meaningless to Lin Feng. He just wanted to challenge the limit of his current strength.

After this challenge, Lin Feng also roughly understood his strength. He could indeed be considered an Grade Eight or even Grade Nine professional expert. If he met some weaker professional martial artists during the Grade Placement Assessment, there was indeed a high possibility for him to become a Grade Nine professional.

However, after so many challenges, Lin Feng also sensed his shortcomings. That strange sword strike when he faced Ouyang Tian had especially left a deep impression on him.

Martial arts. What Lin Feng lacked now were profound martial arts and martial techniques. Relying on the Wild Bovine’s Might alone was far from sufficient. Moreover, he could not master his entire body with Wild Bovine’s Might and could not mobilize all the strength in his body.


At the very least, the power from the second type of dire beast genes he fused, the Unicorn genes, seemed to be still dormant in his body. Even the Wild Bovine’s Might was unable to mobilize this part of his power.

“Profound martial arts might be difficult to obtain elsewhere, but it’s different in the Myriad Academy. You can purchase it with points.”

Hence, Lin Feng immediately opened the virtual network in the school and started browsing through some martial arts and martial techniques. It would be best if martial arts and martial techniques came in one.

Moreover, Lin Feng knew very well what kind of martial arts he needed the most right now. It was the kind of martial arts that allowed him to completely grasp all the power in his body, and unleash his potential to the extreme.

Only through this way could Lin Feng continue to fuse with the genes of other dire beasts and continuously strengthen his physique.

The Myriad Academy archived many martial arts and martial techniques, including countless professional-level martial arts. Lin Feng did not even look at those professional-level martial arts. Being called professional-level martial arts did not mean that professional martial artists practiced it, but that they were created by professional martial artists. Their founders might not even have broken the genetic lock themselves, so what was the use of practicing these martial arts?

For Lin Feng, who was determined to break the genetic lock, only martial arts that could allow one to break the genetic lock and achieve the inhuman state were acceptable to him.

However, these kinds of martial arts were usually extremely expensive. They cost at least dozens of points. One point was one million, and dozens of points might mean tens of millions.

This was not a fantasy. If this wasn’t the Myriad Academy, a martial art that could break the genetic lock would not be accessible for purchase, no matter how wealthy one was.

Of course, it was not impossible to break the genetic lock without martial arts. After all, the first inhuman expert in history who broke the genetic lock had no martial arts to practice. However, doing so without martial arts was equivalent to having no one to guide him. It was undoubtedly very difficult to break the genetic lock.

Lin Feng did not have much time left. Taking everything into account, he only had less than three years. Hence, he had to seize every opportunity to break the genetic lock and achieve the inhuman state within three years at all costs.

Hence, Lin Feng did not consider ordinary martial arts at all, especially when he had other requirements, such as wanting martial arts that could master the body thoroughly only.

“Bone Severing Fist Technique.”

This was a martial art that specialized in tempering the bones. It could be considered a unique approach. Unfortunately, Lin Feng was not very satisfied, so he continued his selection.

“Arcane Mnemonic of Blood Origin.”

Lin Feng took a closer look. The price was rather high, requiring a total of 53 points. This was a profound martial art that specialized in tempering and researching the blood of martial artists. It attempted to use blood as a medium to understand the mysteries of genes and thus break the genetic lock, achieving the inhuman state.

Lin Feng was a little tempted by this martial art. Unfortunately, this specialized in tempering and researching blood, and could not help him to master the condition of his entire body.

Hence, Lin Feng continued browsing.

The profound martial arts of the Myriad Academy were indeed very advanced. Lin Feng continued looking. Things such as Art of Dragon and Elephant, Art of Divine Elephant, Art of Ferocious Tiger, and so on were all form-and-intention martial arts, created by inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock.

There was an endless display of all sorts of strange martial arts, such as the Scorching Sun Sutra, the Perpetual Water Sutra, the Glacial Mnemonic, and so on. However, none of them particularly satisfied Lin Feng.

Until Lin Feng saw a martial art that cost 100 points.

“Nonuple Body Tempering, created by the Invincible Fist Sage. The first level can be purchased with 100 points.”

When he saw this skill, Lin Feng could not take his eyes off it.

The Invincible Fist Sage was the founder of the Myriad Academy, and one of the Nine Sages of the world. The martial arts he created could only be extraordinary.

Lin Feng hurriedly checked the detailed introduction of Nonuple Body Tempering. This was a martial art with extreme power and force that focused on tempering the body, mastering the entire body, developing the potential of the body, and unleashing unprecedented power.

Once the first level was mastered, one would be able to increase their strength by one fold. For example, Lin Feng could now unleash two tons of strength. If he mastered the Nonuple Body Tempering, he would be able to unleash four tons of strength.

There was still the second level, which could increase one’s strength by two fold, and the third level that could increase it by three fold, so on and so forth. It’s rumored that the ninth level could increase one’s strength by nine fold.

This was terrifying to the extreme. Lin Feng had never even heard of such martial arts.

Moreover, the most important thing in martial arts was to train the body and develop the potential of the body. One needed to completely master every inch of the body. This could entirely resolve Lin Feng’s shortcoming of being unable to control the strength in his body.

“This is the martial arts for me, Nonuple Body Tempering!”

Lin Feng’s expression was excited, and a glimmer of light appeared in his eyes. This martial arts was practically tailor-made for him. His forte was genetic fusion, and its strength was incredible. With the support of a martial art like Nonuple Body Tempering, even Lin Feng could not imagine how strong he would ultimately become.

However, as a martial art created by the Invincible Fist Sage, the price of Ninefold Body Tempering was extortionate. The first level alone cost 100 points.

And this was only the first level, not all of the Nonuple Body Tempering. It was almost more expensive than most complete martial arts.

Moreover, this was just the cost for the first level. After checking, Lin Feng found that the second level of the Nonuple Body Tempering required 1,000 points, and the third level required 10,000 points.

Seeing this, Lin Feng could only look at it with his mouth agape, struck completely speechless.

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