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Chapter 8 – The Green Scaled Eagle

Chapter 8 – The Green Scaled Eagle

The dark skinned Er Meng was giggling foolishly to the point where his saliva almost dripped out of his mouth. He quickly walked forward and said, “This is the biggest nest I’ve ever stolen from and the biggest egg I’ve ever seen.”

“Hehe, that’s right. It’s only when I steal from this kind of nest that I feel a sense of accomplishment.” Pi Hou insipidly laughed like a mountain monkey.

“Truly beautiful!” The little guy Shi Hao’s eyelashes fluttered as his large eyes blinked. He watched the three warm bird eggs that were full of luster glisten like crystals. He could not help but rejoice. Being the youngest, he was extremely curious and wanted to hold the eggs to examine them closely.

Shi Meng approached closer, but right when he reached out his hand to touch the giant egg, he let out an aiyou sound. He felt like his arm had gone numb, as if it had been shocked by electricity.

“What is going on?!” The several children were alarmed.

On the jade-like egg shell, spots and markings shone beautifully like a star glowing in the sky, and a mysterious power was flowing around it.

“Truly powerful. The Green Scaled Eagle is the descendant of an Archaic beast, and although its bloodline has not been pure since long ago, inside its life imprint were still several Bone Texts that had been passed down.” The little guy said this with a crisp voice. He studied the Bone Text every day and managed to draw an inkling of insight from this.

The children were all startled and happy. The creature who gave birth to these eggs was rare and powerful, and so the hatchlings would definitely inherit its rare and precious bloodline. In the future, they could protect the village and be comparable to a village’s guardian spirit.

“The brilliant radiance only flows about the spots on the eggshells. Be careful not to touch those areas, and put them into the animal hide pouches. We need to hurry and leave.” Shi Dazhuang was tall and strong, as well as very sturdy and solid. He urged the others to hurry up, as now was not the time to be idling about.

Naturally, they had already made preparations earlier. Each person carried an animal skin pouch, and they quickly opened it and very carefully placed the vicious bird eggs into them. Altogether there was three water basin sized jasper eggs, and other than the little guy, each of the other three individuals carried one pouch.

“This is great, we actually succeeded.” Er Meng was very happy, and he laughed until a snot bubble almost formed.

Pi Hou was also giggling, and he said. “In the future, our Stone Village will have powerful vicious birds as guardians. The chief, uncle Linghu and the others will all be convinced that we have done great and look at us in a different light.”

“Aiyou!” Shi Dazhuang staggered and almost fell, but was propped up by the little guy.

The vicious bird’s nest was covered in golden silk grass, making it really soft. However, in the center, there were a few hidden scales that gave off flashes of chilly metal luster. Shi Da Zhuang wasn’t paying attention to the ground and stepped on one. It pierced through his shoe, causing some blood to drip out from his sole. Fortunately, only the skin was scratched.

“Such sharp scales!” The little guy Shi Hao took the green scales and collected them with his hands. They were each the size of an infant and flickered with cold light.

“This has to be the mature vicious bird’s scales, no wonder it is out of the ordinary. I reckon that even a broadsword nearing 100 jin in weight would not be able to split open these scales!” Pi Hou said.

The few kids did not dare dawdle around, and they rapidly descended along the cliff like lizards. They reached the ground extremely quickly, wiped off their sweat, and let out a deep breath.

“How was it? Did you guys gain anything?” The group of children all gathered around.

“We succeeded. We smuggled out a bunch of bird eggs. Haha…” Er Meng laughed loudly.

The children opened the animal hide pouches and looked at the contents inside. They all gasped in admiration when they saw the eggs that were as large as water basins. The eggs were shining like gems with mysterious clear specks.

“Awesome! We succeeded!”

“These are actually the powerful vicious bird’s eggs. Our Stone Village will have flying battle birds in the future.”

“Let’s leave!”

They were happy and excited, and they pranced around like a group of little mountain beasts. Moving swiftly, they soon left Stone Forest and the Green Scaled Eagle’s home.

“This time, things really went smoothly. Let’s leave this place quickly!”

The mountain forest was dense with plant growth, and the dead leaves piled up into thick layers, providing soft ground to step on. Large trees reached high into the sky as they covered the scorching sun. Old vines were like dragons as they snaked around the trees. In the distant area, various beasts roared from time to time, shaking the mountain area.

