Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 108 - You Know Nothing

Chapter 108 You Know Nothing

“Who are you? What are you trying to do?”

Seeing the stranger outside the door, Chang Xi stood up immediately and shielded Yu Shan behind her.

“Xiaoxi, get behind me. They’re all martial artists.”

Yu Shan tugged at Chang Xi, but his expression was very complicated.

“Big brother.”

A familiar figure appeared outside the door. Chang Xi’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yu Shui, why is it you? Don’t mess around. I’ll call the police.”

Chang Xi wanted to rush out and reason with Yu Shui, but Yu Shan held her back tightly.

Yu Shui’s expression was very conflicted. He shook his head and said, “Sister-in-law, I advise you not to do this. Stay here quietly. I want to talk to big brother for a while.” Chang Xi was still about to say something, but Yu Shan shook his head. She could only hold it in.

Yu Shui walked in, followed by five martial artists.


Chang Xi could not read the five martial artists, but Yu Shan could. The five of them were all Grade Nine professional martial artists, and they emitted traces of fiendish aura.

This was a temperament that could only be developed in mortal battles. Yu Shan knew it very well. Yu Shui’s intention for bringing these five people here today probably wasn’t that simple.

“Yu Shui, why did you come here again?”

Yu Shan stared intently at Yu Shui. He saw pity, pain, and unwillingness in Yu Shui’s gaze. In short, it was very complicated, and even his eyes were bloodshot.

“Big brother, I’m calling you big brother for once from the bottom of my heart! When we were young, our family was very poor, and I was often bullied. You were the one who helped to drive away my bullies. You were also the one who carried the heavy burden of the family early on, practiced martial arts with all your might, and got to where you are today step by step.

“You’re really too outstanding, so outstanding that I can’t even lift my head before you. Every time you returned, I felt ashamed of my inferiority and didn’t even want to talk to you much. Our parents only have praise for you, while they have nothing but beatings and scoldings for me.

“So, I envy you, and I’m even jealous of you. I also want to become someone like you. I also want to hold my head high in front of you, but I can’t. I’m just an ordinary person who lacks ambition…”

Hearing Yu Shui’s emotional narration of his mental journey, Yu Shan was unmoved. He sneered and said, “So you plotted to seize the wealth I risked my life for, so that you think you can hold your head high in front of me?”

“No, that’s not it…”

Yu Shui was about to say something, but hesitated. In the end, he did not say anything. It was a fact that he had plotted to seize Yu Shan’s wealth. What else was there to say?

“Big brother, you really can’t forgive me?”

“If you want my forgiveness now, why hadn’t you thought of getting my forgiveness when you did these things?”.

Yu Shui really despaired. As expected, his big brother was unwilling to forgive him.

He suddenly stood up and roared hysterically, “Why? Why won’t you forgive me? Why must you give no quarters? Big brother, my dear big brother, you forced me to do all of this. I didn’t want to do this either. You forced me…”

Seeing that Yu Shui’s somewhat agitated expression, Yu Shan had a vague premonition. He immediately became alert.

At the same time, Yu Shui nodded at the five martial artists behind him. Immediately, the five of them attacked.

“What are you doing?”

Yu Shan pushed with both hands, wanting to send a palm strike out. However, he had no legs and could barely support himself. His movements were impeded, and he could only forcefully clash with one of the martial artists.


Yu Shan barely managed to withstand a palm strike from his opponent, but there were five people on the other side. The other four immediately closed in and attacked together. With a few palm strikes, Yu Shan was heavily injured.

“Huh? You people…”

Chang Xi rushed over, but was grabbed by Yu Shui directly. He struck the back of her neck and she fainted. Yu Shan’s eyes were filled with incomparable rage as he roared, “Yu Shui, let Xiaoxi go. If you want anything, come at me!”

Yu Shui’s face was a little pale, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “Big brother, this is all because you forced me. I didn’t want to do this either. Couldn’t you just stay in the sanatorium? Why did you have to try to take back the money? Why did you have to contact your friends?”

