Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1009 - 1009 The Feat of Slaying a God!

1009 The Feat of Slaying a God!

At this moment, seeing this scene and sensing that Perfected Deity Fortune’s perfected spirit had really disappeared, the shock in the hearts of Perfected Deities Mystic Spirit, Prime Sky, and Absolutist reached an extreme.

They even felt that they were in a dream.

Just now, Lin Feng had forcefully torn apart Perfected Deity Fortune with his bare hands, giving them a huge shock.

It turned out that Perfected Deities were also so fragile. Perfected Deities could also fall so easily. They were not really invincible, or truly immortal.

“How could this be…” Perfected Deity Prime Sky muttered softly.

Perfected Deity Absolutist’s expression was also very dark. Who would have thought that a mere Chaotic Perfected Lord could actually tear apart a Perfected Deity with his bare hands, and accomplish the feat of slaying a god?

This was a true feat—slaying a god!

Even the most ancient entity in the Chaos had never seen a Perfected Lord slay a god. Even the seven undying Hallowed Venerables were not ferocious enough to slay a god when they were Perfected Lords.

But now, Lin Feng had accomplished this magnificent feat. He had actually succeeded in slaying a god!

Lin Feng’s action was incomparably shocking to the Chaotic Perfected Persons, Chaotic Perfected Lords, and those high and mighty Perfected Deities. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, no one would have believed that someone could really slay a god.

However, Lin Feng had done it. Moreover, it was especially shocking to those Chaotic Perfected Lords. They had never thought that a Perfected Lord could really be so powerful.

A Perfected Lord could also contend against a Perfected Deity!

Hence, the myth of the invincibility of Perfected Deities was shattered. This was the greatest significance. In the past, no matter how powerful a Perfected Lord was, they had no confidence in facing a Perfected Deity at all.

But now, all the Perfected Lords realized that the situation might change drastically from now on. Perhaps Perfected Deity were still high and mighty, but Perfected Lords were not so lacking in confidence.

If one cultivated their divine ability to the extreme, a Perfected Lord could also fight against a Perfected Deity, and even slay a god!

For a moment, countless cultivators were sending messages to their good friends or the headquarters of their faction. All kinds of information regarding Lin Feng were relayed.

From today onwards, although Lin Feng was not a Perfected Deity, he might as well be one!

“May I leave now?”

Lin Feng stood with his hands behind his back, his gaze calm. He had even taken away the storage space of Perfected Deity Fortune. Perfected Deity Absolutist and Perfected Deity Prime Sky did not dare to have any objections.

What a joke. Lin Feng had just torn apart a Perfected Deity so ferociously. Although they were confident that they were stronger than Perfected Deity Fortune, it was by a limited extent. It was hard to guarantee that they would not be killed by Lin Feng.

They were all Perfected Deities. Although Lin Feng’s divine ability was very tempting, that was with the premise that they had an absolute advantage and could defeat and capture Lin Feng alive.

But now, Lin Feng’s feat of killing Perfected Deity Fortune proved that Lin Feng was stronger than Perfected Deity Fortune, and already had the same status as them. Becoming enemies with a powerful Perfected Deity, or even fighting to the death, was not a wise choice.

Even Perfected Deity Absolutist had probably never thought of killing Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit. At most, they were fighting for the Mystic Spirit Continent. If Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit failed, he could just leave directly. There was nothing Perfected Deity Absolutist could do.

“Perfected Lord, of course you can leave. Everything before was a misunderstanding. Perfected Lord Lin’s divine ability is infinite in power. You’re not someone we can contend against.”

Perfected Deity Absolutist was the first to speak. He did not have any enmity with Lin Feng to begin with. How could he really fight a monstrous entity like Lin Feng to the death?

Perfected Deity Prime Sky also took a deep breath and said, “Perfected Lord, did you steal the Chaotic prime crystal mine on the Skywood Continent?”

Lin Feng nodded and said frankly, “That’s right, it was me.”

“Hmph, in that case, we’ll meet again!”

Perfected Deity Prime Sky snorted coldly, but he had no intention of fighting Lin Feng anymore. He had already recongnized Lin Feng’s strength. A mere ore vein was not worth fighting a powerful Perfected Deity to the death.

Of course, Perfected Deity Prime Sky would not take the initiative to express goodwill to Lin Feng like Perfected Deity Absolutist. Hence, he broke through space directly and warped space to leave.

Lin Feng took a long look in the direction where Perfected Deity Prime Sky had left. He had already slain a god, but Perfected Deity Fortune was only a relatively weak Perfected Deity. Although he was very strong now, it would not be so easy for him to kill Perfected Deity Prime Sky and Perfected Deity Absolutist as well.

Moreover, Lin Feng did not want to make everyone his enemy.


Lin Feng waved his hand and broke through the divine array. He entered the Chaotic spaceship and quickly flew out of the Mystic Spirit Continent.

Looking in the direction Lin Feng had left, the divine array gradually recovered. Perfected Deity Absolutist and Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit had incomparably complicated looks. They had cultivated for billions of years, yet they were inferior to a mere Perfected Lord. It was really unbelievable.

“Alas, forget it, forget it. Mystic Spirit, there’s no need for us to fight anymore. We’ll each take half of the Mystic Spirit Continent and mind our own business. How about that?”

Perfected Deity Absolutist originally wanted to dominate the Mystic Spirit Continent. After all, he had the advantage now. However, it was not that easy to completely defeat Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit. The Mystic Spirit Continent might fall into a protracted war.

Originally, Perfected Deity Absolutist was ambitious and wanted to rely on the resources of the Mystic Spirit Continent to improve further. However, now that he saw that Lin Feng, a mere Perfected Lord, could rely on his divine ability to fight against a Perfected Deity, and even achieve the feat of slaying a god, he was also deeply shocked. So what if he had resources? If he did not work and cultivate hard, how could he improve further?

Moreover, Perfected Deity Absolutist also cultivated a body tempering divine ability. Since Lin Feng could rely on the body tempering divine ability to kill a Perfected Deity, it was enough to prove how great the potential of a body tempering divine ability was.

He might as well focus on cultivating his body tempering divine ability.

Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit also nodded and said, “All right, as Perfected Deity Absolutist says. You and I will each take half of the Mystic Spirit Continent, and we won’t invade each other’s territory.”

Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit heaved a long sigh of relief. To him, this was already the best outcome. He also knew that this was all thanks to Lin Feng. Even Lin Feng probably did not know that he had actually led to the end of the chaotic war on the Mystic Spirit Continent.

However, while peace returned to the Mystic Spirit Continent, in the entire Chaos, the seven holy cities were in an uproar over explosive news.

Slaying a god. Someone had slain a god!

Slaying a god was not terrifying, but the reason it was called “slaying” was not that Perfected Deities had fought with each other, but that a Perfected Lord had actually killed a Perfected Deity above his level. Hence, it was called slaying a god.

This news was like a storm. In a short amount of time, it had spread throughout the seven holy cities of Chaos, and grew more and more intense.

Many people could not believe it, and many people questioned it. There were even Perfected Deities who rebuked this news in public. It was ridiculous to the extreme, but there were also people who spoke with certainty that they had witnessed it with their own eyes, and it was true.

However, no matter what, the name “Lin Feng” had already spread throughout the seven holy cities. Everyone knew about it.

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