Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 142 - Shangguan Zhennan

Chapter 142 Shangguan Zhennan

“The Canopy?”

Hao Shiyi glanced at Lin Feng. There seemed to be a hint of confusion in his eyes as well.

“Lord Hao Shiyi, have you ever seen the Canopy? What’s in the cosmos beyond the Canopy?”

Actually, Lin Feng wanted to ask if there were any other intelligent lifeforms like them in the cosmos outside the Canopy. This was a question that the scientific world was constantly debating.

Hao Shiyi shook his head and said, “I’ve never seen the Canopy, but Lord Sages must have. All right, don’t bite off more than you can chew. You don’t have to think about what lies beyond the Canopy. What you should be thinking about now is the problem after arriving at the South Mountain Base.”

“Is there a problem with South Mountain Base?”

Lin Feng asked instead. “Haha, you’ll know when you get there.” Hao Shiyi did not answer directly, which confused Lin Feng. Could there really be a “daunting mission” awaiting him at the South Mountain Base? However, on careful thought, it seemed impossible. After all, he was a Metamorphic Realm martial artist who had just broken the genetic lock. It would be one thing for him to go to an ordinary base to guard it, but he definitely would not really be sent to a very dangerous base.

The flying speed of the giant dragon was very fast. After all, it was a Divine Realm demon. Even the speed of the spaceship could not compare to this giant dragon. Fortunately, Lin Feng’s physical body was very strong, and he was not afraid of the wind at all. Otherwise, ordinary professional martial artists would not even be qualified to ride the giant dragon.

Lin Feng was also very curious about the dragon. He even tried to press down hard on the muscles on the dragon’s body, but when the dragon protested by “speeding” in the air, Lin Feng did not dare to move around on the dragon’s back anymore.

They flew for about seven or eight hours. The land stretched as far as the eye could see before them, and there was only a lone city in sight.


“We’re here. You have to visit the Legate of South Mountain City first.”

“There’s a Legate in South Mountain City too?”

Lin Feng was a little surprised. As far as he knew, not every city had a Legate. Only very important cities did. At least, there were no Legates in Dragonlith City.

“Of course. The geographical location of South Mountain City is very important. You’ll know why there’s a Legate when you arrive at the South Mountain Base. Don’t worry though, although the Legate of South Mountain City belongs to the government faction, he’s different from other Legates of the government faction. He’s guarding the frontline and wouldn’t mind the matter of you causing a stir in Stone City. Moreover, I saved his life once. He won’t make things difficult for you.”

Lin Feng’s expression was a little embarrassed. It was just a petty thought in his mind. He was afraid that people from the government faction would be at odds with him after the incident in Stone City.

However, he did not expect Hao Shiyi to say it so straightforwardly.

Though, Hao Shiyi’s words also put Lin Feng at ease. Hao Shiyi had once saved the Legate’s life. Just based on this relationship alone, the Legate definitely would not target Lin Feng specifically. This would also help Lin Feng in guarding the South Mountain Base in the future.

Presumably, Hao Shiyi also had the intention of bringing Lin Feng to “visit” the guardian, with the actual intention of helping Lin Feng. Hence, Lin Feng was very grateful to Hao Shiyi as well.

The giant dragon flapped its wings and quickly flew towards the South Mountain City below. This scene naturally attracted the attention of many people in the South Mountain City.

“Look, what kind of dire beast is that?”

“No, that’s not a dire beast. That’s a demon, right? What a terrifying demon.

“That’s a giant dragon. A giant dragon is actually coming? But there seems to be someone on the back of the giant dragon.”

“I remember now. Could it be the mighty Dragon Rider, Lord Hao Shiyi?”

Some inhuman experts in the southern city seemed to be experienced and knowledgeable. They immediately thought of Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi. After all, only Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi could ride a giant dragon and soar through the sky.

Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi was a mighty Divine Realm expert, but he was riding a giant dragon here now. They did not know what had happened. Some martial artists could not help but feel a little worried. Could it be that the frontline bases were under pressure recently, and the Dragon Rider was requested to come to their aid?

