Perfect World

Chapter 1900

Chapter 1900 - Giants’ Suppression

He was searching for a place!

The restricted region lord turned into a white-clothed man, right now, his face was without any expression.

Pan King’s expression was heavy, extremely serious, not saying anything for a long time.

One could see just how extraordinary that place was, enough to shock immortals. Otherwise, these two wouldn’t have their current expressions.

“Fine then!”

After a long time passed, Pan King nodded. Then, a drop of blood flew through the void, landing here. It was too resplendent, even more dazzling than a sun, immortal radiance endless, auspicious multicolored light appearing in millions and millions of strands, enough to light up the mountains and rivers.

Fortunately, this was a secret room, the magical force and natural laws hiding it unimaginable!

Pan King’s original body wasn’t here, but he could silently bring over a drop of essence blood, appearing magically, no one was aware of it. The main reason was because this secret room was too extraordinary.

Then, the second drop of immortal king essence blood trickled down, bright red like a blood diamond, dazzling as it tore through the heavens, incomparable. A divine aura spread, filling this secret room.

Soon, a third drop rushed over!

This type of thing, any drop would trigger a tremendous commotion in the outside world. This wasn’t only immortal king blood, it was also the essence blood, carrying the great dao fragments of the heavens.

This type of essence blood was completely invaluable!

The white-clothed man’s appearance was fine like jade, confident and at ease just like when he was still alive, an exceptionally beautiful man. However, he already died, this was irreversible. He became a half snow-white skull again, using the skull to hold the three drops of immortal king essence blood.

“The two immortal kings have spoken their intentions, their wills difficult to change.” Pan King said, this was considered a kind reminder.

At their level, he was normally like a statue, seated on a praying mat, not moving at all, oftentimes tens of thousands of years gone past before he would say a word, spending most of his time capturing the great dao.

Times like today where he took the initiative to speak to another, seriously advising, were extremely few. The so-called immortal king was close to an emotionless great dao state, erasing all of his many feelings of the living.

“I brought half an incense stick with me, its name Realm Eradication.” The restricted region lord said.

This stone room immediately erupted with two streaks of lightning, precisely the gaze of Pan King’s incarnation. He stared at the half skull in front of him, already greatly moved.

“Alright, I understand. I will tactfully inform them.” Pan King said.

In Immortal Peach Garden, Shi Hao sat with Qing Yi, telling each other everything. After so many years passed, they learned about everything that happened to each other.

During this time, some creatures from Immortal Domain continuously came up to get to know Shi Hao, extremely enthusiastic. In their eyes, someone who could defeat Ao Gan, Pan Yi and Hun Tian was too shocking.

Huang, this name already spread through Pan King Manor. Many of his past deeds were mentioned, triggering waves of astonishment and sighs.

“This type of fine raw material has to remain in our Immortal Domain and achieve immortality, or else letting him be buried in the lower realm is just too pitiful!” Someone said.

When Ao Family’s people heard this, their expressions darkened slightly.

“Indeed, if he could cultivate to this level even in the lower realm, if he takes up residence in my Immortal Domain, wouldn’t he just rush straight into the heavens?” Someone nodded in agreement.

Even true immortals were already moved, the expressions with which they looked at Shi Hao complicated. Only those who experienced the transformation from mortal to immortal understood the depths of just how difficult it was.

When they saw Shi Hao, they felt like this was a precious raw material, leaving him behind in the lower realm was too much of a pity.

The Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting lasted several days. Shi Hao got to know quite a few people.

Ao Family didn’t pay any attention to him, and there were some other powerful great clans who carried malice, but there were many top level great families who extended an olive branch to him, expressing good intent.

In the next few days, Huang’s name already spread out, shaking up the starry skies. Everyone in the starry domain Pan King ruled knew of his existence.

They all knew that a generation crushing genius had risen up. By defeating Pan Yi, Ao Kun, and the others, he already stabilized his throne of number one in the Mortal Dao Domain, there was already no debate!

