Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 136 - Punishment

Chapter 136 Punishment

The more Lin Feng thought about it, the more he felt that it was feasible. One had to know that his body was still undergoing metamorphosis. The quality of his body was still improving rapidly. When the metamorphosis ended, his physique would become stronger!

Moreover, Lin Feng also discovered that once Astral Power erupted, it would increase not only strength. To be precise, the eruption of Astral Power increased all aspects of the body, almost comprehensively!

Be it speed, strength, physique, or so on, all of them would be strengthened comprehensively.

Knock. Knock.

Just as Lin Feng was feeling excited and testing the Astral Power in his body, there was a series of knocks at the door. He got up and opened the door, only to find Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi standing outside the door, looking at Lin Feng with a smile.

“Lord Hao Shiyi, please come in.”

Lin Feng turned to the side and allowed Hao Shiyi to enter.

Hao Shiyi glanced briefly in the room, then asked with a smile, “The Astral Power around your room has been fluctuating a lot during this period. You’re condensing Astral Power, right? Not bad. You can seize every minute and every second of cultivation time. The path of martial arts is long. Only those who are sufficiently hardworking and diligent can attain the peak of martial arts!”

Hao Shiyi was very satisfied with Lin Feng’s behavior. He had always looked down on some so-called geniuses. Those geniuses enjoyed their reputation in vain, when in reality, they were all proud and arrogant. How many of them could achieve a second life transition and enter the Divine Realm in the end?

It was rare to see a genius martial artist who was talented and still hardworking like Lin Feng “Lord Hao Shiyi, why are you looking for me?”


Lin Feng did not respond to the comment. Hao Shiyi probably had not noticed the abnormality in the Astral Power in Lin Feng’s body. If he had, he would not be so calm. After all, Lin Feng had broken the limit of Astral Power. It was unprecedented to have condensed more than 200 strands of Astral Power at the First Level of Metamorphic Realm.

Astral Power was within the body of a martial artist. As long as it did not erupt and they did not emit obvious fluctuations of Astral Power, even a Sage could not tell.

Since Hao Shiyi had not discovered the abnormality in his body, Lin Feng naturally would not take the initiative to mention it. His current state was very strange. Even he did not know why he could condense so much Astral Power.

However, Lin Feng had a vague feeling that perhaps it was because he had fused the genes of dire beasts. Hence, this matter could not be mentioned to others lightly. It was enough for him to know alone. Some guard against others was necessary. Lin Feng had long understood this point.

Only one day, when he was invincible and no power could threaten him, could he face some of his secrets openly.

Hao Shiyi said with a smile, “The Conference of Sages has already ended. The punishment decision for you has also fallen into my hands. Do you want to know what your punishment is?”

“Punishment? They won’t retract my Hero of Humanity Medal, would they?”.

Lin Feng actually still cared a lot about the Hero of Humanity Medal. This did not just represent honor, but also all kinds of benefits. Even many Divine Realm experts did not have the Hero of Humanity Medal, which showed how precious this medal was.

“You’re not dumb, lad. Why would the Sages take back your medal? All right, I’ll officially announce the punishment for you now. Lin Feng, you incited inhuman experts to cause trouble without authorization and killed an ordinary person by force. Although there’s a reason behind this, punishment is still necessary.”

“Lin Feng’s leave is to be canceled immediately. He will be transferred to South Mountain Base as the Chief Commander, and no leave is allowed within one year!”

Hearing this “punishment”, Lin Feng was stunned.

Was this a punishment? It was too light, and there might as well be no punishment at all. Actually, Lin Feng was even prepared to be punished severely. No matter what the reason was, he had violated the Inhuman Agreement after all. This was an ironclad truth!

He did not expect the punishment to be so light.

However, ending his leave immediately and transferring him to the position of Chief Commander at the South Mountain Base made Lin Feng even more confused. No matter what, he had just broken the genetic lock, and had not even completed the metamorphosis of his body. Yet he was already made the Chief Commander of a base?

It had to be known that usually, Chief Commanders of bases were basically all Second Level Metamorphic Realm martial artists. For example, Long Duo was also a Second Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist. Furthermore, he had worked hard at the frontline for so many years before he could become the Chief Commander and guard an area.

What had Lin Feng done to deserve guarding an area so soon? Even if he was a Hero of Humanity, it was impossible for him to guard an area so soon. He could even imagine the “chaos” of the entire South Mountain Base after he went to it.

This was not a “promotion” for him, but throwing him into a difficult situation.

“Lord Hao Shiyi, I’d rather accept punishment, but can I not go to the South Mountain Base to be the Chief Commander? I’d rather be an ordinary martial artist. Also, never mind that my leave is canceled, why can’t I get any leave for the next year?”

“Lad, you still want to bargain? This is Lord Sage’s decision. If you want to bargain, go find Lord Sage.”

Lin Feng had no choice. He knew that it was very unlikely for the decided punishment to change. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of this leave to go home and visit his parents and family, so to put his parents completely at ease. However, now that the leave was canceled, he had to rush to the South Mountain Base immediately. He couldn’t go back at all.

Moreover, for the next year, he would have to guard the South Mountain Base. He couldn’t even go home.

“Lord Hao Shiyi, thank you and Lord Sage. What about my brother Yu Shan?”

Lin Feng was worried about Yu Shan.

“Yu Shan has already broken the genetic lock. He has yet to choose a faction. What do you think?”

“If Yu Shan chooses the academic faction, can I transfer him to the South Mountain Base?”

Lin Feng quickly had an idea. He was going to the South Mountain Base to be the Chief Commander. He could not go alone. If he brought Yu Shan along, it would undoubtedly be easier to handle some matters.

“Haha, you’re quite smart, lad. However, you have no authority to mobilize an inhuman expert. Never mind, I’ll help you out this time. As long as Yu Shan agrees to join the academic faction, I’ll transfer him to the South Mountain Base.”

Lin Feng was overjoyed. He was naturally very grateful towards Hao Shiyi.

“Then can I leave the hotel now?”

“Of course you can, but you must set off for the South Mountain Base tomorrow. I’ll escort you along the way.”

Hao Shiyi did like Lin Feng a lot, and did not mind escorting him.

“Thank you, Lord Hao Shiyi.”

Hence, Lin Feng hurriedly bade farewell to Hao Shiyi. He was pressed for time and had to communicate with Yu Shan first.

“What a lucky lad…”

As he watched Lin Feng leave, the corners of Hao Shiyi’s lips curled into a slight smile. Although the punishment seemed to be very light, almost as if there was no punishment, he knew very well that this was the result of the Invincible Fist Sage’s “protection”.

Moreover, as the Invincible Fist Sage’s trusted aide, Hao Shiyi even knew some of the content of the Conference of Sages. To a certain extent, Lin Feng had even driven the change of the entire society.

It was just that Lin Feng knew nothing about all of this.

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