Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 998 - A unique method of making money

Chapter 998: A unique method of making money

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Before she could lose control, Ye Wanwan fled upstairs!

She really respected herself in her past life. Faced with such good looks, she was actually able to still remain loyal like a dog to Gu Yue Ze. With such frightening determination, she was practically Zhan Huo 1 !

After Ye Wanwan entered her room, a notification popped up on her phone.

It was a text from Nameless Nie.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Famous Ye, how’s Tangtang today? Is he still doing okay?]

Ye Wanwan glared at her phone screen and ignored it.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Congratulations, hope you become lucky and get rich (Red Pocket)]

Ye Wanwan glanced at the red pocket then opened it with her finger before replying…

[Famous Ye: He’s doing pretty well. I just got him a pet.]

[Nie Hollow Pit: Eh? A pet? I forgot to tell you that Tangtang doesn’t like small animals, especially the furry and weak ones. When he was younger, I got him a little chick that ended up dying. After that, he never got another pet. What did you get him?]

After Nameless Nie sent this message, he sent another red pocket.

Ye Wanwan accepted the red pocket and noticed it was a hefty one, so she replied.

[Famous Ye: That’s not true, Tangtang really likes pets! If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.]

Ye Wanwan then sent the photo of Tangtang and the big white tiger.

The conversation went silent for several minutes before Nameless Nie finally replied back.

[Nie Hollow Pit: !!!!!!! What is this thing?]

[Famous Ye: You don’t recognize it?]

[Nie Hollow Pit: Bullsh*t, of course I know what it is! Isn’t it a tiger?]

[Famous Ye: That’s right!]

[Nie Hollow Pit: …]

You actually gave a tiger to Tangtang as a pet… I really need to kneel…

But Tangtang’s smile in that photo does make it seem like he really likes it…

It’s been such a long time since Tangtang’s looked so happy…

He really loved small animals but because he was scared they were too weak, he decided to distance himself, afraid they would leave him again…

[Famous Ye: Oh right, why are you suddenly so generous? Where did you get so much money?]

Ye Wanwan curiously asked.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Of course I earned it with my capabilities! (proud)]

Ye Wanwan stared at Nameless Nie’s smug emoji with suspicion…

[Famous Ye: You earned it?]

[Nie Hollow Pit: Of course. After having the experience of being an extra last time, I decided to participate in a show. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself! (Video)]

Ye Wanwan instantly thought that was impossible. With his acting skills, how could he still participate in a show?

Ye Wanwan curiously opened the video Nameless Nie sent her. After she finished watching, she was completely stunned…

The video really was of a show and it was an outdoor show that was currently trending. There were a dozen or so obstacles built above water and participants who could complete the obstacle course won prizes and money…

Ye Wanwan watched as the other participants fell into the water and the fastest one took several minutes. Finally, the last participant appeared in the video…

It was a man dressed in all black. He was like the wind. None of the audience members or even the host were able to make out his movements. The fella rushed from the starting point and hit the drum once he reached the end point, leaving behind a first place record…

Ye Wanwan didn’t need to guess to know that the fella was Nameless Nie.

He was really unique to make money like this… Practically…

You actually used such heaven-defying martial arts to participate in a kindergarten level competition and you still feel proud…

Doesn’t your conscience feel anything from making money like this?

You never thought about how you’re going to face those masters from your past?

Ye Wanwan felt very speechless and typed some words in reply.

[Famous Ye: You win, my dear big brother!]

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