“Second brother, listen to me. Let Xiaoxi go. I’ll forgive you. I’ll forgive you for everything. Let Xiaoxi go.”

Yu Shan couldn’t care about much now. Nothing must happen to Chang Xi, or he would never be able to forgive himself.

“Big brother, you won’t forgive me. This is the only thing I can do now…”

Yu Shui made up his mind and nodded at the martial artists behind him. Immediately, a few martial artists walked towards Yu Shan viciously.


The room was also lit up by a few martial artists. Soon, a raging inferno ignited, burning all traces of guilt to ashes.


The door of the clubhouse was pushed open, and a haggard Yu Shui walked in.

Zhang Hui’s eyes narrowed slightly. He smiled and asked, “Is it done?”

Yu Shui nodded. “It’s done.”

Zhang Hui looked intently at Yu Shui and nodded incessantly. “That’s good. Where are the people who did it?”

“I gave them a sum of money. They’ve already left Stone City and gone overseas. They won’t be back for some time.”

“Very good. Looks like you did a good job. Pull yourself together. This isn’t over yet. Now isn’t the time for you to feel guilty. Think about the good days ahead. As long as you get through this, it’ll be fine.”

Zhang Hui patted Yu Shui’s shoulder.

“What else do I need to do?”

“You have to manage your big brother’s funeral, of course, and it has to be a grand affair. The sooner, the better. It’d best if it starts tomorrow. According to the news I received, Dragonlith City has already lifted its martial law. Moreover, Lin Feng’s name is on the spaceship of the airline company. He’ll probably arrive at Stone City tomorrow. I spent a lot of effort to investigate Lin Feng’s whereabouts.”

Pausing, Young Master Zhang saw that Yu Shui was a little afraid, so he continued, “Don’t worry. When the time comes, even if Lin Feng arrives, your eldest brother is already dead and his corpse is burned to ashes. What can he do?”

“It’s that simple? What if Lin Feng doesn’t believe me and insists on investigating?”

“Then let him investigate. Everyone knows about the discord between you and your brother, but everything has to be backed by evidence. He has no proof. Do you understand?”

“Didn’t you say that inhuman experts can kill people directly? So what if there’s no evidence? If Lin Feng goes ballistic, I’ll be in danger.”

Yu Shui was not too stupid, so he looked a little worried.

“Haha, what’s the matter? I’ll call Chief Liu tomorrow. You’re also a rich tycoon in Stone City, and your brother is a high-level martial artist. Now that he’s dead, how can Chief Liu not come to the funeral? As long as Chief Liu comes, he’ll represent the police station. How can Lin Feng possibly dare to kill you in public, especially in front of the police?”

“That’s true.”

Hearing Young Master Zhang’s words, Yu Shui felt relieved. He even wanted to invite more celebrities and people from the upper class tomorrow. Among the upper class, not only did he need to invite the police chief, he also wanted to invite some high-ranking officials in the government, some minor military officers in the armed forces, and some wealthy businessmen. He would invite everyone he could.

Then, even if Lin Feng came, no matter how furious he was, before so many upper-class people in public, even inhuman experts probably would not dare to kill casually.

“All right, go back and sleep first. Rest well and conserve your energy. You still need to deal with Lin Feng tomorrow.”

Yu Shui nodded, stood up, and left the clubhouse.

Seeing Yu Shui leave, a cold smile appeared on Zhang Hui’s lips. “Don’t blame me. You’re the one who’s so foolish that you know nothing about inhuman experts. For a genius who attained the Hero of Humanity Medal and broke the genetic lock at the age of 20, so what if he really kills you? But that’s just as well. You’ll be dead, and Lin Feng will be punished. Then this matter can be considered over, and I’ll be safe…”

Zhang Hui opened a bottle of red wine and took a light sniff. Not bad, it was really intoxicating. If Yu Shui died, only Zhang Hui would know about his secret accounts.

Perhaps after a year or so, when the limelight was over, he could still take the money in Yu Shui’s secret account for himself. This feeling of being in control of everything was simply wonderful…

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