Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 146 - Inaction

Chapter 146 Inaction

Lin Feng arrived at the South Mountain Base. For the first three days, he spent almost every day learning about the situation from the 36 battalions in the South Mountain Base. Twenty-five of the battalions had lost their battalion leaders, and there were no inhuman experts.

According to the nominations in each battalion, Lin Feng temporarily promoted the martial artist with the most supporters to Acting Battalion Leader. It was only the post of Acting Battalion Leader, but the competition was still intense. If the number of supporters were about the same, the Acting Battalion Leader would be determined through combat.

As for being promoted to the official leader, that would require breaking the genetic lock and becoming an inhuman.

Although this was Lin Feng’s only move in three days, he quickly grasped the power of 15 battalions in his hands. This also made the other 21 battalion leaders assess him in a different light.

For the 21 inhuman experts of the South Mountain Base, they were not afraid of Lin Feng being domineering or seizing authority. In reality, how much authority could a mere South Mountain Base have?

They were only afraid that Lin Feng would not be domineering, or that Lin Feng did not care about the South Mountain Base. After all, the South Mountain Base had just suffered heavy losses. If there was a Chief Commander who did not care about the South Mountain Base and did not do anything, it would be a disaster for the entire South Mountain Base.

Inaction meant mediocrity, and mediocrity was the greatest sin in a dangerous frontline base!

At this moment, the South Mountain Base hoped that a strong Chief Commander would appear and lead them to fend off the Pangolin Beasts. Lin Feng’s actions gradually stabilized the morale of the South Mountain Base.

However, it was only for three days.

Three days later, Lin Feng stopped “inspecting”. He basically stopped being involved in the affairs of the South Mountain Base and stayed in his residence, not meeting anyone.


Ten days, twenty days…

Lin Feng seemed to have disappeared. His presence in the South Mountain Base was already very low. For a moment, everyone was very disappointed. Was such an inactive Chief Commander in the South Mountain Base capable of resisting the savage Pangolin Beasts?

At this moment, Lin Feng, who everyone was talking about, heaved a long sigh in the room.

“The fourth level of Nonuple Body Tempering really has high standards for physique. Even with my current physique, I almost couldn’t withstand it.”

Lin Feng opened his eyes. He clenched his hands gently, as if he could feel the surging power in his body.

He had come to the South Mountain Base for a month. In the past three days, he had “inspected” 36 battalions and supported 15 new battalion leaders. For the remaining 27 days, he stayed in his villa.

The villa of the Chief Commander had a secret chamber specially used for training. For a month, Lin Feng had actually been practicing the fourth level of Nonuple Body Tempering. The physique requirements for Nonuple Body Tempering were already very high. Now that he had reached the fourth level, it could even be considered “perverse”.

Fortunately, Lin Feng’s body was very strong. He had finally mastered the fourth level.

The fourth level of Nonuple Body Tempering was almost completely different from the first three levels. It displayed the effect of “body tempering”

All along, Nonuple Body Tempering had appeared to be a combat technique, and not a body tempering martial art. However, only now did Lin Feng realize that he was wrong.

It turned out the true Nonuple Body Tempering started from the fourth level. Not only could it unleash powerful attacks, it could also be used to temper the body. However, this kind of body tempering was not something ordinary people could practice, because it concerned a kind of “shock force”.

Yes, it was a “shock force”. Every day, Lin Feng would practice the fourth level of Nonuple Body Tempering. All the muscles and bones in his body would shake. This was “shock force”. Using this “shock force”, one could slowly improve their physique.

However, this method had very high requirements for one’s physique, and it was very extreme. This was because the shock force could injure one’s body accidentally, and it was very troublesome to recover.

Therefore, although Nonuple Body Tempering had the effect of body tempering, not many martial artists were willing to practice it. Basically, martial artists who could persist in practicing above the fourth level were few and far between

Most martial artists would rather focus fully on cultivating Astral Power given the time and energy for this. The effects would also be much better.

However, to Lin Feng, the “shock force” was practically tailor-made for him. He had the undying characteristic, and his restorative ability was astonishing. A minor injury was nothing. He could recover in a breath’s time.

Hence, he could even maintain “shock force” at all times. This way, his physique would also improve at every moment. Even after his body completed its metamorphosis, his physique could still improve.

In the future, it might even be possible for Lin Feng to master the fifth, sixth, seventh, and even the eighth and ninth levels in a short period of time.

“Quadruple strength…”

Lin Feng was very satisfied. He had now unleashed the fourth level of Nonuple Body Tempering and condensed four Spiral Forces. Just unleashing four Spiral Forces would give him 1,400 tons of strength. If he added his original physical strength, that would be more than 1,750 tons of strength.

Just the thought of it was terrifying. If he erupted Astral Power on top of it, an explosive force of more than 2,000 tons could be unleashed at ease.

However, Lin Feng could only master the fourth level of Nonuple Body Tempering for the time being. His physique was still somewhat below the fifth level. According to the effects of shock force and the metamorphosis of his body, it would take about a month before he could master the fifth level of Nonuple Body Tempering.

“Chief Commander, Captain Chen Xue is here again.”

Suddenly, a guard came to report outside the secret chamber.

“Turn her away.”

Lin Feng shook his head. This woman was really “persistent”. In the past month, she had already looked for Lin Feng more than ten times. She came once every two days, and Lin Feng was extremely annoyed.

“Lin Feng, why aren’t you coming out? You’re the Chief Commander. You can’t keep hiding and not seeing anyone. Hmph, I’ll continue coming tomorrow.”

Chen Xue’s voice came from outside again. Lin Feng could hear her even in the secret chamber.

Lin Feng’s expression was a little annoyed. Ever since he heard Lu Wei’s “explanation”, he naturally knew about Chen Xue’s situation. However, Chen Xue had “harassed” him time and time again. Did she really think that his title as the Chief Commander was just for show?

Chen Xue was indeed worthy of sympathy. She had also been fighting at the frontline, but Zhou Yun’s death had almost driven this woman insane. If her inner demons were not resolved, her path of martial arts would be severed from here on out, and she could forget about advancing any further.

Lin Feng ignored Chen Xue. He had more important matters to attend to. In reality, Lin Feng really did not pay much attention to the “management” of the South Mountain Base. He did not need these authorities. What he valued more was his own strength.

If one was strong enough, with strength at the level of Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi, mere Pangolin Beasts would be nothing.

He could even go and destroy the Pangolin Beasts alone. Even if there were demon generals among the Pangolin Beasts, they would still die if they encountered Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi.

Hence, he did not agree to Chen Xue’s request to take the initiative to attack the Pangolin Beasts. Attacking the Pangolin Beasts forcefully without the power to do so would only bring a devastating blow to the entire South Mountain Base.

After a month of preparation, Lin Feng felt that it was time. During this period of time, apart from cultivating Nonuple Body Tempering, he had also learned about some of the connections between the three levels of the Metamorphic Realm.

How should he break through?

Lin Feng felt that he had more or less understood everything, and he was also somewhat confident. Hence, he would not waste such important time. He had to continue cultivating.

And this time, he was prepared to break through to the Second Level of the Metamorphic Realm!

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