Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1020 - 1020 This Battle Is Life-or-Death!

1020 This Battle Is Life-or-Death!


At this moment, all kinds of negative emotions appeared in Lin Feng. Moreover, he seemed to be hallucinating. His mind was a mess. He felt as if he was back on his home planet, or as if he was still transcending in the Origin Universe.

“An illusion?”

It had been a long time since Lin Feng had an illusion. His internal universe could suppress everything. However, as Lin Feng was already used to not using his internal universe, without the cosmic power in his body to suppress everything, he fell into an illusion instead.

However, when Lin Feng came back to his senses, he only circulated a little of the cosmic power in his body before immediately waking up. The 100,000-feet-tall true form of his hallowed body stared coldly at the two figures below.

That’s right, there were two figures. One of them was Perfected Deity Thousand Star, and the other figure was wearing a patterned robe. He looked incomparably handsome, and even had a demonic charm to him.

There was no mistake about it. It was Perfected Deity All Desire, the other Perfected Deity of the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce.

It was rumored that there were two Perfected Deities in the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce. Perfected Deity Thousand Star established the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce, but the one who was really the mainstay was Perfected Deity All Desire. This Perfected Deity All Desire had a strange divine ability that could cause people to fall into an illusion without realizing it. Even a Perfected Deity could not withstand it. He could be considered one of the most bizarre Perfected Deities.

With the cooperation of Perfected Deity All Desire and Perfected Deity Thousand Star, almost no one was willing to provoke them except top-notch Perfected Deities. This was the real reason why the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce controlled so many Chaotic continents.

But now, the two Perfected Deities of the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce were both here!

“Perfected Deity All Desire, you came just in time. I was just a little bit away from reincarnation.”

Perfected Deity Thousand Star’s expression was very dark, and even a little fearful. He was a dignified Perfected Deity. Even though he had fought with many Perfected Deities in the past, his Thousand Star Divine Ability was also very strong. He had almost never encountered such danger.

Just now, he had actually almost fallen, and at the hands of a mere Perfected Lord.

Slaying a god. So Lin Feng, the top Perfected Lord, really had the capability to slay gods!

“I know you. You are the top Perfected Lord who killed Perfected Deity Fortune as a Perfected Lord, and accomplished the feat of slaying a god, Lin Feng!”

Perfected Deity All Desire stood with his hands behind his back, his expression very calm. Even Perfected Deity Thousand Star gradually calmed down when he saw Perfected Deity All Desire arrive.

He was a Perfected Deity. Even if he almost fell, he could quickly adjust his mentality and recover his composure. Moreover, he knew how powerful Perfected Deity All Desire was. If he joined forces with Perfected Deity All Desire, apart from those top-notch Perfected Deities with greater divine abilities, who else could be their match?

“I know you too, Perfected Deity All Desire! I’ve heard that when Perfected Deity All Desire and Perfected Deity Thousand Star join forces, they’re practically invincible among all below top-notch Perfected Deities.”

“It’s just exaggerated praise.”

The two of them did not seem to have any grudges at all. It was as if they had not fought just now. Instead, they behaved like old friends chatting about family matters. However, the calmer they were, the more likely it was the calm before the storm.

Lin Feng did not dare to underestimate this Perfected Deity All Desire. At his level, what illusion could confound him? However, it was not just him. Even other Perfected Deities had been dragged into the illusion of the Perfected Deity All Desire before.

This was no longer just an illusion, but some kind of divine ability cultivated by combining illusions and using certain Chaotic Rules.

There was even a rumor that the divine ability of Perfected Deity All Desire could use the desire of any living being to drag them into infinite illusions. They would be immersed in layer after layer of illusions indefinitely, and unable to remove themselves at all.

There were even some Perfected Lords whose memories had been tampered with by the illusions. Their temperaments changed drastically, and they became the most loyal servants of Perfected Deity All Desire. This was the most terrifying thing.

Illusions were not terrifying. What was terrifying were illusions that could change one’s thoughts and temperament, and control life and death. This kind of divine ability was too bizarre and sinister.

No wonder not many Perfected Deities were willing to offend the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce. They were actually unwilling to offend Perfected Deity All Desire.

The atmosphere between the two of them was very calm, but the undercurrents beneath the calmness were very odd. Even Perfected Lord Long and the others did not dare to breathe loudly. Everyone knew how dangerous the situation Lin Feng was in at this moment.

Lin Feng had to face two Perfected Deities, and there was Perfected Deity All Desire, who had always been famed for his bizarre abilities!

This situation was even more difficult than facing the three Perfected Deities back then. Even though Lin Feng had shown an invincible attitude of treating Perfected Deities as ants just now, the pressure from Perfected Deity All Desire was still too great.

“What should we do? What should we do now?”

“There’s nothing we can do. This is a battle between Perfected Deities. We’re not even qualified to interfere.”

“A Perfected Deity. If we don’t become Perfected Deities, we’re indeed insignificant. After all, not every Perfected Lord is like Alliance Leader.”

“All we can do now is to control the divine array and protect this Chaotic continent. When divine abilities clash between Perfected Deities, even a large Chaotic continent might be at risk of collapse.”

Yuan Zhenggang, Perfected Lord Long, and the other top-notch Perfected Lords felt a deep sense of powerlessness now. Faced with Perfected Deities, Perfected Lords like them could not resist at all. They could not even hold them off for a moment.

They could only let Lin Feng fight the two great Perfected Deities alone.


A breeze blew past, and no one felt the slightest chill. At this moment, Perfected Deity All Desire said, “This Chaotic continent has just been formed. It would be a pity to break it.”

“That’s right. No matter who wins between us, this Chaotic continent should be a spoil of war. We shouldn’t take our anger out on a Chaotic continent. If we break it, no one can get anything.”

Lin Feng and Perfected Deity All Desire smiled at each other. They could see the battle intent and even killing intent in each other’s eyes.

“Then let’s fight in the Chaos!”


The two of them laughed aloud. Then, Perfected Deity All Desire and Perfected Deity Thousand Star flew out of the Chaotic Continent first. A mere divine array naturally could not stop them. It was even torn apart directly. The divine array was in tatters and could no longer conceal what’s within.

Lin Feng glanced at Yuan Zhenggan and the others, then said indifferently, “You will protect this Chaotic continent. Since you’ve been discovered, a battle must break out sooner or later. In that case, why don’t you show the flag of our Mutual Assistance Alliance openly? If I win this battle, it can establish the status of our Mutual Assistance Alliance. We can even openly occupy this Chaotic continent, and use it as the foundation of our Mutual Assistance Alliance! If I fail, we’ll forsake everything!”

With that, Lin Feng transformed into a stream of light and flew into the Chaos as well.

Yuan Zhenggang looked at Lin Feng’s departing figure. Then, he gritted his teeth and said, “That’s right. Alliance Leader’s idea is well thought out. This is both a crisis and an opportunity. Everyone, mobilize your networks and start building momentum immediately. At least spread the word to the seven holy cities of Chaos. A battle like this between the top Perfected Lord, Perfected Deity All Desire, and Perfected Deity Thousand Star is enough to cause a sensation. If we succeed, our Mutual Assistance Alliance can take the opportunity to ascend to power. If we lose, we’ll forsake everything!”

This was a deadly battle, and also a life-or-death gamble.

All the Perfected Deities knew that this battle was no longer just about competing over a Chaotic continent, but a life-or-death battle for them!

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