Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 123 - The Strongest Strike

Chapter 123 The Strongest Strike

Broken? The Astral Palm was broken?

Captain Xie had just spoken confidently, thinking that he had Lin Feng in his grasp. He had even passionately lectured about how Lin Feng had taken the wrong path to teach Lin Feng a lesson. However, in the blink of an eye, his Astral Palm had been broken.

Moreover, it was broken by pure physical strength, not Astral Power!

“No, there’s something in his hand. Could it be a weapon?”

Captain Xie was very confused. He didn’t think that any weapon could break his Astral Palm. It was completely condensed from Astral Power. Apart from strength more powerful than his Astral Palm, what else could it be broken by?

But if it wasn’t a weapon, what was it? Innate ability?

Some martial artists might awaken multiple innate abilities after breaking the genetic lock. Although such martial artists were very rare, it was not entirely unheard of.

Captain Xie could not figure it out. He suspected that it was an innate ability, but he could not be certain. However, this scene made Yu Shan heave a sigh of relief.

Earlier, the huge palm grabbed towards Lin Feng overwhelmingly. Even though he was very far away, he could clearly feel that he was about to suffocate. That was an unimaginable power.

However, Lin Feng had somehow broken that gigantic Astral Palm. This was really somewhat incredible.


Lin Feng soared into the sky and walked on air. He laughed loudly in the air. “Your methods are only so-so!” “Hmph.”

Captain Xie’s face was dark. That was just a test. He had only lost a mere 1,000 strands of Astral Power. He still had 8,999 strands of Astral Power, which was enough to deal with Lin Feng. Moreover, through the clash just now, he roughly understood the limit of Lin Feng’s strength. Even if Lin Feng had any special methods, Lin Feng was far from being his match.

Hence, Captain Xie moved. His strongest aspect was still close combat. When he unleashed his Astral Power in close combat especially, it was simply unstoppable. “Good!”

Seeing Captain Xie charge over, Lin Feng did not hesitate at all and charged forward as well. Close combat was indeed his forte, and his strongest method.

After all, be it his innate ability, the martial arts he practiced, or his fighting style, they were all considered close combat. Only close combat was what he was best at!

“Dragon Claw!”

Captain Xie reached out and grabbed. Astral Power erupted in his body, and his arm rapidly expanded. Astral Power circulated on it, and even the striations in his palm were visible.

This was the eruption of Astral Power in the body. It could strengthen the physique of the body, and its strength instantly reached a terrifying level.

“Three Spiral Forces!”

Lin Feng did not stand on ceremony. He threw a punch directly, meeting the force head-on without any fancy moves. However, Captain Xie’s arm swelled like a thick iron rod, while Lin Feng’s fist was covered in densely packed sharp horns.

The two of them each used their own methods to fully utilize their close combat strength.


The two of them exchanged punches and clashed head-on. This time, Captain Xie did not hold back. He practically unleashed his greatest strength. Lin Feng had also pretty much unleashed his full strength, other than the 66 strands of Astral Power in his body.

As for the 66 strands of Astral Power, Lin Feng would use it as his trump card for a big finishing move. However, when Lin Feng felt the force coming from Captain Xie’s fist, his expression changed drastically.

Powerful. It was simply too powerful, so powerful that it was unbelievable.

Lin Feng’s strength was strong enough, exceeding 1,400 tons. As for Captain Xie? With the Astral Power erupting from his body, the power unleashed by his expanding arm instantly far exceeded Lin Feng’s, even exceeding 2,000 tons!

The earth-shattering force overwhelmed Lin Feng completely! Lin Feng could no longer control his body. He was directly crushed by Captain Xie’s overwhelming force and smashed hard onto the ground.


Smoke and dust filled the air, and a huge pit more than ten meters wide was smashed into the ground. It was enough to show how powerful Captain Xie’s punch was.

Meanwhile, Captain Xie did not have it easy either. Lin Feng’s sharp horn was indestructible. No matter how much Astral Power he had, it did not seem to be able to withstand the Sharp Horn. The moment their fists collided, a huge wound appeared on his fist. Even his Astral Power was torn apart, and he was immediately injured.

“He’s not dead, is he?”.

However, Captain Xie ignored the wound on his hand. He had used Astral Power to cover the wound in time, so it was not a big deal. After all, he had undergone a life transition once, and his physique far surpassed that of ordinary martial artists. However, he was very concerned about Lin Feng’s safety.

He knew very well the weight of Lin Feng’s identity. Even the Legate had only asked him to capture Lin Feng and not harm Lin Feng. If he accidentally killed Lin Feng, it would be troublesome.

It was precisely because he had reservations that he could not use his full strength. He even held back a little at the last punch. However, Lin Feng had given him some pressure previously. If he did not unleash more power, he would not be able to defeat Lin Feng at all.

“Lin Feng!”

Yu Shan’s figure flashed as he hurriedly rushed to the side of the huge pit and looked into it. “Cough…”

Suddenly, coughs came from the huge pit. Yu Shan was overjoyed. Lin Feng had already slowly flown out of the huge pit.

