Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 138 - Astral Martial Arts

Chapter 138 Astral Martial Arts

“You brat…”

Hao Shiyi smiled and shook his head. As a Divine Realm expert, he naturally knew the difference between being referred by him and being referred by ordinary martial artists to join the academic faction. There were tangible benefits.

Even if there were no direct benefits, there would be indirect benefits in the future. Hence, Lin Feng was thick-skinned in asking him to be Yu Shan’s referee. Actually, referring someone was naturally not a problem for Hao Shiyi. It was just a simple matter. In any case, he thought very highly of Lin Feng, so there was no harm in giving Lin Feng a favor out of respect. “I can refer you, but I have to be clear about some questions.”

Hao Shiyi looked at Yu Shan, and his expression became solemn. He asked directly, “Yu Shan, since you’ve already broken the genetic lock and want to join the academic faction, I have to explain things to you clearly. You’re still young, and you broke the genetic lock so early. I believe the various major factions will fight to recruit you.”

“The five major factions are divided into the academic faction, the government faction, the military faction, the consortium faction, and the Freelance Cultivators Union. The five major factions each has their own advantages and disadvantages. They will even take the initiative to contact you very soon and offer you generous benefits. Do you need to make a decision after weighing the pros and cons?”

Regarding the five major factions, Lin Feng had also given Yu Shan a brief explanation along the way. Yu Shan had long made his decision as well. Hence, Yu Shan shook his head and said directly, “There’s no need to consider it. I apply to join the academic faction.”

“Very well. Then, I’ll be your referee and refer you to join the academic faction. However, you’ll need to wait for a while. I’ll escort Lin Feng to the South Mountain Base tomorrow, and can’t accompany you. You can give me your contact number. After I submit your application, someone from the academic faction will naturally contact you.”

Hearing that Hao Shiyi was willing to be Yu Shan’s referee, Yu Shan hurriedly expressed his gratitude. With a Divine Realm expert’s recommendation, and the famous Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi at that, Yu Shan knew very well that there would definitely be various benefits once he joined the academic faction. This could even be considered an unspoken rule. After all, how could the recommendation of a Divine Realm expert and an ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artist be comparable?

“All right, little fellow, are you satisfied? Remember, we leave tomorrow morning.”

With that, Hao Shiyi turned and left. Lin Feng and Yu Shan looked at each other and smiled. Lin Feng said with a smile, “This Lord Hao Shiyi seems quite easy to get along with.” Yu Shan shook his head and said, “That depends on the person. Haven’t you realized that Lord Hao Shiyi only views you in a different light? However, I still have to thank you this time. Otherwise, Lord Hao Shiyi definitely wouldn’t be my referee.”


Yu Shan knew his own limitations. He knew that he had Lin Feng to thank for everything this time.

“There’s no need for thanks between us. Moreover, you didn’t consider other factions and directly joined the academic faction for the sake of helping me. Haha, no matter what, we’ll have a chance to fight alongside each other again.”

The two of them were very happy. After chatting for a while, Yu Shan bade farewell and left.

After Yu Shan left, Lin Feng contacted his family to inform his parents about his current situation. When they learned that Lin Feng could not return for the time being, and would not be able to return for the next year, Mr. and Mrs. Lin were a little disappointed. However, hearing from Lin Feng that it was an order from the academy, they gave Lin Feng their encouragements.

As for the matter at home, everything was fine. After learning that Lin Feng had become an inhuman expert and obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal, the Zhao family actually stopped “suppressing” the Lin Corporation.

The Lin Corporation that was originally in difficult straits was immediately revitalized. There were even many consortiums that expressed their goodwill. Currently, the Lin Corporation was developing rapidly and had become one of the leading corporations in Central Sea.


Lin Feng was not surprised by this. When he broke the genetic lock and became inhuman, the Lin Corporation became a corporation backed by an inhuman expert. Who would actively provoke it?

Moreover, Lin Feng had obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal. The impact of this honor was just too great. When Lin Feng caused a stir in Stone City this time, even the law enforcement team did not dare to attack Lin Feng lightly. What was the reason? It was actually because Lin Feng was a Hero of Humanity, and possessed the Hero of Humanity Medal.

Just Lin Feng alone held a much stronger influence than those Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artists. Would those corporations that the Zhao family had roped in still dare to oppose the Lin Corporation?

Even the Zhao family took the initiative to stop. Perhaps they wouldn’t take the initiative to give in, but they wouldn’t dare to be at odds with the Lin Corporation anymore. Lin Feng still remembered the Zhao family, especially Zhao Ping. The Lin family had suffered humiliation precisely because there was an inhuman expert in the Zhao family. Initially, the Lin family was the injured party. However, in the end, the Lin family had no choice but to give in, while Zhao Ping did not receive any proper punishment at all.

Lin Feng was not in a hurry. Currently, he had just broken the genetic lock, and was actually just an ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artist. The Zhao family also had an inhuman, so what could he do?

However, his potential was far greater than Zhao Dongsheng’s. In the future, when he underwent a second life transition and reached the Divine Realm, it was even possible for him to undergo three life transitions. He was not anxious. Rather, the ones who should be anxious were the Zhao family and Zhao Ping!

After contacting his parents, Lin Feng originally wanted to continue cultivating, but the Astral Power he had condensed had already reached its limit. He could no longer cultivate at all.

As for the last six levels of Nonuple Body Tempering, they required a long time to practice. He wouldn’t be able to attain much by practicing during the short amount of time tonight.

Since Nonuple Body Tempering required a long time to practice, Lin Feng thought of Astral martial arts.

As the name suggested, Astral martial arts were martial arts that utilized Astral Power. In fact, after breaking the genetic lock, the focus of martial artists basically concentrated on cultivating Astral Power.

Naturally, how to utilize Astral Power more effectively became a problem. Then, Astral martial arts were born.

However, generally speaking, Astral Power martial arts required a relatively large amount of Astral Power. It was useless for many First level Metamorphic Realm martial artists to learn them. After all, unleashing an Astral martial art once required unleashing dozens of strands of Astral Power at once. How could a First Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist use them?

Thus, ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artists would only consider practicing Astral martial arts after reaching the Second Level of Metamorphic Realm, and possessing hundreds of strands of Astral Power.

However, this was not the case for Lin Feng. He had broken the limit of a First Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist. Although he was only at the First Level of Metamorphic Realm, he possessed more than 500 strands of Astral Power, which was not inferior to the Astral Power possessed by an ordinary Second Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist.

This meant that only peak Second Level Metamorphic Realm martial artists whose internal Astral Power had reached the limit possessed more Astral Power than Lin Feng.

Hence, with the current scale of over 500 strands of Astral Power in Lin Feng’s body, it was entirely possible for him to practice Astral martial arts. At least, there was no harm in taking a look and trying it out first.

Hence, Lin Feng immediately entered the Martial Domain Network. He found the online shop of the academic faction and searched for Astral martial arts directly.

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