Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 105 - Young Master Zhang

Chapter 105 Young Master Zhang

Yu Shui’s expression changed drastically. He vaguely heard a name just now. An idea flashed through his mind like a bolt of lightning, impossible to restrain.

Yu Shan looked up, his eyes cold.

“Yu Shui, didn’t you say that no one can help me? I don’t believe it! No one can take what rightfully belongs to me!”

With that, Yu Shan got Chang Xi to push him out of the sanatorium, leaving Yu Shui with an ugly expression.

Yu Shui thought of all kinds of possibilities. Who was the person who contacted Yu Shan just now? “Could it be Yu Shan’s former comrade? Or could it be someone else who’s willing to help Yu Shan, a high-level martial artist maybe?”

Yu Shui could no longer sit still. He seemed to have vaguely heard the name “Lin Feng”. It felt very familiar. He had heard it somewhere before, but he could not remember it at this moment.

No matter who it was, Yu Shui had to investigate thoroughly. Judging from Yu Shan’s look just now, it seemed like there was a turn of events. Yu Shui absolutely would not allow Yu Shan to have a chance to turn the situation around. “Second brother, you have to think carefully. He’s your big brother…”

Yu Shui ignored his parents completely and hurriedly left with his underlings.

Mr. and Mrs. Yu looked at each other, and both heaved a long sigh. “What a shame. It’s all our fault that our two sons turned against each other. I hope they can reconcile…”

At this point, they were just ordinary old people and couldn’t do anything.


After Yu Shui left the sanatorium, he did not return home. Instead, he went to a high-end clubhouse.

He quickly found a luxurious room. A young man sitting inside was flirting with a few young women. Yu Shui stood in front of the young man with a dark expression. The young man looked up. Seeing Yu Shui’s dark expression, he put down his wineglass and said with a smile, “Yu Shui, what’s wrong? Is your big brother unwilling to accept your kind intentions, or does he want to continue causing trouble?”

Yu Shui glanced at the other women in the room. Frustrated, he barked coldly, “Young Master Zhang and I have something to discuss. Get out.”

Hearing that, the women all glanced at Young Master Zhang. Young Master Zhang waved his hand, and only then did the young women stand up and leave. Soon, only Young Master Zhang and Yu Shui were left in the room.

“Young Master Zhang, there might be some trouble with the matter.”

“What trouble?”

“Yu Shan received a call today, and he seemed to have become confident all of a sudden. I was afraid that something would go amiss, so I wanted to ask Young Master Zhang to investigate it properly.” “Oh? Someone is still willing to help your big brother at a time like this? Tell me, who do you want to investigate?”

“Young Master Zhang, I happened to hear big brother call that person ‘Lin Feng’. I find the name very familiar, so I’d like you to investigate who this Lin Feng is.”

Young Master Zhang was initially nonchalant, as if he was confident and didn’t have a care. However, when he heard the name “Lin Feng”, his expression immediately turned solemn.

“Are you sure Yu Shan called the other person Lin Feng?” “Almost completely sure.”

Young Master Zhang frowned. He stood up and paced back and forth.

“Which base did your brother Yu Shan get injured in?”

“I think it’s the Dragon Mountain Base. I can’t remember the details. Young Master Zhang, is something wrong?” Yu Shui was a little flustered now. He vaguely felt that things had gone beyond his expectations and he was no longer in control.

“Why are you panicking? I’ll get someone to confirm it.”

Young Master Zhang appeared very calm in contrast. He immediately picked up his communicator and dialed.

“Hello, is this Uncle Ye? Help me investigate the eldest son of the Yu family, Yu Shan. Which base on the frontline was he injured at previously? Also, regarding the Hero of Humanity, Lin Feng, who broke the genetic lock in Dragonlith City recently, which base is he currently affiliated with?”

After Young Master Zhang hung up, his expression turned grim again.