However, Lin Feng was in a rather sorry state at this moment. His right arm was already fractured, and a layer of the flesh on his arm had been blasted off, revealing his bones.

Moreover, there were injuries on his legs and face. In short, although such injuries did not kill him, ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artists would have long lost their combat strength.

“Lin Feng, how are you?”

Yu Shan looked at Lin Feng worriedly. He really did not want to see Lin Feng like this, let alone see Lin Feng risk his life for him.

Lin Feng smiled. He suddenly lifted his head and looked at Captain Xie. He sneered, “Is that all you have?”


Captain Xie saw that Lin Feng was severely injured. Why was he still challenging him with such audacity?

However, he understood immediately. Lin Feng’s arm was recovering at a visible speed. In the blink of an eye, his arm was already as intact as before. Not even a trace of a scar could be found.

The same was true for the other injuries on his body. Captain Xie’s punch was powerful and contained more than 2,000 tons of strength. Lin Feng was indeed no match for it. However, he had the undying characteristic. As long as he was not dead, he could quickly recover no matter how severe his injuries.

This was also Lin Feng’s greatest advantage!

“What astonishing restorative ability. If I’m not wrong, you must have awakened three innate abilities.”

Captain Xie looked at Lin Feng with a trace of envy in his eyes. Awakening three innate abilities—the first two aside, just this restorative ability alone would make countless martial artists envious.

He was deserving of the title of genius!

“There are many more surprises for you. Again!”

Lin Feng did not seem to be afraid of Captain Xie at all. He could also tell that Captain Xie did not dare to kill him. Although Captain Xie’s strength was strong just now, he had not unleashed all his Astral Power. Then, what was there to be afraid of?

Hence, Lin Feng completely transformed into a fired cannonball, smashing towards Captain Xie again and again in a frenzy. However, he was smashed into the ground by Captain Xie every time. In the blink of an eye, he was full of vigor again.

“It’s useless, Lin Feng. You’re not my match.”

Captain Xie shook his head. Lin Feng was indeed very strong-willed. He was smashed into the ground time and time again. Sometimes, Captain Xie would be ruthless and go hard on Lin Feng. For instance, he’d break his arms or legs. However, Lin Feng’s regenerative ability was simply too astonishing. He could always recover from his injuries in the shortest time possible, giving Captain Xie a headache. However, he did not understand Lin Feng’s “foolish” method. Apart from putting himself in a sorry state every time, what else could it do?


Captain Xie reached out and clapped again. Astral Power erupted, and Lin Feng was slammed into the ground. His entire body almost fell apart.

However, when he stood up again, he only shook his head before charging towards Captain Xie resolutely.

“Captain Xie, it’s been 13 times, hasn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

This time, Lin Feng suddenly spoke. Captain Xie was stunned for a moment, but at the same time, he found it baffling.

“I mean, Captain Xie, you’ve already unleashed your Astral Power 13 times. How much Astral Power do you have left?”


Captain Xie’s expression changed drastically, but it was already too late.

A smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face. He even wanted to roar with laughter.

Thirteen times. He was swatted by Captain Xie like a fly for a total of 13 times. The injuries he suffered every time would be enough for almost any ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artist to lose their combat ability.

He had relied on the undying characteristic to recover. Although his injuries could be healed, he would still feel pain. The pain was simply devastating, but Lin Feng had persevered. His goal was to wait for this one opportunity.

Now, the opportunity had come. There was not much Astral Power left in Captain Xie’s body. Perhaps even Captain Xie did not realize that Lin Feng had been depleting his Astral Power.

Although Captain Xie could replenish some Astral Power in battle, Lin Feng was not weak. Both parties were engaged in high-intensity battles almost every time. Under such high-intensity battles, how much Astral Power could Captain Xie recover?

“Even if I do not have much Astral Power left, how can you break through my Astral Defense with your strength?”

A slight smile remained on Captain Xie’s face. He already knew Lin Feng’s strength very well.

However, the smile on Captain Xie’s face froze the very next moment. What did he feel? Astral Power. There was a ripple of Astral Power on Lin Feng’s body. “How is this possible? You…”

Captain Xie was stunned. Lin Feng had only broken the genetic lock for a few days. How could he have condensed astral power? Moreover, the fluctuations of Astral Power erupting from Lin Feng’s body were not small. There were at least dozens of strands of Astral Power.

Normally, a few dozen strands of Astral Power would not pose a threat to him at all. But now, there was little Astral Power left in his body, and he was at his weakest!

Lin Feng naturally did not let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He had endured 13 times. Now, it was finally his turn!

Immediately, Spiral Forces erupted!

Sharp Horn erupted!

Sixty-six strands of Astral Power erupted!

Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot. The cuticle armor on his body was already in tatters, but the essence in his body had already begun to boil, vaguely forming a trace of blood-red light on the surface of the cuticle armor.

With the eruption of all his strength and the blast of his fist, all his powers were unleashed. This was his strongest strike at present!


Lin Feng’s entire body transformed into a ball of scarlet light. Like a falling meteor, he left a long trail of scarlet light as he tore through the air, slamming into Captain Xie.

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