Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 117 - Yu Shan’s Metamorphosis

Chapter 117 Yu Shan’s Metamorphosis

Although Yu Shui was unconscious, his life force was very strong. His cells were constantly dividing and dying. This required a long process.

“Lin Feng, can Yu Shan still be saved?”

Chang Xi had a worried look on her face. She was really afraid that Yu Shan would not wake up after sleeping like this.

Lin Feng revealed a rare smile and said, “Don’t worry, Yu Shan’s condition is very good. It may even be possible for his legs to recover.”


Chang Xi’s face was filled with confusion. Even Yu Shui found it baffling. Yu Shan had already become like this. Could Lin Feng be joking?

“If I’m not wrong, Lin Feng should have already broken the genetic lock. Right now, his body is undergoing metamorphosis! Originally, Yu Shan’s comprehensive ability was very strong. He should have broken the genetic lock long ago. Unexpectedly, by a freak combination of factors, he broke the genetic lock instead from experiencing these hardships after returning to Stone City.”

Lin Feng was genuinely happy. He and Yu Shan had gone through life-or-death situations together. If Shui Yuansheng and Gao Tianci were alive, they might have broken the genetic lock as well.

Although Lin Feng had saved Yu Shan’s life back then, Yu Shan had lost his legs. He was very dispirited from the ups and downs. Later, he met Chang Xi and reignited the hope of life again, yet he was betrayed by his family. If it were anyone else, they would probably be defeated by this string of setbacks and give up entirely. Yu Shan persevered, and broke the genetic lock in these painful and desperate straits.

Originally, the genetic lock required some luck or a strong will to break. Perhaps meeting Chang Xi had given Yu Shan the strong will that allowed him to break the genetic lock.


“Breaking the genetic lock? Really? Then why isn’t Yu Shan awake yet?”

Chang Xi was overjoyed. She never expected Yu Shan would break the genetic lock, and was very excited.

At the side, Yu Shui, who had lost both his legs, also stopped moaning in pain. He naturally heard Lin Feng’s words and became a little stunned.

Yu Shan had actually broken the genetic lock?

This was something that Yu Shui would never have dreamed of. No matter how outstanding Yu Shan was in the past, he showed no signs of breaking the genetic lock. Becoming an inhuman expert would allow the entire Yu family to completely prosper.

But through his foolish and greedy actions, he had ruined it all.

Yu Shui’s lips parted. He wanted to say something, but hesitated. In the end, he lowered his head, his face ashen.

Lin Feng knew Yu Shan’s current condition very well. Normally, one would not fall unconscious after breaking the genetic lock. However, it might be because Yu Shan was injured previously, which was coupled with his grief and indignation. Moreover, breaking the genetic lock and metamorphosing his body also required a large amount of “energy”.

Back then, Lin Feng had used a large amount of nutrient solutions, which was why he could undergo metamorphosis so quickly.

Fortunately, Lin Feng also carried some nutrient solutions. It was not much, but it was enough to wake Yu Shan up.

Lin Feng took out a few bottles of nutrient solutions and poured them into Yu Shan’s mouth. As the nutrient solutions entered his body, Yu Shan’s metamorphosis speed increased. One could clearly see that his wounds were rapidly scarring and falling off. His originally somewhat tanned skin had also changed. Even his figure had become slightly stronger. This was just the initial metamorphosis. In the future, after completing the metamorphosis, Yu Shan’s entire being would undergo a huge change. Moreover, the most critical thing was Yu Shan’s legs. Lin Feng had done above knee amputations, amputating him at both thighs. With the current technology, perhaps artificial limbs could be installed, but what was the use?

Only by breaking the genetic lock could Yu Shan’s legs regrow. This was the benefit of genetic restructuring, and something that modern technology could not do.

As the nutrient solution Lin Feng poured into Yu Shan gradually took effect, new flesh began to grow on Yu Shan’s legs. The cells continued to divide, die, and divide.

Bones and flesh also gradually grew out of Yu Shan’s legs. This scene was very miraculous. How lucky was it to be able to see an inhuman expert undergo metamorphosis and genetic restructuring?

