Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1012 - 1012 Chaotic Black Flames

1012 Chaotic Black Flames

“Good news?”

Lin Feng looked at Perfected Lord Long curiously. He had clearly just exited seclusion. What good news could there be?

“This is definitely good news! I heard that Brother Lin is collecting Chaotic spirit flames?”

“That’s right. I’m indeed collecting Chaotic spirit flames, but I haven’t found anything.”

Lin Feng shook his head. Ever since he obtained the 34th Chaotic spirit flames, he had thought of a method, and that was to release the news and collect all kinds of Chaotic spirit flames. Of course, those 34 types of Chaotic spirit flames were excluded.

Right now, there were only two ways for Lin Feng to increase his strength. One was to continue comprehending the Chaotic Rules. Currently, Lin Feng was comprehending the Chaotic Rule of Space. Once he successfully comprehended it, he could make up for his current greatest weakness as Perfected Lord, spatial warp!

As long as he had spatial warp, even if Lin Feng still could not become a Perfected Deity for the time being, with the powerful spirit flames divine ability and the help of the Chaotic Rule of Space, Lin Feng was not inferior to any Perfected Deity.

The Chaotic Rule of Space was difficult to comprehend. Even with the Chaotic Origin Stone, it was not something that could be comprehended successfully overnight. Lin Feng could only focus on the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body. He knew that with every additional type of Chaotic spirit flames, his strength would increase substantially.

Unfortunately, even the major chambers of commerce did not have more Chaotic spirit flames. Hence, although Lin Feng released the news, he found nothing.

“Haha, I have news here. A Perfected Lord has invited Brother Lin to a gathering. If it goes well, he will offer a Chaotic spirit flame.”

“Oh? Really?”

“Of course. Those Perfected Lords were intimidated by Brother Lin’s reputation and did not dare to look for you directly. However, it’s still very easy to investigate our relation, so they came to me.”

Lin Feng frowned and pondered carefully. Lin Feng was not surprised that others knew about his relation with Perfected Lord Long. He was already famous in the Chaos. It would be stranger if they could not find out.

“Perfected Lord Long, do you know why they invited me?”

Lin Feng did not believe that the other party would give him a type of Chaotic spirit flames for nothing. Everyone knew that he needed Chaotic spirit flames now. They were extremely precious. How could they give it to him so easily?

“Yes, actually, I’ve also learned a little about the situation, but I don’t know the details. It seems to be about a new Chaotic continent! However, no one knows where this Chaotic continent is.”

“A new Chaotic continent?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He vaguely understood the other party’s intention. However, be it the Chaotic spirit flames or the new Chaotic continent, there were only benefits and no downsides for Lin Feng.

“All right, let’s go take a look then.”

“Haha, Brother Lin is straightforward. Perhaps I can also obtain some benefits by following Brother Lin this time.”

A smile appeared on Perfected Lord Long’s lips. Then, he stood up and left the manor with Lin Feng.

It was in the holy city of Chaos, a long distance away from Lin Feng’s manor. It was just a small courtyard. There was an array set up, but it was not very advanced. Lin Feng could sense from afar that there seemed to be the auras of many Chaotic Perfected Lords inside.

Perfected Lord Long sent a message. Immediately, the door opened and a few Chaotic Perfected Lords came out. The one in the lead wore a high crown and had a fair and beardless face. He looked like an emperor, and had a dignified and nonchalant aura.

“Perfected Lord Lin, Perfected Lord Long, excuse me for not coming out to welcome you!”

Perfected Lord Long also introduced this Yuan Zhenggang to Lin Feng. He had really been an emperor before, and was also a hegemon who dominated a region. He had already comprehended a total of seven Chaotic Rules and cultivated two divine abilities, one body tempering and one Rule tempering.

In terms of strength, he was even stronger than Perfected Lord Long.

Walking into the small courtyard, he realized that there were actually more than ten Perfected Lords inside. All of them were shrewd and unfathomable. At the very least, every one of them was not inferior to Perfected Lord Long.

This was almost the strongest batch of Perfected Lords that could be gathered in the holy city of Chaos.

As soon as these Perfected Lords saw Lin Feng, their gazes sized him up. Some showed unruliness, some showed a trace of admiration, and others showed a trace of doubt.

In short, Lin Feng had seen too many of such gazes. It was really because he indeed caught a bit too much attention with the title of the “top Perfected Lord” now.

If Lin Feng were a Perfected Deity, no one would question it. It was already an ironclad rule that Perfected Deities were above Perfected Lords. Even the proudest Perfected Lord would not offend a Perfected Deity.

However, Lin Feng happened to be a Perfected Lord, and not an ordinary Perfected Lord at that. He was the top Perfected Lord!

Even though Lin Feng had accomplished the feat of slaying a god, seeing was believing. No one here had ever seen Lin Feng’s feat of “slaying a god”. It was normal for them to have some doubts.

However, Perfected Lord Yuan, who was the inviter, appeared very respectful. According to Perfected Lord Long, Perfected Lord Yuan had a type of Chaotic spirit flames.

“Perfected Lord Lin, please take a seat!”

Perfected Lord Yuan extended his hand and offered Lin Feng the seat at the top. With Lin Feng’s current reputation and deeds, it was understandable for him to sit at the top.

Even though there was a trace of doubt, Lin Feng sat calmly.

Ever since he accomplished the feat of slaying a god, the pressure in Lin Feng’s heart had been released. There were no longer any Perfected Deities suppressing him from above.

It was as if the world had suddenly opened up to him. Even Lin Feng’s comprehension of the Chaotic Rule of Space improved at a godly speed. Hence, his mentality was very calm now. Lin Feng naturally would not feign pleasantries. He sat directly at the head of the table, and remained composed under those doubtful gazes.

“It’s my honor that Perfected Lord Lin can come. I’ve long heard that Perfected Lord Lin killed a Perfected Deity above your level, and accomplished the feat of slaying a god. Such an earth-shattering event is truly unprecedented, and deeply inspiring. We Perfected Lords have cultivated diligently for tens of thousands of years, yet we tremble in fear and walk on thin ice. There seems to be a shadow looming over our heads all the time.

“And now, Perfected Lord Lin has broken this shadow for us. It turns out that even Perfected Lords can slay gods! I sincerely admire you!”

Yuan Zhenggang’s tone was sincere. He indeed admired Lin Feng from the bottom of his heart. Even though he was currently the strongest among these Perfected Lords, if one really wanted to name a “top Perfected Lord”, Yuan Zhenggang was actually a strong competitor.

However, ever since he learned about Lin Feng’s deeds, he was convinced, and no longer thought about being the top Perfected Lord. That was, unless one day, he could also kill a Perfected Deity!

But was this possible? The longer one cultivated, the more they would understand what’s so terrifying about Perfected Deities. Killing a Perfected Deity above their level? It was just unbelievable.

Lin Feng remained calm and said evenly, “I heard that Perfected Lord Yuan has a type of Chaotic spirit flames?”

“That’s right. It’s this, the Chaotic Black Flames! I traveled the Chaos and obtained this from a very remote Chaotic continent.”

Yuan Zhenggang took out a sphere of flames. It was actually black, and emitted a rich, scorching aura. One look and one could tell that it was extraordinary. Lin Feng’s Spirit Flame Hallowed Body also seemed to grow restless. This meant that this black flame was indeed a Chaotic spirit flame.

“Huh, a remote Chaotic continent?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He could already tell the hidden meaning in Yuan Zhengang’s words.

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