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Chapter 17 – Precious Technique

Chapter 17 – Precious Technique

A creature such as the Suan Ni, whose monstrosity and fearsomeness would shake even the heavens, even after its death the creature’s whole body could be considered to be a treasure trove of wealth and precious resources. In the face of such a goldmine, who would not be tempted to snatch the precious resource for themselves?

“Hmm such a treasure really makes one’s eyes glow with greed, almost to the point of charging in right away and snatching away both true blood and original precious symbols in one fell swoop”, a group of adolescent youths were eager to get in on the action..

“Even if that Suan Ni is gradually growing older, it’s still not something we are capable of handling. Do not act rashly and wait patiently.” The chief’s face revealed a concentrated expression and solemnly warned.

“Haha, this time the reaped rewards are truly great! The little guy has really outdone himself this time around. It’s thanks to him that we managed to avoid a bloodbath”, a group of people praised.

“Ahhhh…” The little guy put on an embarrassed face and scratched his head in confusion. A loud noise emanated in the distance, drawing the attentions of Zi Yun, Da Peng, Xiao Qing to run to the spot.


Atop the clouds a giant bird swooped down and scales flickered with a cold light. The great Green Scaled Eagle eagle had appeared! With a great Hong sound, it dropped from its talons a giant fire rhinoceros in the village outskirts. Every so often it would come back and drop a huge prey.

The hatchlings had been born for almost two months now, and their bodies grew rapidly, approaching 2.5 meters in size. Its body grew sleeker and stronger, and with both wings fully extended, they could almost fly.

“Little Zi and the others, quickly grow up. When you guys grow up, take me with you to see what the depths of the mountain range looks like.” The little guy stroked their necks, and their eyes flashed a glimmer of hope to what they one day may become. Afterwards he once again started examining the ancestral treasured symbols of the three birds in front of him, in hopes of understanding the unique and mysterious power belonging to their species


A noise shook the air, and soon after a soft yet holy silver moon emerged from the center of his palm and began to spread its clear splendor. Afterwards, the silvery moon began to rise before rotating to the back of his head, making the little guy seem extraordinary.

During the last confrontation with Bei Feng, he only form a part of the precious symbol into his palm and did not use the complete silver moon. Otherwise, its power would be even more formidable.

The silver moon rotated and revolved around him. Pure white light scattered around him, making the little guy appear unspeakably holy.

“Yiya, I figured out a bit more now. On the moon, there’s a huge bird living within a palace. Could it be that that’s Zi Yun, Da Peng and the other’s ancestor — that Archaic Devil Bird?” Shi Hao muttered to himself.

On that silver moon rests a tree, as well as a palace with mysterious and complex patterns. Currently, the little guy had already made some progress while studying the secret bone texts and was able to understand a bit more about the patterns.

He released the silver moon, and the complete precious moon disk was brandished in bright and shining light. From within the palace rang a bird cry, and that tree began to shake and scatter out its clear splendor.

The silver moon did not look like it was constructed from the symbols, and appeared too real. It was as if the moon in the sky fell down, truly life-like.


A metallic sound rang out, as if the bestowed ancestral treasures that had previously been gathering dust were reborn. A kang qiang sound rang out, and the radiance was pure and holy.

The silver moon circled around a five or six meter wide boulder, and with a kacha sounds, the boulder split open, making a clean and glossy cut. It didn’t disappear, and once again shot out and cult two more boulders before fading away.

“Ya, last time it only managed to split a single boulder. Now it can cut three, how powerful!” The little guy opened his mouth in amazement.

The silver moon flickered with symbols and became much more concentrated compared to before. The palace and the tree were vaguely visible, sharp and lifelike. Its strength increased by a whole level.

“The little guy is so formidable, he can release such a powerful disk. I feel that his strength is sufficient to face those desolate beasts within the mountains.” After seeing this display, some of the children began to become incredibly envious.

“Wu, after seeing how terrifying that Archaic Devil Bird was, if it manages to pass down its imprints intact, it will definitely be a divine skill. However, this is quite a rare event.” The chief spoke.

This type of powerful attack can be considered a Precious Technique. A technique that will usually be kept as a precious secret!

“After such a long time, my clan can finally be considered to have a Precious Technique.” Some of the elder were beginning to feel a bit emotional.