Beside him, Chang Xi stared intently at Yu Shan. With her taking care of Yu Shan at the side, Lin Feng was also very at ease. From the looks of it, it might take some time for Yu Shan’s legs to regrow. Moreover, Yu Shan was unconscious, so Lin Feng could only wait silently.

While waiting, Lin Feng discovered that the three vice-captains of the enforcement team were also guarding the gates tightly. It seemed like they did not leave a single step. This made Lin Feng frown.

Actually, he had never thought of fighting with the law enforcement team in Stone City, especially since these three people were very strong. Even one-against-one, Lin Feng might not be their match.

Lin Feng was very unfamiliar with these Metamorphic Realm martial artists from the law enforcement team. He had never come into contact with them in Central Sea before. They seemed to be affiliated with the government faction.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Feng took out his communicator and entered the Martial Domain Network directly through it. He found the forum.

He wanted to gather some information regarding the government faction and the law enforcement team’s Metamorphic Realm martial artists.

The Martial Domain Network was open to all five major factions, and so was the forum of the Martial Domain Network. There were all kinds of forces interwoven inside.

Of course, the Martial Domain Forum was also divided into many sections, such as the academic faction section, the government faction section, and so on. However, they were all open, and visible to everyone who had the authority to enter the Martial Domain Forum.

Lin Feng searched for the keywords “government faction” and “law enforcement team” directly and found numerous posts. Among them were some posts that specially introduced the government faction and the law enforcement team.

Lin Feng checked carefully. The government faction’s establishment of the enforcement team was actually to maintain the administrative rights of the government faction. Other factions also had similar organizations.

The members of the law enforcement team must be Metamorphic Realm martial artists. Every important city would have a Legate, and it had to be a Divine Realm expert who had undergone two life transitions.

However, when Lin Feng was browsing through the posts, he accidentally discovered some “flame wars” between the other four major factions and the enforcement team of the government faction. Moreover, it was not just one post, but many.

He was also very interested, so he clicked on them one by one to view them in detail.

However, this viewing made Lin Feng’s expression gradually turn cold.

The Metamorphic Realm martial artists of the five major factions disliked each other and were also competing with each other. This was very normal. Overall, however, they were still very united. There was only one reason for their unity, and that was the dire beasts! There were powerful dire beasts prowling in wait around humanity. Humans were not the masters of this world. All the Metamorphic Realm martial artists were fighting with dire beasts at the frontline, working hard to open up a survival space for humans. However, only martial artists from the government faction were exceptions. This was because the government faction had administrative rights. All Metamorphic Realm martial artists who joined the government faction could apply to be stationed in various major cities.

For example, joining the law enforcement team was relatively common. They helped government factions manage the entire human society. However, why would human society need so many inhuman experts to manage it? Although the government faction also had frontline bases, there were very few inhuman experts there.

Almost most Metamorphic Realm martial artists of the government faction had never gone to the battlefield. They merely hid at the back, exercising ridiculous “administrative rights”. In reality, they were avoiding war and dire beasts.

Therefore, the Metamorphic Realm martial artists of the government faction were all called cowards by the martial artists of the other four major factions. They simply looked down on the martial artists of the government faction, and even often initiated flame wars. The martial artists of the four major factions risked their lives at the frontline, while the martial artists of the government faction enjoyed a pleasant and comfortable life in the human cities at the homefront.

Most importantly, the privileges of some inhuman experts could also be enjoyed by inhuman experts from government faction, who had never fought at the frontline!

Countless martial artists risked their lives at the frontline, while their families and friends were even under the jurisdiction and oppression of those cowardly martial artists from government faction. For example, Yu Shan was injured at the frontline and returned to Stone City from there.

When he needed help, where were the martial artists from the government faction? They did not care at all, but still enjoyed all sorts of privileges. Some even assisted the wicked!

Lin Feng exited the Martial Domain Network. He stared coldly at the three law enforcement officers outside the door with a look of icy apathy!

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