Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 144 - South Mountain Base

Chapter 144 South Mountain Base

“He’s the Chief Commander?”

Everyone was a little confused. Actually, when they saw the giant dragon descend, they naturally noticed the imposing Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi at first glance. Who would pay attention to Lin Feng?

They had originally thought that Hao Shiyi would become their base’s Chief Commander, but now, they had made a huge mistake, making the situation very awkward. The unremarkable young man next to Hao Shiyi was the Chief Commander of their base instead!

Lin Feng also couldn’t do anything. Who would have thought that asking Hao Shiyi to send him here would result in such an awkward situation?

Hao Shiyi shook his head as well, a hint of bemusement appearing in his eyes.

“All right, I’ve sent you to the South Mountain Base. In the future, if anything happens at the South Mountain Base, just contact Shangguan Zhennan directly. If you encounter anything that can’t be resolved on your own, you can contact me if necessary.”

With that, Hao Shiyi gave Lin Feng his personal contact number. It seemed like he was still very pleased with Lin Feng, and at least got along with him.

“By the way, as the guardian of the South Mountain Base, I receive merit value, right? How much is it?”

“Of course there is. As the Chief Commander standing guard, you get ten merit value a year. Mm, due to your punishment, you won’t get any merit value for the first year.”

“None for the first year…”


Lin Feng was a little speechless. It turned out that he was “obligated” to guard the base this year, and would not even get a mere ten merit value.

“I’m a martial artist from the academic faction. If anything happens, who should I contact?”

What Lin Feng meant was with whom from the academic faction he should contact directly. After all, Shangguan Zhennan was the Legate of the government faction. Finding him for certain things was not very convenient.

“Haha, you’re quite smart, lad. You can contact me directly, or you can enter the Martial Domain Network’s academic faction panel. You will naturally find contact information there. Either is fine.”


Lin Feng nodded. He no longer had any problems. He took another look at everyone in the South Mountain Base. These people were unfamiliar to him, but he would have to stay here for at least a year, or even longer.

“All right, take your time to familiarize yourself. I’m leaving.”

Hao Shiyi kicked Lin Feng off the dragon. Then, the dragon spread its wings and flew directly into the sky, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Seeing the disappointed expressions of many people, Lin Feng sighed inwardly. He really shouldn’t have let Hao Shiyi escort him to the South Mountain Base. However, he had already arrived at the South Mountain Base. It was pointless to think about anything else. At least he had to understand the situation at the South Mountain Base first.

“Everyone, please ask the inhuman experts of the base to come to the conference room.”

Lin Feng said loudly. Then, he found an ordinary martial artist from the base and asked him to lead the way to the conference room.

Seeing Lin Feng leave, the numerous inhuman experts looked at each other in dismay.

“Let’s go to the conference room!”

Lu Wei’s expression was a little embarrassed as well. He had thought that the new Chief Commander was Hao Shiyi, a Divine Realm expert. However, he never expected that the higher-ups would send such a young martial artist to be the Chief Commander of the South Mountain Base.

Lin Feng was so young. How strong could he possibly be?

Thinking of this, even Lu Wei was vaguely discontent. The other martial artists were the same.

“To the conference room!”

Chen Xue bit her lips, her face ashen. She was very disappointed. If Hao Shiyi were the Chief Commander, he might be able to avenge Zhou Yun, but could Lin Feng avenge him?

He might not even be stronger than herself. Chen Xue was very disappointed for a moment.

However, no matter how discontent and disappointed they were, Lin Feng was still the new Chief Commander. They had to respect their Chief Commander. Hence, many martial artists dispersed, leaving only all the inhuman experts rushing towards the conference room.

Lin Feng sat at the seat of honor in the conference room. Many inhuman experts also rushed over in succession in the conference room. Lin Feng swept his gaze and realized that there were actually 21 inhuman experts in the conference room apart from him.

This was more than the number of inhuman experts in Dragon Mountain Base. In a sense, the number of inhuman experts in the base actually represented how “important” the duty of this base was.

