Perfect World

Chapter 1961

Chapter 1961 - Stupefied

Number Two Under Heaven revived, widening its large bronze eyes, staring at Shi Hao just like that.

The medicine was effective, really saving an immortal king.

However, who was this? Why did it recognize Shi Hao? Shi Hao wasn’t the only one who wanted to know, everyone else was also staring at it.

Number Two Under Heaven was originally an important bloodline, one who could contend against the True Dragon, only losing by half a move. It was tyrannical beyond compare, definitely an immortal king.

When it was dizzy, just by opening its eyes, killing intent would surge. The dragon eyes flickered with heart raising radiance.

However now, no matter how they looked at it, that look wasn’t quite right. When it looked at Shi Hao, it actually released a hollow laugh, giving off a bit of a wretched feeling.

“Who are you?” Shi Hao took two steps backwards, because after saving this fella, his expression really wasn’t right, making him produce goosebumps.

“It’s me! You actually even forgot me?!” Number Two Under Heaven was furious.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao broke out into a layer of goosebumps, really wanting to say ‘where did this bastard come from’? Can you not act so close, it’s not like you’re female!

“You don’t even recognize this old one?” Number Two Under Heaven glared at him, white smoke coming out of its mouth and nose. It was a dragon race, so this looked especially terrifying.

If it wasn’t for Shi Hao and Pan King suppressing this place, everyone else might not be able to take it.

Shi Hao felt like this fella was too familiar, that expression too wretched. The more he looked at it, the more it seemed like one of those two.

“You are one of those two old things?” Shi Hao asked probingly.

“Brat, what kind of words are those?” Number Two Under Heaven glared at him.

Shi Hao really was stunned. He never expected Number Two Under Heaven had this type of ‘extraordinary background’, it was too shocking. He was completely stupefied, lost for words.

Who would have imagined that this mighty primitive Dragon Clan would have this type of background, leaving him stunned.

“Senior, your respected self is?” The Heavenly Horned Ant asked.

“May I ask senior for your great name?” The Crimson Dragon also seriously asked for guidance.

They still hadn’t guessed at its identity, both of them confused.

“Didn’t you all like to call me Bird Grandpa?” Number Two Under Heaven slowly got up, stretching out its muscles, rubbing its head, cursing out, saying, “Someone even dares stab this great one’s head with a spear, bastards!”

“It was you, that old thing?!” The Heavenly Horned Ant and Crimson Dragon both cried out at the same time.

They finally knew Number Two Under Heaven’s identity. It was Void God Realm’s Bird Grandpa, this result leaving them stupefied, really hard to accept, hard to believe.

How fierce was Number Two Under Heaven? He was an immortal king whose might dominated the world, someone who dared face unmatched experts.

However, Bird Grandpa was normally giggling and laughing, not putting on a proper appearance at all, how could others associate these two together, think that they were the same creature?!

“It was that old thing?!”

Mu Qing, the Divine Striking Stone and others were all stunned, crying out strangely. When they found out who it was, they were all a bit stupefied.

The fierce Number Two Under Heaven was actually that vulgar Bird Grandpa!

“A dragon with wings, really is… a bird!” At this time, Princess Yao Yue, Tuogu Yulong, Chang Gongyan and others all couldn’t help but mutter. They also headed into the lower realms, entered the path of Void God Realm and thus naturally met those two old fellas.

“What kind of words are those?” Number Two Under Heaven glared out.

Those people immediately became silent. The identity of the immortal king was actually this old fella, it was too unexpected.

However, soon afterwards, everyone became happy again. They indeed shared a special type of feeling with this old fella. It had already been many years since they met, so they still shared many good memories.

This was especially when it was an immortal king, moreover someone they knew, there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings with Shi Hao. They can walk together in a friendly manner, so this really was strengthening Imperial Court.

Haha, this really is something to be happy about!” Some people roared with laughter, continuously coming up, paying their respects to Bird Grandpa. Even though it was an immortal king, these people didn’t fear him at all.

Everyone was really happy, truly not feeling any pressure, extremely close to each other. In the future, the fact that they had this type of immortal king on their side really was too great.

At this time, Shi Hao gave the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist a pill medicine. Previously, he didn’t carry too many hopes towards it, because the amount of primordial spirit imprints that were left were too few, almost negligible, but now, it was different. He inwardly felt a bit of expectations.