Huang became famous, hard for others to not know about him even if they didn’t want to. After just a single battle, these starry skies were startled. Moreover, news began to spread to the other cosmos and starry heavens ruled by other immortal kings.

“Aocheng left with a cold expression, Taishi Immortal King’s face was expressionless.” [1]

Pan King was informed. This wasn’t some good news.

“It’s enough as long as the words have been spoken. Let’s just see their ultimate choice.” The restricted region lord said.

“Don’t tell me you really want to light that ‘Realm Eradication’?” Pan King asked.

According to what he understood, that stick of incense had indeed been lost in the lower realm. If it was lit, the karma was too great, who could endure it? It really would shock the heavens and move the earth, eradicate a realm.

This stalk of incense carried tremendous karma!

Shi Hao didn’t know that a great danger was already approaching him.

“Immortal Domain is incredibly prosperous, undying matter rich, indeed a cultivation dreamland, able to create true immortal dao experts.”

“Since you came, there is no need to go back. In the future, we just need to think of a way to bring your disciples in.”

Princess Yao Yue, Tuogu Yulong, Qi Hong, Great Xu Tuo and others all advised. During these days, these old friends gathered often. They wanted Shi Hao to stay behind.

“Just stay behind, you… still want to go back?” Qing Yi was also looking at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t reply. He heard the news the restricted region lord transmitted, currently listening. Not long afterwards, Pan Family’s people came to receive him, leading the way.

“I will come back after a short while!” Shi Hao got up.

Not long afterwards, he entered the stone room, meeting Pan King. This was the first time he came in contact with an unmatched immortal king under such close distance.

However, the first impression he gave Shi Hao was that of a statue, the immortal king aura restrained, nothing could be sensed. Moreover, there was mist surrounding him.

The restricted region lord was also here, telling Shi Hao that there was danger.

“I wish to bring you to a place, but two great immortal kings might want your life.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was inwardly shaken.

“Where?” He wanted to know.

Pan King’s face was expressionless, but he inwardly nodded. This youngster didn’t panic when he heard that two great immortal kings wanted to kill him at all, he indeed had courage.

“A heaven reaching land, a land of natural luck, a land of miracles!”

The restricted region lord said. According to what he said, that place was too wonderful for words, impossible to speak about in detail, it couldn’t be explained clearly. Only by personally experiencing it would he understand.

“Blood and chaos are about to descend, you don’t have enough time. This is the final great gift I can bestow upon you.” The restricted region lord said.

“How can I reach that place alive?” Shi Hao asked.

This was the key point. Two great immortal kings schemed against him, would he be able to survive?

“We will do everything we can!” The restricted region lord said.

There was no time to give Qing Yi and the others his farewells. Shi Hao moved, quickly departing from Pan King City. He tore through the cosmos, disappearing into the ice-cold starry skies.


However, in a certain stary domain, Aocheng released a cold snort. As an unmatched immortal king, his magical force was boundless, overlooking the endless ancient continents. As for just how great his divine abilities were, it was extremely difficult for outsiders to imagine.

With a wu sound, a large sleeve moved. He reached out an arm, immediately covering the star domain that was who knew how vast, directly wishing to seize this star domain.

In that instant, all spirits trembled in fear!

The cultivators of all clans were shaken, inwardly alarmed to the extreme. An immortal king took action! A great hand moved across the boundless great cosmos, grabbing towards a certain land.

One could see that in this starry domain, stars turned into powder one after another. When that great hand descended, everything silently turned to cosmos dust!

When Aocheng Immortal King’s hand descended, all life would be eradicated!


Another great hand appeared, releasing gentle radiance, blocking Aocheng’s hand, moreover allowing this land of death to be full of vitality.

“Pan King!”

A cold voice sounded, released by Aocheng.

Then, a finger tore through the cosmos, pitch-black like ink, almost merging into this starry sky heavens. It came silently, heading towards where Shi Hao was.

