Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 990 - I belong to Master

Chapter 990: I belong to Master

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Ever since Ye Wanwan began to train seriously to recover her abilities, her fighting skills had been improving by the day at such a fast pace that it was unspeakable.

However, her practical use of her skills was a bit unstable…

Under intimidation from the little loli, Zhang Wei brought along all his lackeys to apologize to her and swore never to cause any more trouble. Afterwards, they cleaned up the entire filming location and respectfully promised to pay for all damages.

“Ye… Boss Ye… You can relax… I will pay for everything… Tomorrow… Tomorrow, I’ll send someone over… If you want to use any of my properties… You… You can use them for free…” Zhang Wei stuttered out an apology while his lackeys huddled behind him.

Ye Wanwan smiled. “Thank you then.”

“No problem! As long as Boss is satisfied… satisfied… Then… then can we leave?” Zhang Wei sputtered.

“Of course.”

Zhang Wei let out a sigh of relief as though he survived a disaster. He glanced cautiously at the little loli. “Might I ask for your great name and which martial arts you practice?”

Based on her skill, she must either be from a top dojo or from a martial arts family.

But she used a vicious style of fighting so she might even be a national level soldier…

To be able to send this kind of person to settle a problem, simply having money wasn’t enough.

Jiaojiao stood by Ye Wanwan. “I don’t come from any stream of martial arts. I belong to Master.”

“Huh…” Zhang Wei appeared awkward and didn’t dare to pry further.

In a hidden corner, an assistant who was sent by Cai Yong Sheng had watched the entire show from beginning to end and now Zhang Wei and his lackeys were leaving. The assistant then quickly left in their car.

Since the conflict had come to an end, the employees at the filming location also began to leave.

Ye Mu Fan pulled Ye Wanwan to the side.

“Wanwan, who exactly is that girl?” There were too many people earlier so he wasn’t able to ask, but now he no longer held back.

“Oh, she’s actually someone my boyfriend hired to assist me. He said she’s amazing at fighting!” Ye Wanwan decided to pass the blame along to somebody else.

Ye Mu Fan was speechless and he frowned. Ye Wanwan said before that her boyfriend worked at Si Corporation, so could she have some connection to the Si family and Ye Wanwan hired the girl through them?

Also, what was up with Wanwan’s fighting skills…

He clearly saw that Wanwan stopped the girl’s attack.

“How are you able to fight so well?” Ye Mu Fan’s gaze was a bit complicated.

Ye Wanwan didn’t sense anything was amiss and replied, “I’ve always been able to fight really well. Did you forget when we were young that Daddy hired a teacher for us? I learned quickly and even the teacher praised me for my potential. It was just that I was lazy and didn’t want to exercise so I didn’t improve. But in the past half year, I felt like I should be able to fight a bit, so I’ve been training!”

Ye Mu Fan went silent and a heartache flickered through his chest. He tousled the girl’s hair. “Ge ge is so useless…”

If he was strong enough to protect his little sister, she wouldn’t need to suffer or work so hard…

Ye Mu Fan had already defied the heavens by changing from his former rich playboy self to his current self.

Ye Wanwan spent a lot of time with the Si family and had to worry about school exams and homework. Ever since she established the company, the responsibility of management and miscellaneous tasks all went to Ye Mu Fan and he was still able to complete them so well.

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