Perfect World

Chapter 2007

Chapter 2007 - Suppressing a Half Immortal Emperor

Even though Shi Hao’s entire body was covered in blood, his injuries serious, he was still surging with killing intent. Under the joint attacks of four great emperors, being able to live was already a miracle.

Comparatively speaking, World Eradication Elder’s body also had injuries, but they couldn’t be considered much at all, extremely light. His entire body shone, and then all of these injuries were completely recovered from.

Meanwhile, on Shi Hao’s body, those cracks were simply about to rip open. He was a half immortal emperor, but he had to face four great experts at the same time, so he was still in danger.

“Huang, you are dead for sure!” Feather Emperor roared out. He felt like he could get rid of Huang today. This newcomer really was a bit too frightening.

World Eradication Elder’s expression was serious. He didn’t feel any joy over this.

Shi Hao was just like how he was in the beginning of this great battle, resolute and cold, his confidence never wavering. This was especially the case now when his killing intent surged. Even though he was bloodstained, he still had an appearance of wishing to suppress and kill all enemies.


He released a great roar, his entire body surging with blood energy. The Law Pool floated above his head, in his hand an immortal sword core that swept out, the penetrating sword radiance cutting through eternity.


Right at this moment, Gray Emperor’s expression paled, sensing that things were really bad. He felt a bit powerless, a bit weak.


Under the thousands of streaks of sword radiance, he was the only one who couldn’t evade. His head was removed by Shi Hao, his neck looking like a bloody mouth.

He staggered backwards, his hands clutching his neck, face filled with shock.

“You…” Gray Emperor spat out blood from his mouth, his pupils rapidly contracting. He was greatly shaken inwardly, because his head was almost hacked off.


Shi Hao’s hair was disheveled. His injuries were much more serious than those of the four great half immortal emperors, but now, he looked like a war god, powerful to the extreme, unstoppable.

“Kill him!” Grand Emperor shouted.

The four great experts took action at the same time. Waves surged in Realm Sea, turning into smoke and clouds, continuously being destroyed.

Realm creation and realm eradication, when individuals of their level fought, all of this happened in an instant.

Primal chaos wreaked havoc, immortal energy surged. Sword radiance turned into the everlasting, releasing a sky gathering earth encompassing net. Light mist was hazy here, forming an expanse of brilliance, but it was also incredibly terrifying.


This time, Grand Emperor suffered a serious blow. His pupils rapidly contracted, quickly withdrawing. The space between his brows was cut open, dripping with blood, that primordial spirit even cut apart.

If not for him being a half immortal emperor, he would have definitely died under that sword core.

“Why has my body become weak?”

At this time, Gray Emperor also spoke out. This wasn’t something unexpected, but rather their magical force drying up, body becoming incredibly weary. It wasn’t him alone that experienced this type of thing.

“Senior, what is going on?” Gray Emperor looked towards World Eradication Elder.

Feather Emperor’s expression also changed. He also noticed that his body was gradually becoming powerless.

Feather Emperor wasn’t that polite. He suddenly turned around to look at World Eradication Elder. “Old thing, your half immortal emperor pill could only momentarily recover vitality?”

At this time, Gray Emperor, Grand Emperor and Feather Emperor were no longer at their peak states. Gray Emperor was the first one to become weak, while Feather Emperor only began to weaken towards the end.

Shi Hao’s expression was cold, continuing to slaughter his way forward. Just now, he was the first to realize that there was a declining aura emitted from the three individuals’ bodies.

Later on, he saw World Eradication Elder frown, so he immediately deduced that the three emperors were weakening.

“Your injuries were too serious, your foundations have injuries. Where in this world could one find any half immortal emperor medicines that could instantly make you all recover? That was just a dose of stimulant, allowing for temporary recovery. If you want to heal completely, you need time.” World Eradication Elder said.

“You…” Feather Emperor was furious, a pair of wings moving about, making heaven and earth split. Light poured down like rain, simply about to cut apart Realm Sea.

He had no choice but to back up and avoid Shi Hao’s attacks. It was as if they returned to back then when their blood essence was about to dry up, difficult for them to display their greatest fighting strength.

Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor’s expressions changed. They quickly backed up, trying to avoid that domineering and unmatched Huang. Even though his body was covered in cracks, the wounds deep to the point of bones being visible, for them, this was a fierce tiger, a war god!

“This is a decisive battle between me and you!” Shi Hao pressed forward.

He targeted World Eradication Elder. As long as he was dealt with, the other three experts would not be an issue.

His vitality had previously withered up as well, but unlike the three great experts who used half immortal pills to recover, he underwent a transformation. Even if he took on heavy injuries that were hard to heal from, he still possessed surging terrifying strength.


At this time, Shi Hao overlooked the three great immortal emperors, making them feel a type of humiliation. He walked past them just like that, treating them like clay sculptures.


