Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1023 - 1023 Studying

1023 Studying

“How is it so resistant?”

Once, twice, thrice. When Perfected Deity Thousand Star used the Thousand Star Divine Ability again and again, he was certain that Lin Feng was indeed immersed in the Reincarnation World, and could not extricate himself.

He did not even put up any defenses. Only the true form of his hallowed body was exposed before them.

Even though the hallowed body was very strong, he was just a sitting duck that Perfected Deity Thousand Star could attack to his heart’s content. But what was the situation now? Perfected Deity Thousand Star’s divine ability had attacked without holding back three times, yet Lin Feng could actually withstand it. Even his aura did not weaken by much.

How could this be possible?

Perfected Deity Thousand Star was not the only one who could not understand it. The others could not either.

“What’s going on? The divine ability of Perfected Deity Thousand Star is not that easy to deal with. It’s extremely powerful. With a single strike, no matter how strong a Chaotic spirit treasure is, it would fall apart.”

“However, Perfected Lord Lin withstood three divine ability attacks. Even his aura doesn’t seem to have weakened by much. What kind of divine ability is so terrifying?”

“Impressive, impressive. I’ve long heard that the top Perfected Lord relied on a miraculous body tempering divine ability to kill Perfected Deity Fortune, and accomplish the feat of slaying a god. Originally, I didn’t think much of it, but from the looks of it, this divine ability is really powerful. It’s probably a powerful greater divine ability!”

“What’s this? He’s invincible despite allowing Perfected Deity Thousand Star to attack at will?”

Many Perfected Deities grew restless when they saw this scene. They did not know Lin Feng very well, but they knew Perfected Deity Thousand Star very well. In particular, Perfected Deity Thousand Star’s Thousand Star divine ability was quite good among offensive lesser divine abilities.

With Lin Feng’s Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability as a basis for comparison, it was not inferior to the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability in its consummate state at all. In the past, when Perfected Deity Thousand Star cooperated with Perfected Deity All Desire and used his offensive divine ability, they almost never encountered any resistance.

Even if someone could resist it once, they definitely would not be able to resist it for the second or third time.

But now, after Lin Feng had been attacked three times, his aura still did not weaken by much. It was shocking. For the first time, many Perfected Deities got to know Lin Feng, the “top Perfected Lord”.

However, although Perfected Deity Thousand Star’s attack did not work, Perfected Long, Yuan Zhenggang, and even Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit and Perfected Deity Absolutist all frowned.

“Huh? Something’s wrong. If Perfected Lord Lin remains in this state, the situation will be very dangerous.”

“That’s right. Alliance Leader seemed to have been pulled into an illusory world by the divine ability of Perfected Deity All Desire’s Reincarnation World. He is immersed in it and still hasn’t woken up. This makes him a sitting duck. If he doesn’t wake up, no matter how strong the hallowed body is, there will come a time when it gives out.”

“Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit, Lin Feng can’t hold out for long.”

“How do you know?”

“Haha, look at the halos behind Lin Feng. Originally, there were 42 halos, which represent 42 types of Chaotic spirit flames. This is the foundation of his divine ability. The number of Chaotic spirit flames represents the power of his hallowed body. Although Perfected Deity Thousand Star’s divine ability doesn’t seem to be effective in a short period of time, what about over a long time? Moreover, it’s not that the three strikes of the Thousand Star Divine Ability didn’t work. The effects are just subtle. After those three strikes of the divine ability, haven’t six halos behind Lin Feng disappeared?”

“That seems to be the case.”

Actually, some Perfected Deities had already discovered some abnormalities.

Perfected Deity All Desire was one of them. His gaze was deep as he said indifferently, “Perfected Deity Thousand Star, this lad’s divine ability is strange. His hallowed body is powerful, but he’s not invincible. At the very least, every time your divine ability strikes, you can break two of his Chaotic spirit flames. I believe it won’t take long before you kill him completely.”

Perfected Deity Thousand Star also gritted his teeth. He had also realized that his Thousand Star Divine Ability could only blast away two Chaotic spirit flames from Lin Feng every time. Lin Feng had a total of 42 Chaotic spirit flames. In that case, would he have to use his divine ability 21 times?

Even Perfected Deity Thousand Star had to admit that without Perfected Deity All Desire, he would be far from Lin Feng’s match, and might even really fall.

Even though Lin Feng was only a sitting duck now, he still had to blast him 21 times.

This was the Spirit Flame Divine Ability, which had yet to be cultivated to the mastery state, let alone the consummate state. The Spirit Flame Hallowed Body was created with the intention of creating an ultimate divine ability. Even if it did not become an ultimate divine ability in the end, it was not something that ordinary divine abilities could compare to.

Four times, five times, six times…

Lin Feng was in a very bad state. Perfected Deity Thousand Star gritted his teeth from the repeated bombardment of divine abilities. He might lose all his dignity. After all, it took him such a long time to deal with a sitting duck that could not resist.

However, as long as Lin Feng did not wake up from the Reincarnation World, he would always be a sitting duck. It was only a matter of time before he was defeated.

Lin Feng, however, was different.

He was indeed already immersed in the Reincarnation World. However, he was not completely immersed in it as the other Perfected Deities had imagined.

“The Reincarnation World is such a strange divine ability. Everything is illusory, but everything is real. Illusion and reality are difficult to define in the first place.”

Lin Feng was actually not immersed in it. He already knew that the divine ability of Perfected Deity All Desire was strange. Previously, he had already allowed the cosmic power in his body to circulate throughout his body, maintaining his consciousness at all times.

He just wanted to see what was so profound about the strange divine ability of Perfected Deity All Desire.

Moreover, he actually knew the situation outside very well. The power of the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body had exceeded even Lin Feng’s imagination. Originally, the hallowed body from the first 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames could only barely manage to resist very ordinary divine abilities.

But now, after the 42 types of Chaotic spirit flames were all refined into his hallowed body, Lin Feng’s Spirit Flame Hallowed Body had already become several times stronger. Even if he stood still, ordinary lesser divine abilities would not be able to break it, and it would be enough to hold out for a long time.

Hence, Lin Feng was not in a hurry.

He had a vague feeling that since the Reincarnation World of Perfected Deity All Desire was claimed to be a perfected illusory world, it might be of some help to his internal universe.

What was missing from Lin Feng’s internal universe now? Actually, even Lin Feng himself did not know, but he understood that his internal universe had already reached a bottleneck.

This had nothing to do with the size of his internal universe. His internal universe could still expand, but no matter how much it expanded, Lin Feng kept feeling that his internal universe was still missing something.

If he did not understand what was missing, his internal universe would never be perfected. Then, one day, his internal universe would even collapse.

That’s right, collapse!

The reason was very simple. It was because even Origin Universes would slowly decline. There was a time limit. Once the time was up, the Origin Universe would completely die out.

Lin Feng did not want his internal universe to face such a cruel reality one day. Then, he had to perfect his internal universe completely, and even find a way to make it eternal.

However, Lin Feng only had a vague feeling and did not even know what the problem was. He could only refer to some other worlds or other universes.

Since he had not found other worlds, this Perfected Deity All Desire’s Reincarnation World was also an illusory complete world. It was a good reference.

Who would have thought that Lin Feng would still be in the mood to study the Reincarnation World of Perfected Deity All Desire in such a life-or-death battle?

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