Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 981 - Let's see how wild you can still be

Chapter 981: Let’s see how wild you can still be

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When the special assistant saw his actions, she rolled her eyes before she said beside Cai Yong Sheng’s ear: “Director Cai, competing with Ye Bai doesn’t need to be so complicated. Everyone working in the entertainment industry today has a few connections at least. Ye Bai doesn’t have any power nor does he know anyone in the city. He should only have a few security guards working for him. You should consider asking Old Three Zhang for a favor. Get them to cause some trouble for Ye Bai’s production so they can’t even work on their movie…”

Cai Yong Sheng went silent while his eyes glowed.

Not a bad idea! Why didn’t I come up with this?!

Even if they tried to investigate, no one could link this back to him.

“But is Old Three Zhang willing?” Cai Yong Sheng frowned.

The special assistant reminded him, “Director Cai, you’ve forgotten. Old Three Zhang has bones to pick with Gong Xu. Now that Gong Xu has ignored everyone and left Global Entertainment, if you coincidentally bring it to Old Three Zhang’s attention, he won’t let this opportunity slip away judging by his personality!”

Cai Yong Sheng’s mood improved after hearing this. “You’re right. Go, help me book a meeting with Old Three Zhang!”

“Yes, Director Cai. I’ll go right away!”

That night, at a six star hotel in Imperial City.

A man with full abs was wearing a black vest. He impatiently asked, “What is it? Did you need me for something?”

A female artist was pouring wine for Cai Yong Sheng as she replied respectfully, “Zhang-ge, there’s something I came to ask if you could help me with. I’ve encountered a thorn who doesn’t understand the rules and I was hoping to trouble you to educate them a bit…”

Old Three Zhang laughed coldly. “General Director Cai, are you treating me like your lackey?”

Cai Yong Sheng quickly replied, “Zhang-ge, what are you saying?! The entire industry in Imperial City knows what type of man you are! Global Entertainment depends entirely on you for support!”

Old Three Zhang was originally a coach for the provincial Chinese boxing team, but he quit so he could make money off the streets. He washed his dirty earnings clean by opening a security company. All the security guards working at Global Entertainment were hired from his company.

When Old Three Zhang heard this, his expression warmed up a bit.

Cai Yong Sheng continued on. “Zhang-ge, remember that brat Gong Xu, who tarnished your reputation in such a public place? Are you really going to let it go just like that? Aren’t you letting him off easy?”

Old Three Zhang went silent and his eyes darkened.

Before, he set his eyes on a female artist and wanted to forcibly take her. In the end, that brat Gong Xu ruined his plans and humiliated him publicly.

However, at that time, Gong Xu was signed under Global Entertainment, so Chu Hong Guang mediated between them. On top of that, Gong Xu had his old man backing him up, so he had to silently take it.

Cai Yong Sheng gave his assistant a look when he noticed Old Three Zhang’s abnormal expression.

The special assistant immediately brought over a suitcase filled with cash.

Old Three Zhang slowly glanced over the case. “Of course I’ll do Chairman Chu this favor!”

Cai Yong Sheng quickly clinked glasses with him. “Thank you, Zhang-ge! But Zhang-ge, you need to be careful. That brat Ye Bai is very sly and cunning!”

Cai Yong Sheng warned him.

Old Three Zhang downed the white wine in his glass in one go. “Relax. This time, I’ll go myself.”

Cai Yong Sheng was overjoyed. “Zhang-ge, if you go personally, there definitely won’t be any issues!”

Haha, I really have to thank that brat Gong Xu, otherwise Old Three Zhang wouldn’t take this so personally.

Hmph, Ye Bai, let’s see how wild you can still be!

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