The distance from their current location to Stone Village was not that far. They were in a relatively safe area, and they did not actually go near the dangerous areas within the great mountains where ferocious beasts roamed about.

“We’re almost there, one more burst of energy! Let’s run back to the village in one breath!”

Although the group of children were extremely excited, they still felt a bit of worry within their hearts. After all, it was a Green Scaled Eagle that even made all of the strongest and fittest adults from the village feel fear. They successfully made away with the Green Scaled Eagle’s eggs from within its nest, and it didn’t feel real.

Suddenly, a bird cry rang out within the vast sky as if it could pierce gold and split stones. The sound was extremely sharp and intense, and had a type of penetrating nature, causing the group of children’s eardrums to hurt.

“Oh no! That Green Scaled Eagle must have return and gone mad after discovering her three eggs missing.” One of the children cried out.

“Escape quickly!” Little Shi Hao’ eyes were very bright, and could see through the cracks between the huge trees. He saw that in the sky there was a shadow circling about and heading this way.

High up in the sky, the gales were howling. A huge bird casted a huge shadow over the mountain forest and dove down with an extremely fast speed. Its entire body was flowing with a cyan-colored cold light, and the vicious qi was astonishing.

By now, all the other kids had seen that in the distance, an enormous bird was flying in the sky towards the mountain forest. Its speed was extremely fast, and it was like a star falling from the sky. The speed was frightening.

“Holy shit! What a huge bird! Run for it!”

The children were all crying out in alarm, and felt fear grow within their hearts. Its body was seven or eight meters wide, and when it expanded its wings, it would cover fifteen meters. Its entire body was covered in green-colored scales, and they were flickering with a chilly metal luster as its fiendish aura oppressed everything!

The group of kids were scampering off in all directions, madly trying to escape by relying on their familiarity of the mountain forest. They specifically ran towards the secret areas to hide from the vicious beast that was covered in scales and radiating cold light.


Several towering great trees were smashed to pieces by its steel wings, causing the branches and leaves to fly all over the place, and fragments to fly everywhere. It appeared as if it was forged out of metal, and while diving down, it crushed all obstacles in its path.

This made people horrified, and the children were all screaming loudly. Their faces were all pale and they were running away as fast as they could.

This huge monster was extremely scary, and with its steel wings smashing about, it destroyed everything. It scales were flickering with the forest’s cold radiance, and with a single dive, it destroyed a large part of the mountain forest, causing wood fragments and ruined leaves to flutter about.

It was too powerful. Its body was incomparably solid, and its two wings were like wide blades. It was completely capable of breaking apart a mountain peak; those forest trees did not stand a chance.

It was similar to a huge eagle, however its body did not have a single feather. Thick scales covering its body, making it look like it was forged out of molten metal, full of shocking power.

The curved eagle beak gave off a black light and was pointed like a spear. It was almost a meter long, and there was still the blood of vicious beasts on top of it; it was obvious that it had just returned from its hunt. In addition, its claws were even more intimidating. They gave off a cold radiance in the forest, and they were extremely sharp. They were almost a meter in length, and they could easily tear apart an enormous elephant.

On its head were some plume-like protrusions, but they were definitely not feathers. Instead, they were sharp bony outgrowths. Like a row of thorns, they could easily tear open a large vicious beast’s chest.

This was precisely the Green Scaled Eagle, and its body was covered densely in ice cold cyan scales. Its body was full of boundless power as if it was forged out of steel. It was sweeping across the mountain forest, causing the large forest to become empty.


Within the rumbling sounds, the towering large trees were being broken tree after tree, and many of the trees were so thick that a dozen men could wrap their arms around it. The Green Scaled Eagle directly swooped down, and its steel wings broke apart all obstacles in its way, making branches and leaves fly everywhere.

There was a loud peng sound, and a giant mountain rock that was in its path was completely obliterated. Sparks flew everywhere and stones scattered randomly. Many 100 jin heavy rocks smashed in all four directions, breaking many huge trees; it was an extremely shocking sight.

All the kids felt cold from their hair all the way down to their bones. This Green Scaled Eagle was simply too strong. If not for that piece of mountain rock blocking its attacks, many of them would most likely have been killed.

After the Green Scaled Eagle destroyed a large area of the mountain forest, it flew back into the sky and hovered in midair. Its sharp eagle eyes coldly stared downwards, preparing to dive down once again to kill the children that were currently escaping.

“The village is not far from here. Let’s rush there quickly!” The children shouted loudly.

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