Hearing Young Master Zhang mention Dragonlith City and the Hero of Humanity, no matter how foolish Yu Shan was, he recalled them immediately. Hence, his expression became horrified. He said in a panic, “Young Master Zhang, you mean that my brother knows Lin Feng? That Hero of Humanity, Lin Feng, in Dragonlith City?”.

Yu Shui was panic-stricken. How could he not be? Lin Feng was the great hero of Dragonlith City, an inhuman expert who had broken the genetic lock, and even obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal.

Such a high and mighty figure was far from someone he could offend. Even Young Master Zhang’s background might not be enough to handle it.

“What should we do? What should we do? If Lin Feng comes, no matter how flawless our plan is, we’ll be finished with a word from him…”

Yu Shui was not that stupid. Although his money had been laundered through complicated procedures, did an inhuman expert and a Hero of Humanity need evidence?


There were some things that Lin Feng did not even need to do. As long as Lin Feng expressed a certain attitude, countless people would fight to be the first to do his bidding. Even the most perfect of plans still had flaws.

Moreover, what he did could not be considered flawless at all.

“Shut up! The investigation hasn’t turned up results yet. What are you scared of?” Young Master Zhang was also rather angry, and his expression appeared very grim. However, he had no choice but to interfere in this matter, for it was precisely him who started it. He was the one who instigated Yu Shui to “swindle” all the assets of his older brother, Yu Shan. He even helped to plan and help Yu Shui launder the money.

The benefit was that Young Master Zhang obtained 30% of Yu Shui’s wealth.

Thirty percent was not an amount to be underestimated. Although Young Master Zhang came from a wealthy family with two inhuman experts and famed in Stone City, no matter how illustrious his family was, he was not the family head. Yang Master Zhang’s original name was Zhang Hui, and he was only ranked fourth among the many descendants of the Zhang family.

Zhang Hui’s father had six sons and three daughters. He was not very valued, and was usually short on money. He was not even as rich as Yu Shui. Hence, after befriending Yu Shui, he began to incite Yu Shui to take all the wealth of his eldest brother, Yu Shan, step-by-step.

Originally, this matter was nothing serious. Zhang Hui even intended to use Yu Shui. Even if the two brothers turned against each other, he had already obtained his share of benefits. Would a high-level martial artist like Yu Shan dare to cause trouble for him?

Some time ago, Yu Shan had returned to Stone City after being injured. Without his legs, Yu Shan had become crippled. With that, Zhang Hui was even more at ease. However, he did not expect Lin Feng to be involved now.

Although Zhang Hui was a profligate son of a wealthy family and did not have much ability, he was very smart. He knew who he could provoke and who he could not. Lin Feng was the Hero of Humanity who had risen to popularity recently. He had already broken the genetic lock and become an inhuman expert, and was not inferior in power to Zhang Hui’s family.

If he had known that Yu Shan and Lin Feng were related, even remotely, he would not have participated in this matter. However, it was too late now. He had already participated and was tied to Yu Shui. It was a difficult situation that was impossible to back out of.

Zhang Hui could only pray that things would not turn out as bad as they could be. Perhaps the Lin Feng Yu Shan had mentioned was just someone with the same name?


Zhang Hui’s communicator rang. He hurriedly picked it up.

“Uncle Ye, what has the investigation turned


“Fourth Young Master, I’ve thoroughly investigated the matter you requested me to. Yu Shan was injured at the Dragon Mountain Base. As for Lin Feng, he has also retreated to Dragonlith City with the Dragon Mountain Base, so he should also be affiliated with the Dragon Mountain Base.”

Hearing Uncle Ye’s words, Zhang Hui’s hands could not help but tremble slightly. The worst outcome had occurred. Yu Shan was really related to Lin Feng. “How could this be…”

Switching off his communicator, Zhang Hui glared at Yu Shui viciously. He only wished he could kill Yu Shan, the fool. Why didn’t he do his research and learn that Yu Shan and Lin Feng knew each other beforehand?

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