The three of them released low roars and then turned around, wishing to leave.

“Just because I am not attacking you all right now, it doesn’t mean I am letting you all go!”

With a hong noise, Shi Hao erupted with immeasurable divine might. Three waves of clear energy rushed out from his chest, turning into his appearance, attacking the three great experts.

He still couldn’t display the Embodiment Transformation Great Method, there seemed to be some repercussions after he detonated that ‘true body’ that year.

However, the war bodies that were transformed from his aura, when they faced the three declined half immortal emperors, they also fought fiercely.

“You dare look down on us!” Grand Emperor said coldly.

How could Shi Hao tend to these things? He fought against the World Eradication Elder, slaughtering out with true flames, carrying out the final great decisive battle, wishing to kill this person.

Two days already passed when they fought like this.

The creatures from the future and present were all still here, the great battle shocking heaven and earth, shaking the past, present and future.

When they slaughtered up to this point, Shi Hao and World Eradication Elder’s bodies were all damaged, both of them falling from that miraculous realm. It was because that so-called transformation, the powerful and complete body couldn’t be maintained for a long period of time.

Shi Hao understood that if he truly wanted to completely enter the Immortal Emperor Realm, it would indeed be extremely dangerous, this path dangerous to the point of despair.

Right now, they were fighting with the power of half immortal emperor level methods, just like before when Shi Hao fought with Feather Emperor and the others.

The two were both covered in blood, their magical force surging, primal chaos erupting. They fought until blood splashed in all directions, until they went completely crazy.


Right at this time, World Eradication Elder released a roar. He revealed a giant wolf head, the scarlet red hair extremely thick. On his head was a pair of giant horns that looked incredibly ferocious.

It opened its bloody mouth, biting at Shi Hao.

Under this bite, even Realm Sea was annihilated, even the stars in the heavens falling into that mouth. It was too terrifying.

This was countless times more terrifying than the Taotie divine ability. It truly devoured the heavens and swallowed the earth, refined all things.

The giant divine wolf head opened its bloody mouth, wishing to devour everything nearby in one bite. It released dark light, refining all tangible matter.

Shi Hao activated his Law Pool. With a dang noise, it rushed forward, stopping this abrupt change.

The pair of giant black horns on World Eradication Elder’s red wolf head shone, smashing into that Law Pool, making time and space here collapse, Realm Sea dry up.


This vicious might was world shocking!

At their cultivation level, they could normally always retain their humanoid appearance, only rarely would they reveal their true body. They wouldn’t go as crazy as World Eradication Elder.


A great roar resounded through Realm Sea, shaking up the past, present and future.

In the sea, there were fallen kings who broke apart inch by inch under the sound waves. Then, they exploded to pieces. The waves that surged from Realm Sea washed the sky dome clean.

At the same time, behind World Eradication Elder’s wolf body, nine tails suddenly surged, thrashing towards Shi Hao. They were like giant snakes, wishing to tear apart the starry cosmos.

Shi Hao rapidly backed up. He sucked in a cold breath of air. What nine giant snakes, those were nine True Dragons, pitch-black like ink. The dragon heads were sinister, their fierce teeth terrifying when they opened their giant mouths.

World Eradication Elder revealed his entire true body.

There were actually dragon heads at the end of the nine tails!

Shi Hao knew what kind of race this was.

Nine Netherworlds Ao!

This was one of the Vicious Ten, its reputation renowned under heaven.

This was an elder who had lived for who knew how many great eras. Its original body was actually a Nine Netherworlds Ao, definitely an ancestral level existence of this clan.

His descendants were within the Nine Heavens Ten Earths and Immortal Domain, yet he was the monarch at the other end of Realm Sea!

In the distance, some battles came to an end.

The white-clothed woman’s style was extraordinary, decisive and fierce when she took action, like an immortal empress from beyond the heavens. She was unstoppable, the first to completely overwhelm that golden-clothed woman, blasting her body until it split into pieces.

She only relied on her soft and fine snow-white hands. Her palm strength was tremendous, she released immortal ascension light, shocking the heavens and shaking the earth, making even the distant Shi Hao’s expression change.


The white-clothed female half immortal emperor rushed through the sky, chasing after the golden battle clothed woman, continuously dealing serious blows, displaying unmatched magical imprints, pressing forward.


When her sparkling palm descended, that woman was blasted into pieces and then she exploded, blossoming in Realm Sea, her blood and bones flying in all directions.

What was a pity was that it was extremely difficult for half immortal emperors to die. A primordial spirit flame screamed fiercely, wrapping around the smashed bones and flesh, rushing towards the great river of time, fleeing in panic.

Their battle continued for two days and two nights, yet it was the first battle to end!


In the distance, that silver-haired man roared out, a bit worried, a bit upset. However, his current situation was also quite bad, seriously injured by the one with the great cauldron floating above his head.