Along the way, great stars exploded one after another. As the finger proceeded, the starry heavens were eradicated, turned to nothing, terrifying to the extreme, enough to leave true immortals horrified.

This was Taishi Immortal King, also one of Immortal Domain’s giants!

He also took action, wishing to sever karma, eradicate the inheritors of that ancestral guardian spirit.


Pan King took action again. His palm shone, swirling with life energy, blocking this finger of death, moreover reforging much of the cosmos dust, creating complete great stars.

At this time, everyone trembled. In this star domain, all the places of life with true immortals watching over them trembled, scared to the point where they shuddered in fear.

This was a battle between immortal kings! A single mistake and all lands would be destroyed, making a star domain wither away, turn into a land of death.

There were true immortals who flew up, leaving the stars they guarded, standing in the void. They were alarmed, looking like they were facing a great enemy, fearing that the destructive force would involve them.

In the end, the finger and great hand both disappeared, restoring peace to the starry heavens.

Shi Hao saw everything. That grand will and the incomparable natural laws crushed him until it was hard for him to move. His body almost exploded here.

These were the methods of immortal kings? His hands were clenched until his joints turned cold. Just now, he felt like a piece of duckweed in a roaring sea. Even with Pan King’s protection, he might still be buried here at any time.

“I want to achieve immortality!” Shi Hao said quietly, clenching his fists.

Right now, he stood in the starry skies, deeply sensing the terror of immortal kings. They were too high to reach, just any random move could take his life, there was nothing he could do to defy them.

In reality, his performance was rather good. If it was anyone else, they would have fallen weak on the ground, their bodies exploding under the pressure.

“You need to live, do not let down the opportunity I strived to obtain for you.” The restricted region lord said.

At this time, he appeared at Shi Hao’s side. Apart from this, the crystal skull, golden arm bone and bleeding eyeball also appeared at the same time, a bit silent.


At this time, a low voice sounded from the cosmos Aocheng ruled, yet it rippled all the way to this ancient cosmos, entering the great domain ruled by Pan King.

Everyone heard this, shivering from their very souls.

“Aocheng Immortal King wishes to kill Huang?” Qing Yi cried out, her face snow-white, revealing an expression of alarm. She immediately felt incomparably distressed.

Exiled Immortal, Shi Yi, Princess Yao Yue, Tuogu Yulong and the others’ expressions all changed. They knew that Shi Hao was in danger, he was most likely going to die in Immortal Domain. If an immortal king wanted someone dead, who could resist?

Right now, everyone knew that Huang was going to be killed!

“His killing intent really is strong!” The restricted region lord said coldly.

Under this starry sky, a ripple spread out, releasing a grand noise, berating Huang. This was Aocheng’s method, trying to kill him again.


At this time, the restricted region lord turned into a half snow-white skull, facing it. In the end, a loud and clear sound rang out, an alarming crack appearing on the skull.

At the same time, the crystal skull, golden arm bone and bleeding eyeball also rushed out, helping Shi Hao block this strike.

In the end, the three individuals became dim. The crystal skull and golden arm bone both displayed terrifying cracks, while the bleeding eyeball had blood splash out!

“No!” Shi Hao roared out, his eye sockets feeling like they were going to crack apart.

Fortunately, the restricted region lord and the three freaks still didn’t break into pieces, even though they all produced terrifying cracks under the immortal king’s roar.

They managed to avoid this disaster.

“Once, twice, but not thrice. You are forcing me!” The restricted region lord said coldly.

“The fallen immortal king of a generation, will still not scattering…” In the depths of an ancient starry sky, Aocheng said coldly.

The restricted region lord turned into a half skull. Raging flames were released between his mouth and nose. These were immortal dao fiery light, immediately engulfing the cosmos, illuminating the starry sea.

“Realm Eradication!” At the same time, he shouted these two words!

1. Tai Shi great beginning

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