At this time, it was flowing with brilliant lights, scripture noises endless, ringing through this place.

The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist’s forehead shone, many streaks of light gathering from all directions, entering his body.


Suddenly, Immortal Domain’s realm wall was smashed through again. A streak of blazing divine rainbow flew over, directly entering the Ecliptic Daoist’s head, making his aura immediately become strong.

Everyone sensed that an immortal king was waking up, his primordial spirit returning!

With a shua sound, he opened his eyes, pupils releasing two streaks of intimidating golden light, mighty and tyrannical. This made everyone shiver inwardly.

Crimson Dragon, Divine Striking Stone, Mu Qing and the others all closed their mouths, staring at this terrifying immortal king.

“Why are you all looking at me like this?” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist spoke.

The vicious expression in its eyes gradually faded, revealing a strange expression. Its eyes were no longer horrifying, instead a bit familiar.

“Who is your respected self?” The Crimson Dragon was stuttering. Just now, when its eyes swept over him, his soul almost froze.

“You all normally call me Coin Elder right? Why are you so shy now?” The daoist said, revealing a smile, also carrying that bit of playful secular world feeling.

“What? Coin Elder?”

“It was that old thing!”

“Heavens, I feel like this world is going crazy!”

A group of people cried out strangely, just too surprised. It was actually really Coin Elder, appearing with Bird Grandpa. This left them too speechless, none of them ever guessing this.

Forget about others, even Shi Hao himself felt a bit light-headed. He had some suspicions before, but who would have thought that it was actually this result?

These two vicious beings, why did they end up matching with Void God Realm’s two old fellas? He felt a bit dizzy.

“Congratulations for dao friends returning to your flourishing periods!” Pan King and Hunyuan Immortal King spoke, congratulating the two great experts.

When Number Two Under Heaven and Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist heard this, they became serious, nodding and returning the two immortal kings’ greetings.

They all met before, knowing who each other were!

“How could it be you two?” Even though Shi Hao always thought about these two elders in Void God Realm, he really was too shocked right now.

“Why can’t it be us two?” The two experts were both smiling.

When they were in Void God Realm, they were confused, forgetting the past. It was because they left their original bodies for too long, a whole great era passing.

Now, they returned, moreover received the nourishment of an unmatched immortal pill, completely recovering. They naturally remembered the events of the past, understanding what happened.

“I guess that also makes sense. Why can’t it be you two? This is how it should be.” Shi Hao nodded, a bit embarrassed.

A long time ago, these two old fellas already told him about their secrets, saying they originally weren’t from Void God Realm, that their true bodies were in the outside world.

Now, it seemed like some clues really pointed at them.

Number Two Under Heaven was in Heavenly Beast Forest, Ecliptic Gold Daoist was in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, the two close to each other, both of them outside Desolate Border, basically from the same place.

The two experts were both empty shells!

Shi Hao accepted it and then he felt overjoyed. He was close to these two, and now that they could reunite like this, it could be considered the best arrangements of heaven.

“Only today did I realize who I am.” Coin Elder said.

The two had spent too much time in Void God Realm, guarding that Darkness Prison. In the end, they were corroded themselves, their consciousness suffering problems, forgetting too much.

“In the last great era, we suffered disaster, our primordial spirits unexpectedly entering Void God Realm. Who would have thought that we would still see the light of day again.” Number Two Under Heaven said with a light sigh.

“Who would have expected this type of immortal pill really could save you guys.” Shi Hao said.

When they learned what kind of pill medicine it was, Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist were both stunned. The legendary unrivalled pill medicines from the Age of Emperor Collapse actually appeared again.

The two naturally heard of Three Life Medicines before, both of them immediately feeling all types of emotions. They actually squandered this type of heaven-defying pill medicine!

“This pill medicine is extremely extraordinary. We were wandering about Realm Sea, but our primordial spirits seemed to have received some type of summoning, and then we pierced through the realm wall and hurried back.” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said.

The two explained their experiences in detail, after verifying it with each other, this so-called ancient pill recipe from the Age of Emperor Collapse really was mysterious. It wasn’t only the effect of the medicine, there were also incantations stored within that called back their primordial spirits.

