Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 128 - Dragon Rider

Chapter 128 Dragon Rider

Suddenly, the sky turned dark!

A giant finger that could hold up the heavens pressed down from the void, breaking through layers of space. It was as if even the sky was obscured, and the howling wind swept through the entire villa area.

Lin Feng was not the only one who felt despair and suffocation. Even everyone in the villa, be it ordinary people or inhuman experts, had despair in their eyes.

This finger was unstoppable. Even if all of them joined forces, they would still be unable to withstand it. The difference was just too


Long Duo and all the inhuman experts in the Dragon Mountain Base were terrified. They could not just watch Lin Feng die to this finger. They shouted frantically, trying to break through the restraints and mobilize the Astral Power in their bodies.

But no matter how hard they tried, it was all in vain.

Long Duo’s eyes were even red. He looked at the sky. He had clearly informed that great being. Why wasn’t he here yet?


Just as the giant finger pressed down, everyone heard a clear sound, like the roar of a dragon. This sound approached from afar before echoing in their ears like thunder.


A huge dragon had appeared out of nowhere in the void.

This giant dragon was hundreds of meters tall. It looked like a spaceship with a pair of wings on its back that blotted out the sky. With a light flap, a storm raged.

Dragons. These was a dragon from Western mythology.

Actually, dragons truly existed. They were just an extremely powerful type of demons. The powerful ones among dragons were even comparable to Divine Realm experts.

Hence, there had been legends of evil dragons in the West since ancient times. Those evil dragons loved to devour humans and committed all sorts of evil. They might even destroy the world. The power of evil dragons was evident from those myths and legends.

How could it not be shocking that a huge dragon had suddenly appeared at this moment?

Especially when there was a humanoid figure on that enormous dragon.

Seeing this dragon and the figure on its back, Long Duo was overjoyed and filled with excitement.

He had finally arrived. It was the Divine Realm expert of Myriad Academy, Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi!

Although Long Duo was only a mere Chief Commander of Dragon Mountain Base, he had once been fortunate enough to serve under Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi, and was highly recognized for his talent.

After learning that Lin Feng was in trouble and had posted a “challenge letters on the Martial Domain Forum, he reported this matter to Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi, hoping that Hao Shiyi could step in. After all, Stone City was the territory of the government faction, and there was their Legate. How could the Legate not appear after Lin Feng had stirred up such a huge disturbance?

However, Long Duo did not have any confidence in whether a Divine Realm expert would come at his call.

When the Legate arrived and wanted to execute Lin Feng for a word of dissent, Long Duo was almost overwhelmed by fear, and extremely furious. How dared he?

Lin Feng was a genius of the Myriad Academy, and a martial artist of the academic faction. Moreover, he was a hero who had obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal, and had received the praise of the Invincible Fist Sage. How could the guardian of the government faction execute Lin Feng directly?

However, Long Duo was powerless. He could do nothing. He could only watch helplessly as the Legate declared Lin Feng’s death and “crushed” Lin Feng with a finger.

Fortunately, Dragon Rider Haoyi had arrived!


As the dragon roared, it suddenly spat out a fireball. The fireball whistled as it collided hard with the giant finger in the air.


The fireball slammed into the giant finger and exploded with a bang. Shockwaves spread in all directions, as if the invisible restriction in the surroundings had disappeared. Everyone could move freely now.

“Lin Feng, are you all right?”

Long Duo and the inhuman experts from the Dragon Mountain Base rushed to Lin Feng’s side immediately.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I’m fine.”

Then, he looked at the giant dragon in the sky, his eyes filled with confusion.

Long Duo explained simply, “Lin Feng, this is the legend of the Myriad Academy, Lord Hao Shiyi the Dragon Rider! I was the one who informed Lord Hao Shiyi before I came. Fortunately, Lord Hao Shiyi arrived in time. That was really close just now.”

So, it was Long Duo who had informed Hao Shiyi. Lin Feng was very grateful. But when he looked at the Legate in the air, who was dressed in pure white like a holy deity, he frowned and said, “He really wanted to kill me just now! How dare he?” Long Duo smiled bitterly and said, “Lin Feng, I might know what’s going on now. The second life transition is to reach the Divine Realm. In ancient times, they would be high and mighty deities. You’ve also heard some myths and legends in the West. Deities who are dissatisfied with the sins of the world can send a flood to destroy the world. How can the mentality of those deities be understood by ordinary people?”

“Some martial artists who have reached the Divine Realm still have some mentality of transcendence, and feel that they are high and mighty deities. I believe this Legate is such a person. You resisted just now and defended yourself. In his eyes, that is an unforgivable capital offense.”

Lin Feng Shen took a deep breath and said, “There are people like this?”

He had really broadened his horizons. Moreover, the lesson was profound, and he had almost paid with his life. He had almost died just now. Just because of a word of defense?

“That’s most likely the reason. You just broke the genetic lock not long ago, so you don’t know the overbearingness of some Divine Realm experts. They treat themselves as true deities above all living beings. Hmph, yet they don’t dare to go to the battlefield. There are many such martial artists in the government faction. This is also why a lot of martial artists are unhappy with the government faction.”

Long Duo had broken the genetic lock for decades after all, so he knew very well what was going on here. “Then, Lord Dragon Rider?”

“Don’t worry. Lord Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi is personally guarding a base and often fights with some powerful demons. How can he have that superior mentality? Only a Divine Realm expert like Lord Hao Shiyi is a true martial artist, and not someone who considers themselves a deity!” Indeed, one could tell from the air of Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi and the Legate.

The Dragon Rider stood on the dragon, his entire body emitting a vastly domineering and heroic air. Although he was also very powerful, he did not have that transcendent and holy feeling. He seemed to be made of flesh and blood, and was just a powerful martial artist.

On the other hand, the Legate was different. He had a lofty posture, and his aura was holy and regal. He considered himself a deity.

The two were completely different! “Let’s go. We’ll retreat behind Lord Hao Shiyi. With Lord Hao Shiyi here, we’ll definitely be safe!”

Hence, Long Duo led Lin Feng, Yu Shan, and the others to retreat directly to the space behind Hao Shiyi. The other martial artists who came to support also retreated, leaving out a large area for the two Divine Realm experts.

“Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi!”

Looking at the soaring dragon, the high and mighty Legate frowned in anger for the first time.

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