Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 14 - : Virtual Battle Chamber

Chapter 14: Virtual Battle Chamber

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The Virtual Battle Chamber could accommodate ten people at the same time, and there was no need to pay points. Thus, there was a long queue outside the Virtual Battle Chamber, and it was one of the busiest places in the Myriad Academy.

When Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji arrived outside the Virtual Battle Chamber to queue, they did not attract much attention. After all, they were just new students.

Many people were still discussing excitedly.

“Liu Feng, you were ranked 21,800 last time. You have a chance to increase your ranking by a few dozen this time, right?”

“It’s hard to say. Although I’ve improved recently, many people in the academy have improved too. It’s hard to say. Besides, my five years will be up if I stay for another year. I don’t have any hope of breaking the genetic lock. When the time comes, I’ll have to leave the Myriad Academy. I just hope that before I leave, I can raise my ranking to within 20,000. That would be enough for me.”

“That’s right. It’s really difficult to rise to the top 20,000, let alone break the genetic lock. I really don’t know how those who can quickly rank in the top 100 of the Virtual Battle Chamber practice their martial arts.”

“Look, Senior Luo Yidao has exited. I heard that his saber technique is especially powerful. Last time, he was ranked 20,300th. He must have reached the top 20,000 this time.”

“Senior Luo Yidao is really amazing. I heard that he obtained a Grade Seven professional martial artist certificate a long time ago. He should have the strength of a Grade Eight professional now, right?”

The focus of everyone’s attention, Senior Luo Yidao, had close-cropped hair. A saber was strapped to his back. His entire appearance was fierce and domineering.

Someone came forward and asked in a low voice. Then, a wave of exclamations sounded. Luo Yidao raised his head even higher, appearing extremely confident.


“Senior Brother Luo Yidao succeeded in his challenge just now. He’s ranked 19,991. Impressive, he has entered the top 20,000.”

“Gee, there are a total of 23,000 students in the history of Myriad Academy. For Senior Luo Yidao to be ranked within the top 20,000 is indeed impressive. I heard that Senior Luo Yidao has only been in Myriad Academy for three years. He will definitely be able to make another breakthrough in the future.”

Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji also saw Luo Yidao. Although the two of them didn’t know much about ranking top 20,000, they could vaguely tell from the crowd that this was definitely an extremely impressive achievement.

“Brother Feng, you have to work hard to get a good ranking later.”

Actually, even without Zhang Qiji’s reminder, Lin Feng would give it his all. He wanted to determine what level his current strength was at.

Soon, it was Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji’s turn. Seeing the two of them enter the Virtual Battle Chamber, the other students behind them were a bit surprised.

“I don’t think I’ve seen these two before?”

“They must be freshmen who are challenging the Virtual Battle Chamber first time. They’ll probably rank bottom.”

“That might not be the case. I heard that there are six formidable individuals among the new students this year. The first time they challenged the Virtual Battle Chamber, they managed to get into the top 20,000 and were given the title of the six great prodigies by those new students. How ridiculous is it for mere new students to actually call themselves prodigies? They’re simply overestimating themselves.”

“That’s right. I’ve heard about this matter as well. Recently, it’s caused an uproar. Under the lead of the six great prodigies, even this batch of new students are becoming arrogant and actually dare to provoke senior students like us. Hmph, it’s just that senior students don’t generally hold it against them.”

“But I heard that some experts among the senior students are slightly displeased with those six great prodigies. Heh, just wait and see. There’ll definitely be a good show soon.”

Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji naturally did not know what these people were talking about. The two of them entered the Virtual Battle Chamber and separated. Lin Feng arrived at a relatively narrow room. Scanning devices were everywhere on the walls.

Beep. Please hold your identity card in your hand.”

Lin Feng held the identity card in his hand and passed the scan.

Beep. Identity scan completed. Please enter the virtual cabin.”

In the small room, Lin Feng saw something that looked like a giant glass container. It should be the virtual cabin. Hence, he lay down as instructed.


As soon as he laid down, it was as if his body had passed through countless spaces. Finally, the surroundings turned dark, and he found himself standing on a magnificent “arena”.

“This is virtual technology? How amazing.”

Lin Feng was fascinated. Although it had long been rumored that virtual technology had matured, technology for civilian use had not been introduced. Virtual Ttchnology had always been in the hands of the military and the country. Some major powers, such as the Myriad Academy, also possessed it.

The surroundings were vivid and lifelike, looking very realistic. At least Lin Feng couldn’t tell if it was real or fake.

“Please choose your opponent.”

Figures appeared one after another in front of Lin Feng, and there was a ranking at the front. This Virtual Battle Chamber recorded almost all the students in the Myriad Academy since its establishment. There were a total of 23,681 people. Of course, Lin Feng and Zhang Qiji were not included yet.

These 23,681 people were basically at their strongest state. In the Myriad Academy, they could only stay until they were 25 years old. If they had not broken the genetic lock by the age of 25, then they could only leave the Myriad Academy. Thus, most of the people in the Virtual Battle Chamber had already left the Myriad Academy.

After all, there were only a few hundred students in the academy now.

The students ranked near the bottom were basically all current students in the Myriad Academy. Lin Feng thought for a while and decided to familiarize himself with the strength of the students from the Myriad Academy. Hence, he said, “Challenge Li Wei.”

This Li Wei was just someone Lin Feng picked at random after a glance. The person who appeared in his line of sight was ranked 23,673. He should be a current student in Myriad Academy.

As Lin Feng’s voice fell, the surroundings darkened slightly, and Li Wei’s figure quickly condensed in front of Lin Feng.

Li Wei was using a saber. As soon as he appeared, he didn’t say anything and immediately swung his saber.


The blade was very swift and very accurate. In the blink of an eye, it was in front of Lin Feng.


However, Lin Feng did not dodge. He directly threw a punch, and Li Wei’s figure exploded like a bubble.

“Challenge successful, Lin Feng. Currently ranked 23,673. You can choose to continue challenging opponents, or leave the Virtual Battle Chamber.”

Lin Feng frowned. His first thought was that his opponent was weak. This Li Wei was really too weak. Wasn’t the Myriad Academy one of the top three martial arts academies in the world? There should be geniuses and experts everywhere in here. Any one of them should be very powerful. Why was his opponent so weak?

Actually, Lin Feng had a misconception. Not everyone in the Myriad Academy was very strong. People like Zhang Qiji and Li Wei were just here to buy recognition with money and idle their days away. How strong could they be?

However, that slash from Li Wei was indeed strong. It was probably a good saber technique. Unfortunately, the strength was too lacking, and its overall power was too poor. How could it withstand a punch from Lin Feng?

With this reference in mind, Lin Feng quickly scrolled upwards.

“Continue to challenge Lei Yiming!”

Very quickly, Lei Yiming’s figure appeared in the Virtual Battle Chamber. This time, Lin Feng had taken large strides to challenge him. Lei Yiming was ranked 20,009, and could be considered quite powerful in Myriad Academy. At least, many seniors might not be able to defeat him.

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