Shi Hao understood. He had previously infused many mysterious symbols into the pill medicine, following the pill recipe. There was actually this type of effect of summoning the soul.

After Shi Hao, Pan King, Hunyuan Immortal King, Number Two Under Heaven and the others’ joint analysis, they understood some of the ancient pill medicine’s range of effects.

The flesh had to still be in this world to summon the soul. Of course, the most important part was that there had to be many primordial spirit fragments still alive, scattered across the world.

Number Two Under Heaven and Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist, the main thing was that their primordial spirits never scattered, always existed, that was why their revival went so smoothly.

When they deduced these things, Shi Hao was still unresigned. He wanted to revive the restricted region lord, wanted him to reappear in this world!

“There is no need. I’ve already passed away an endless amount of time ago, now, there is only a bit of remnant thoughts.” The restricted region lord was unaffected, not minding it at all.

However, Shi Hao still couldn’t accept it. He was determined that even if he had to waste a pill, he had to give it a try. The restricted region lord, crystal skull and the other old monsters had fought for him without any regard for their own lives, almost completely scattering because of Aocheng and the others. How could he forget this type of gratitude?

Even though the restricted region lord was opposed to it, Shi Hao forcefully refined a pill medicine to nurture him!

In the end, there were some lights that flew over, entering the restricted region lord’s snow-white skull. His figure became a bit more clear, his aura actually becoming much more powerful!

However, that was all, there were no other changes.

The restricted region lord was stronger than before, obtaining some more life force, but still couldn’t be considered revived from the grave, only gathering some soul imprints that were scattered in this world.

He couldn’t revive!

“This is fine, proving that there are some effects. One day, when I am strong enough, things might take a turn for the better!” Shi Hao didn’t feel dejected, instead becoming full of confidence.

Everyone knew what the strong enough he was talking about was, what kind of cultivation realm this represented. Now, he was already an immortal king giant, so if he improved further, he would become an emperor!

Then, Shi Hao respectively refined a world shocking ancient pill for the crystal skull, golden arm bone and bleeding eyeball, nourishing them one by one.

Even Pan King and Hunyuan Immortal King’s mouths twitched when they saw this. In their opinion, this was just too extravagant. Those people couldn’t be saved at all, yet these ancient pills were still being squandered.

Those old monsters all refused, not wishing for him to waste the pills like this.

However, Shi Hao insisted. He had his own considerations, saying, “Your imprints are now stronger, states better than before. This is already enough!”

Shi Hao knew that even though these old monsters didn’t truly revive, their auras and other parts became stronger, having more life force than before.

This was hope. Shi Hao felt like they might truly be able to revive one day.

In this region, cheers sounded, everyone congratulating excitedly.

Two great immortal kings returned, this was a huge matter that left everyone excited.

“Is Huang trying to defy the heavens? He refined this type of unmatched immortal pill, rescuing two dead people, it really is inconceivable.”

“So powerful! Even the pill recipes from the Age of Emperor Collapse can be refined, this is too world shocking!”

Many people felt shocked!

Shi Hao also had Huo Linger eat it. The pill medicine was heaven-defying, yet in the end, there were no effects. It was still the darkness Huo Ling’er, the original primordial spirit not returning.

“Why did Void God Realm break?” Shi Hao asked.

“Realm Sea’s creatures attacked Void God Realm, making that place explode. For the sake of releasing the creatures in the Darkness Prison, they are willing to do anything.”

“Did you two return from Realm Sea?” Shi Hao asked.

“Indeed, we returned from Realm Sea. We almost lost ourselves there.” Number Two Under Heaven sighed.

At the same time, it was furious. Back then, someone broke open Void God Realm, forcefully bringing away those suppressed souls, entering Realm Sea.

“Who is it that dares destroy Void God Realm? I will go and pay him a visit!” Shi Hao said, wishing to enter Realm Sea. Now that there were two more immortal kings, there was enough power to protect Imperial Court.

He didn’t have to worry anymore. He could do what he wished at ease, enter the Realm Sea and head to the very depths.

He wanted to see what there was at the very end of the darkness.

He wanted to find Willow Deity and the little pagoda. They entered Realm Sea a long time ago, even now, there was no information from them. This made him feel extremely anxious.

Shi Hao was preparing to enter Realm Sea!

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