Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1328 - 1328 A Million Boundary Stones!

1328 A Million Boundary Stones!

“What? The mystery of time…”

In the Celestial Devil Palace, sitting high up above, an old man in a black robe with an expression as cold as eternal ice suddenly opened his eyes. Even with his temperament, he could not maintain his composure.

“Sect Master, it’s absolutely true. It must be the rules of time!”

Emperor Wasteland spoke confidently, but at the same time, he was very cautious. He was confident because he had to appear “confident”, especially in front of this terrifying entity in front of him, the Sect Master of the Indefinite Sect, a Two-star Celestial Devil Emperor.

Only by appearing confident could he make up for his mistakes. At the very least, he would not have to start over as a servant Celestial Devil. That way, he would have a chance of recovery.

As for being careful, it was naturally out of fear for the Indefinable Sect Master. The Indefinable Sect Master was temperamental. Even Emperor Wasteland at his peak did not dare to anger the Indefinable Sect Master lightly, let alone now.

The eyes of the Indefinite Sect Master seemed to contain infinite profundity. Even Emperor Wasteland did not dare to look at them. He could only lower his head and listen to the Indefinable Sect Master’s decision.

“The mystery of time. That’s the mystery of time… Even a Chiliocosm Sovereign can’t master the mystery of time. It actually appeared on a mere One-star Supremacy. Looks like he received an extraordinary opportunity. Forget it, I’ll personally take action and capture that Controller called Lin Feng. Then, everything will be clear.”

The Indefinite Sect Master stood up. The entire Celestial Devil Palace seemed to be shaking, and even the entire Celestial Devil World was shaking. The Indefinite City was a Celestial Devil World, and its defense was ridiculously powerful.

Even so, the Indefinite Sect Master was still cautious. He specially left an avatar to guard the Indefinite City, just in case.

Although it was only an avatar, this avatar had a total of 20 million layers of Celestial Devil’s true form!

This was only because the Indefinite Sect Master did not dare to allocate too much power to his avatar. Otherwise, his true body would not be able to deal with the Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge.

However, a Celestial Devil’s true form of 20 million layers was enough to sweep through everything!

“Emperor Wasteland, if that Controller has really mastered the mystery of time, I will allow you to restore your true form and return to your peak state!”

“Thank you for your gift, Sect Master!”

Emperor Wasteland was overjoyed. Hadn’t he specially come to visit the Indefinite Sect Leader, and even offered such a huge secret for the sake of returning to his peak state?

Perhaps to others, it might be very difficult, or even almost impossible, to help Emperor Wasteland return to his peak and condense another 200,000 layers of Celestial Devil’s true form.

However, to the great and powerful Indefinite Sect Master, who had more than 100 million layers of Celestial Devil’s true form, it was not worth mentioning at all. He could easily allow Emperor Wasteland to return to his peak.

“All right, is that Lin Feng in the Iridescent Domain?”

“That’s right, he should be in the Iridescent Domain. After all, the Iridescent Domain has just been breached!”

The Indefinite Sect Master did not say anything else. Instead, he pondered for a moment and muttered in a low voice, “It’s a little difficult for me. Moreover, the old fogey from the Opulent Lodge has been keeping an eye on this avatar of mine. If I make any movement, he will definitely sense it immediately and stop me.”

The Indefinite Sect Master knew very well that while he had an avatar, the Opulent Lodge naturally had a way to deal with it. If there’s no movement from him while he presided over the Indefinite City, that was one thing.

However, if he made a move, the Opulent Lodge would not sit back and do nothing either.

“Yes, I have it. Although it takes some time and there’s a price, that old fogey from the Opulent Lodge can finally stop pestering me. The mystery of time… The mystery of time that even Chiliocosm Sovereigns can’t master. I must obtain it!”

The figure of the Indefinite Sect Master flashed slightly, and he instantly disappeared from the Celestial Devil Palace.

“Boundary Stones, so many Boundary Stones!”

Lin Feng really did not expect that such a large number of Boundary Stones would be delivered to him in just a year. There were simply too many, piling up like a mountain. He roughly estimated that there were more than 200,000 Boundary Stones.

Among them were some high-quality Boundary Stones, and this was only the first year. He knew that as time passed, more and more Boundary Stones would definitely be found.

This was really a huge gain. After all, they would meet no resistance after the Iridescent Domain. It was completely the hinterland of the Indefinite Sect. There were more than ten chiliocosm domains. In fact, if one was a little bolder and went further in, there would be dozens of chiliocosm domains.

So many chiliocosm domains would naturally provide a great number of Boundary Stones.

Lin Feng was not in a hurry to devour them. The Boundary Stones he had devoured previously had now been nurtured by a large amount of world origin, and had already completely grown into worlds.

A total of 300,000 worlds were grown from 250,000 Boundary Stones!

Now, the number of worlds in Lin Feng’s internal chiliocosm domain had successfully reached 370,000!

However, this was not enough, still not enough! Lin Feng vaguely felt a sense of urgency. This was just too abnormal. The Iridescent Domain had been breached, and there was no longer any defense line afterward. The Controllers were free to do whatever they wanted, and would be met with no resistance.

Not just One-star Supremacies of the Blue Domain Warzone, many Controllers under the command of the various One-star Supremacies also entered these chiliocosm domains, killing Celestial Devils in a frenzy and snatching all kinds of resources.

After so long, there was actually no movement from the Indefinite Sect. This was too bizarre. Even if the Indefinite Sect really could not spare any manpower, it was impossible for them to not take any action at all.

It was really a little abnormal. Hence, Lin Feng had a vague sense of worry. This was the calm before the storm. The calmer the Indefinite Sect appeared now, the more intense the reaction would definitely be, and the greater the intensity of retaliation.

Hence, Lin Feng had to seize the time to quickly increase his strength. He had to take this opportunity to “plunder” hard. Otherwise, he might not get such a good opportunity in the future.

Lin Feng knew very well that as long as the Sect Master of the Indefinite Sect was alive, the Indefinite Sect would not lose. Even if they lost, they would not be defeated fully. This was very likely the only opportunity they could plunder things at will.

As time passed, the various Controllers plundered a large amount of Boundary Stones for Lin Feng in the many chiliocosm domains. Now, even ordinary Controllers seemed to know that Lin Feng needed a large amount of Boundary Stones.

Hence, some Controller Supremacies also took the initiative to express their goodwill to Lin Feng. They plundered a large amount of Boundary Stones, which were all collected in front of Lin Feng.

In just ten years, the number of Boundary Stones in front of Lin Feng had actually reached a million!

These were a million Boundary Stones!

However, after Lin Feng obtained a million Boundary Stones, the speed at which the Boundary Stones were collected slowed down rapidly. The Controllers must have already plundered dozens of chiliocosm domains. Even if there were still some left, there would not be too many.

Looking at the million Boundary Stones in front of him, Lin Feng’s gaze was incomparably excited. He had devoured a large number of Celestial Devils, and had even devoured the Celestial Devil World for himself. Now, he had abundant world origin.

Even so, Lin Feng did not know if he could support the worlds nurtured from a million Boundary Stones.

However, no matter what, Lin Feng had already obtained what he wanted. Hence, without any hesitation, Lin Feng swept all these Boundary Stones into his internal chiliocosm domain.


The Chaotic Lotus seemed to transform into a huge mouth that swallowed all the Boundary Stones in one gulp.

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