There were at least 21 inhuman experts in the South Mountain Base, so their mission would definitely be more difficult than the Dragon Mountain Base’s. Of course, the sudden appearance of the Screwworms in the Dragon Mountain Base could be considered an accident.

Seeing that basically everyone had arrived, Lin Feng realized that there was only one woman among the 21 inhuman experts. Sitting a little beside him was a martial artist with a solemn expression.

“Let me introduce myself to everyone. My name is Lin Feng. From today onwards, I’ll be the Chief Commander of the South Mountain Base. Can anyone give me an overview of the basic situation at the South Mountain Base?”

Lin Feng swept his gaze across the many martial artists. In the end, it was the solemn-looking martial artist beside him who stood up.


“Chief Commander, my name is Lu Wei. I was the Acting Chief Commander previously. Allow me to make the introduction. There are a total of 36 battalions in the South Mountain Base. Each battalion consists of 300 people, and there are a total of 10,800 combatants.”

“With the addition of other personnel in succession, the total is about over 12,000 people. Every battalion has a battalion leader, who must be a Metamorphic Realm martial artist who broke the genetic lock. However, the previous battalion leaders were heavily injured in the battle with the dire beasts last time. Not only was the former Chief Commander killed in battle, of the 36 battalion leaders, there are only 21 left now. We have already applied to the higher-ups to fill the spots of the remaining 15 battalion leaders, but no inhuman experts have been deployed to the positions up until now.”

Hearing Lu Wei’s simple introduction, Lin Feng felt that it was somewhat beyond his expectations. Not only was the South Mountain Base not peaceful, it was clearly in troublesome straits.

It had actually suffered such heavy losses before. Out of the 36 Metamorphic Realm martial artists, only 21 of them were left now. A loss of almost more than half could really be considered a heavy loss.

Even the former Chief Commander had died in battle. The situation was far more dire than Lin Feng had imagined.

“Captain Lu Wei, I have a rough understanding of the situation now. How are the dire beasts currently? Is the South Mountain Base in danger?”

“Chief Commander, the purpose of our South Mountain Base is to resist Pangolin Beasts. These Pangolin Beasts are extremely intelligent and are adept at burrowing. They have established a massive lair underground. It’s almost impossible for us to completely destroy them. However, as the Pangolin Beasts suffered heavy losses in the last great battle as well, our base shouldn’t be in any danger for the time being.”

So there was no danger at the South Mountain Base for the time being. Lin Feng nodded in satisfaction.

At this moment, the female martial artist seemed to be somewhat impatient. She asked in a low voice, “Chief Commander, when will you take us to lay siege on those Pangolin Beasts to avenge Brother Zhou and all those martial artists who died?”

“Chen Xue!”

Lu Wei hurriedly berated. Lin Feng had just arrived, and Chen Xue was already so eager to make difficult requests for Lin Feng. She was too hasty, and it would easily incur Lin Feng’s displeasure.

Lin Feng did not expect there would be someone so eager for revenge like Chen Xue. In frontline bases, casualties were inevitable. Every base had casualties, but there was no one who really had to take revenge.

There was no right or wrong in the battle between two parties in the first place.

However, Lin Feng was new here, so he replied, “I’ve just arrived at the South Mountain Base. I haven’t fully understood the situation yet. I’ll make a decision after I understand the situation. All right, everyone, dismissed.”

Lin Feng dismissed the meeting. Lu Wei also called a martial artist over and brought Lin Feng to the residence of the Chief Commander to rest.

“Chen Xue, the Chief Commander has just arrived. Endure for a while longer.”

Seeing that everyone had left the conference room, Lu Wei couldn’t help but advise Chen Xue.

“Endure, endure, endure. How long have we been enduring? When the Chief Commander didn’t come, you told me to endure, but now that he’s here, you’re telling me to endure again. I think you guys never thought of avenging Brother Zhou at all!”

With that, Chen Xue turned around abruptly. She ignored Lu Wei and left in a huff.

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