These types of Precious Technique would normally only be in the hands of powerful clans. If not for the little guy raising these Green Scaled Eagles and carefully researching them from a close distance, it would be impossible to obtain it.

“We still don’t know what the situation regarding Suan Ni. If it really is dying from old age and we manage to obtain its remains, then that will signify us obtaining another Precious Technique.”

“The stronger the Archaic Descendant species, the more it would protects its secrets. Especially the imprints of its Ancestral Treasured Symbols, which would likely be destroyed before death.” Shi Yunfeng frowned.

It is precisely because of this reason that Ancestral Treasured Symbols were so rare and precious. It was truly uncommon, as it represented a species’ major inheritance and that there was a chance of obtaining a Precious Technique.

“I really hope that Suan Ni doesn’t destroy its own precious bones, as those are from a genuine Archaic Descendant … The Precious Technique it holds must be astonishingly powerful!” Shi Linhu said.

The Chief shook his head and said, “Don’t be too greedy. For our clan to unexpectedly obtain a Precious Technique is already quite fortunate.”

Four days later, a world-shaking roar rang out, and shook all of the mountains and ravines . All of the wild creatures were trembling with fear as they groveled on the floor, and all of the vicious birds fled to the skies. The mountain boulders rolled about, and thousands of trees swayed back and forth as the entire forest trembled.

That Suan Ni came out from within the depths of the mountains and arrived in the surrounding area. Since it was on the verge of death, it wanted to find a place of rest. Its power and influence were extremely frightening.

“It really is about to die from old age. Most likely, it will be within one or two days!”

Stone Village was bustling. If they managed to obtain that Suan Ni’s corpse, then that would be a tremendous treasure deposit. The quality of its true blood would be astonishing beyond belief, and that would truly be blood medicine.

“Wu, it really is an Archaic Descendant. If the blood vessels are pure enough, then the little guy’s baptism will depend on it.” Even Shi Yunfeng couldn’t remain calm anymore. He paced back and forth rather excitedly. He really wanted to go and take it right now.

“Send some people to carefully scout the area. We need to prepare well and be ready to leave at any time!” Several of the elders couldn’t sit still any longer. They were nervous, excited, worried, and it was hard for them to calm down.

As for Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and some other robust men, they were even more anxious and their eyes were turning red.

“I saw that Suan Ni tear apart a bunch of vicious beasts and turned that area of the forest into a forbidden zone. There aren’t even any tracks of beasts or birds left.”

A day later, a villager ran back to the village and reported the terrifying scene that he saw when he stood far away on top of a mountain peak.

Chief Shi Yunfeng suddenly turned his body around and said, “Let’s go, we need to start moving. However, we must carefully prepare this time, as we will most likely not be the only ones. There will be other creatures and villagers fighting over it.”

“Grandpa Chief, I am going too!” The little guy begged.

The villagers did not object, as his current fighting strength was already quite frightening. Although he was extremely young, he was already able to grasp a precious method. At a crucial moment, he could display his divine might.

Jiu Jiu

Da Peng, Xiao Qing, Ah Zi gathered in front and rubbed their heads against his arm. They showed their intimacy and wanted to tag along as well.

“Be good, don’t be so noisy, it’s very dangerous within the mountains. You guys haven’t grown up yet, and cannot go take such risks. Wait for me here at home, when I come back, I’ll bring you guys to catch and eat some fish.

Shi Hao pacified the three little birds and at the same time warned them. He needed to persuade the Green Scaled Eagle to help him again when the time was right. Since the expedition to seek out the precious body of the Suan Ni was quite dangerous, if he had the help of a formidable vicious bird, everything would become a lot smoother.

“Let’s go, to the mountains!”

A group of people entered the mountains with their head held high towards the cemetery of the Suan Ni.


The entire earth shook and the mountain quaked, and it seemed as if an earthquake occurred within the depths of the mountain, making the entire mountain tremble. It was truly a terrifying scene.

“Chief, the Suan Ni is at the end of its lifespan and at death’s door. It entered a mountain cave and caused a cave-in. A few villagers ran back to rapidly and loudly report the circumstances.

“Go, we need to move faster!” Shi Yunfeng shouted.

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