The giant dragon descended from the sky and landed in a huge manor.

There were also some guards in the manor, who immediately surrounded it nervously. However, just a random sneeze from the giant dragon could create a whirlwind. These guards were also terrified at the sight and did not dare to approach.


Suddenly, a figure flew out of the manor and appeared in front of the dragon.

“Hao Shiyi, why are you here?”

This figure exuded a unique aura that made one feel as if they were basking in spring breeze, as if they were very affectionate. It was completely different from the domineering and murderous aura on Hao Shiyi. It was also fundamentally different from the high-and-mighty, deity-like aura on Legate Zhang Zifeng of Stone City.

This was also someone in the Divine Realm, the Legate of South Mountain, Shangguan Zhennan!

Lin Feng had also checked some information regarding the Divine Realm experts on the Martial Domain Forum. Some people said that the aura of every Divine Realm expert was completely distinct, which meant that their path of martial arts were also very different.

The aura of a Divine Realm expert embodied their martial intent!

In the past, Lin Feng did not quite understand what martial intent was, but now that he saw Shangguan Zhennan, he vaguely understood. Back then, Legate Zhang Zifeng of Stone City had a high-and-mighty, deity-like aura,which meant that he was actually cold, selfish, and looked down on everything. His martial intent was definitely the same. Even the martial arts he used seemed to be cold as ice and daunting.

On the other hand, Hao Shiyi was different. Hao Shiyils aura was domineering and dignified. If he attacked, the killing intent would even be monstrous. This kind of martial intent was rather terrifying. It was no wonder that he was able to become one of the peak Divine Realm experts, and had an awe-inspiring reputation!

As for this Shangguan Zhennan, his aura was gentle and made people feel like they were basking in a spring breeze. He should have a strong affinity, and his martial intent should be relatively placid.

If Lin Feng was not wrong, Shangguan Zhennan’s path of martial arts should be very placid, and relatively smooth overall. Being able to undergo the second life transition and reach the Divine Realm just by cultivating step by step also meant his talent was rather formidable.

In reality, Lin Feng’s guess hit the mark completely. Shangguan Zhennan had been reputed as a prodigy since he was young, and his journey had been smooth-sailing. He had only encountered a life-or-death crisis once and was saved by Hao Shiyi. From then on, he was on excellent terms with Hao Shiyi. Even after becoming the Legate, his heart remained unchanged.

“Shangguan, I’ve brought you an interesting little fellow this time. He’s in charge of guarding the South Mountain Base. You don’t have to stand on ceremony. Train him well.”

Hao Shiyi said bluntly.

“Lin Feng, right? I’ve already received the Sage’s order. Don’t worry, after arriving at the South Mountain Base, you’re one of my own. No one can do anything to you.”

Shangguan Zhennan said with a smile, calming Lin Feng down. Clearly, he also knew that Lin Feng had caused quite a stir in Stone City.

“Thank you very much, Lord Shangguan.”

Lin Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like this Shangguan Zhennan was very easy to get along with. In the future, he could also stay at the South Mountain Base without worries.

“Yes, you can contact me directly if there’s anything.”

Shangguan Zhennan even gave Lin Feng his contact number, clearly on account of respect for Hao Shiyi.

“All right, I’ll send Lin Feng to the South Mountain Base first. When we return, we can have a drink and catch up.”

Hao Shiyi did not chat with Shangguan Zhennan for long. He quickly left South Mountain City with Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng? Level One of Metamorphic Realm. He just broke the genetic lock. Can he stabilize the situation in the South Mountain Base?”

Shangguan Zhen’an shook his head. He did not know why the academic faction had sent Lin Feng to guard the South Mountain Base. The current situation in the South Mountain Base was not that good.

However, considering that he was personally brought here by Hao Shiyi, Shangguan Zhennan had to help Lin Feng if necessary.

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