Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1536 - 1536 Finding Supremacy Epoch!

1536 Finding Supremacy Epoch!

“Find Supremacy Epoch?”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Supremacy Epoch sacrificed himself to suppress the Celestial Devil Ancestor. Where can we find him? Moreover, so what if we find him? He can’t leave the Supreme Pagoda either. We can’t possibly let the Celestial Devil Ancestor go free, right? Then, we’ll have to face a Three-star Celestial Devil Emperor, and the situation will be even worse.”

Lin Feng even felt that Supremacy Divine Jade was indulging too much in fantasies. The current situation was indeed very tense, but no matter how tense it was, not a single Three-star Supremacy had appeared.

Even if a Three-star Supremacy might appear in the future, that was still a possibility, and a matter for the future. However, once the Celestial Devil Ancestor was released, that would not be the future, but a severe test they would face immediately.

Supremacy Divine Jade said, “No, no, it’s not to release the Celestial Devil Ancestor. Even if Elder Lin is willing, I’m afraid Supremacy Epoch won’t agree either. I just hope that Elder Lin can find Supremacy Epoch. If you can find Supremacy Epoch, you’ll have a chance of obtaining the various treasures collected by Supremacy Epoch. Although Supremacy Epoch also gave most of the treasures to the Epoch Alliance back then, I know that Supremacy Epoch collected a large amount of Boundary Stones, including many precious and high-quality Two-star Boundary Stones.”

Hearing Supremacy Divine Jade say this, Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. He understood what Supremacy Divine Jade meant. In other words, Lin Feng should find Supremacy Epoch, and obtain a large amount of Boundary Stones or world origin from Supremacy Epoch.

This was indeed a solution. Supremacy Epoch was the oldest Controller Lin Feng knew. Not one of the oldest, but the oldest.

From the first epoch onwards, Supremacy Epoch had already made his fame. He had experienced eight Epochal Cataclysms and lived through countless years. He was practically the living fossil of this small chiliocosm.

Lin Feng would not believe that he did not have Boundary Stones.

On the contrary, the Supremacy Epoch would definitely have a large amount of Boundary Stones, and Two-star ones at that. After all, with Supremacy Epoch’s status, only those high-quality Boundary Stones would attract his attention, and thus be collected by him.

If he could find Supremacy Epoch, from all the descriptions Supremacy Divine Jade had made about Supremacy Epoch, he believed that Supremacy Epoch would not be stingy with some Boundary Stones and world origin. After all, Lin Feng could be considered the only hope of the entire Epoch Alliance, or even the entire small chiliocosm.

However, Lin Feng also knew very well that it was extremely difficult to find Supremacy Epoch.

“Supremacy Divine Jade, do you know where Supremacy Epoch is? I remember that before Supremacy Epoch disappeared, he severed all contact. No one could find him anymore.”

Supremacy Divine Jade shook his head and said, “I indeed do not know where Supremacy Epoch is. Supremacy Epoch probably severed contact because he was also afraid that some Celestial Devils would launch a rescue. Just in case, he simply severed all contact and suppressed the Celestial Devil Ancestor alone. However, Supremacy Epoch has the Supreme Pagoda, so it’s very likely that he’s in the Supreme Spatial Passage.”

“The Supreme Spatial Passage? There’s a terrifying pressure inside. Can Supremacy Epoch stay inside forever?”

Lin Feng was a little doubtful. The others did not know about the Supreme Spatial Passage, but Lin Feng knew it very well. He had the Spatial Disc, and knew the terrifying pressure contained in the Supreme Spatial Passage. Even Lin Feng could forget about staying in the Supreme Spatial Passage forever.

“Others can’t, but the Supreme Pagoda definitely can! Actually, the Supreme Pagoda has always stayed in the Supreme Spatial Passage previously. That’s also the safest place.”

Lin Feng pondered. Indeed, relatively speaking, the Supreme Spatial Passage was the safest place. Without comprehending the supreme rules of space, even a Three-star Supremacy could not enter the Supreme Spatial Passage.

“Elder Lin, you have the Spatial Disc, right?” Supremacy Divine Jade suddenly asked.

Lin Feng pondered for a moment. Actually, it was no longer a secret that he had the Spatial Disc. Previously, he had used the Spatial Disc in front of many Controllers, and even saw the Supreme Spatial Passage.

“That’s right. I do have the Spatial Disc.”

Lin Feng nodded in acknowledgment.

“That’s great. If you have the Spatial Disc, you can enter the Supreme Spatial Passage, and might have a chance of finding the Supreme Pagoda and Supremacy Epoch. Elder Lin is already an elder of our Epoch Alliance. As long as you find Supremacy Epoch, you will definitely obtain his trust. Perhaps this is the only opportunity for Elder Lin to quickly improve your strength in a short period of time.”

Lin Feng pondered.

What Supremacy Divine Jade said was indeed a solution. In the current situation, Lin Feng had more or less plundered all the Boundary Stone and the world origin.

In the next few centuries or millennia, he probably would not gain much by relying on the Epoch Alliance to plunder world origin and Boundary Stones. In other words, Lin Feng would be limited by the resources, and would not be able to increase his strength rapidly.

At that time, never mind having no hope of becoming a Three-star Supremacy, Lin Feng probably would not even be able to deal with the current situation. Hence, Lin Feng could only take another path now, and take the risk to enter the Supreme Spatial Passage to find Supremacy Epoch.

Lin Feng was a little tempted. This was the only way. However, he was a little hesitant. Could the Epoch Alliance and Supremacy Divine Jade deal with the current situation in the entire small chiliocosm?

“Supremacy Divine Jade, the situation is complicated now. I’m really worried about leaving at this time.”

Lin Feng had reason to be worried. Lin Feng had gone on a killing spree previously and killed four great Supremacies and more than 30 descenders. He had already formed a grudge with those descenders.

Now, the collision between three small chiliocosms was happening. Lin Feng had even defeated the vanguard of a small chiliocosm. The Controllers of that small chiliocosm were ambitious and aggressive.

If Lin Feng left, what would happen to the Epoch Alliance?

Supremacy Divine Jade could clearly see Lin Feng’s worry. Supremacy Divine Jade had never felt so powerless as he did now. After all, he was a dignified 10 trillion-level Supremacy, but in Lin Feng’s heart, it was as if he could not hold his own.

However, this was indeed the current situation. A 10 trillion-level Supremacy was really nothing much.

“All right, ten years. We’ll set a duration of 10 years! No matter how weak I am, if we firmly stay on the defense, and I try my best to restrain the members of the Epoch Alliance, we should be able to hold out for 10 years. If Elder Lin can find Supremacy Epoch in 10 years, return at that time.”

Supremacy Divine Jade also made a promise.

“All right, in ten years, whether I find Supremacy Epoch or not, I will return!”

Hearing Supremacy Divine Jade’s promise, Lin Feng finally made up his mind. He prepared to head to the Supreme Spatial Passage to find Supremacy Epoch.

Or rather, it was to find hope—the hope of the Epoch Alliance, or even the hope of the entire small chiliocosm!

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