Below the great cauldron, that man’s figure was hazy and indistinct, but his aura was definitely not weak, instead overflowing into the heavens. He was like an unmatched overlord from before the heavens were forged, his power oppressing all realms under the heavens.


His arms moved, brushing aside the emperor fist, continuing to attack, destroying everything in his path, nothing he couldn’t smash through.

After fighting for two days and two nights, that silver-haired man’s arms were covered in blood, the space between his fingers splitting apart. The hand that held the great halberd was even contorting. He suffered serious blows, his entire body shaking intensely.

This battle was also close to an end.

When the great cauldron descended, it suppressed down on that great halberd.

Meanwhile, the fists of the owner of the cauldron erupted with golden light, sturdy and imperishable. They shattered the everlasting, displaying unmatched loftiness. A fist smashed over, passing through that silver-haired man’s chest. Then, with a fierce shake, his body broke apart into pieces!


Blood scattered over Realm Sea!


The owner of the great cauldron brandished his fist imprint, passing by that silver-haired man’s ruined body just like that. Then, his entire body also passed by the side of the bloody mist, he continuously smashed out magical imprints, suppressing the primordial spirit light.

The silver-haired man’s primordial spirit light wrapped around his blood and bones, wishing to escape back to the long river of time.

However, the owner of the great cauldron chased after him. That cauldron was too massive. The opening shone, sucking in the primordial spirit light and all of the blood and bones.

“You dare?!”

The silver-haired man roared out, struggling with everything he had. If he really was suppressed in that cauldron, even if half immortal emperors were imperishable throughout endless ages, he would still most likely be slowly refined away.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?!” The master of the cauldron said coldly, “Today, I am going to suppress and kill you!”


The great cauldron shone, nine-colored immortal energy pervading the air. There was also All Life Source Energy that surged, sucking away the primordial spirit light, blood and bones.


The silver-haired man, as an unrivaled half immortal emperor, when had he ever experienced this type of humiliation before? He struggled intensely, wishing to charge out.

However, his ending was extremely pitiful. The white-clothed empress descended from above, her style unmatched. Her white hand was raised and then a palm smashed down with a hong noise.


His primordial spirit light was scattered, his blood, bones and other things all flew into the cauldron. His soul flame flared, wishing to recombine, but he still failed in the end.

The white-clothed female half immortal emperor blocked in front. Another palm struck out, scattering the primordial spirit light again for the second time. It was powerful beyond compare, directly smashing him into the cauldron.


At this time, the great cauldron swayed. Even though the body of the owner of the cauldron was a bit indistinct, his expression was brilliant like electrical radiance, releasing resplendent brilliance. Following a light shout, he was completely sucked in, starting to be refined.

In the distance, the Heaven Measuring Ruler holding elder was horrified. He also suffered serious injuries, attacked by Without Beginning until his entire body split apart, almost exploding to death several times.

Now, he didn’t have any will to continue fighting zealously left, directly turning around and running away.

It was because he was scared of being left behind.


The great bell rang out in a long and drawn-out manner, flying over. It smashed into his back, blasting his lower body to the point of exploding. Only the upper half of his body entered the long river of time.


The white-clothed woman added a palm, her white hands incomparable. Even from millions and millions of li away, the upper half of his body still exploded!

However, it was a bit lamentable, it was already too late to stop him. This elder’s primordial spirit carried the Heaven Measuring Ruler, fleeing.

This was a world shocking battle. The experts from the future decided victory and defeat, and there was even a half immortal emperor who was subdued!

One could imagine that he definitely wouldn’t meet a good ending. With three great half immortal emperors taking action at the same time, he was definitely going to be erased from existence.

At this time, Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor’s expressions all changed, feeling endless restraining fear towards those three. These three experts were just too terrifying. They were trying to kill an emperor!

Fortunately, those three experts came from the future, so they likely wouldn’t rashly take action against them.

In the distance, even World Eradication Elder was shocked, his pupils rapidly contracting. He could feel how terrifying the future world was. There were actually three stunning experts who appeared at the same time.


However, he didn’t let himself get distracted at all. His battle with Huang reached the climax.


Shi Hao’s eyes turned into blades, becoming incredibly intimidating. He displayed world shocking divine abilities, trying to suppress this Nine Netherworlds Ao.


Right at this moment, his shining palm surged with dazzling golden radiance. Then, he continuously seized the tails of the Nine Netherworlds Ao, fiercely tearing at them.

Ah… The Nine Netherworlds Ao roared out.

A large half of its magical force was concentrated in these nine tails. Now, its roar shook the heavens.


Blood rushed into the sky, rushing thirty thousand feet. Shi Hao tore off a few tails and then he fiercely smashed out a fist imprint, blasting the Nine Netherworlds Ao until its body split apart.

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