Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 974 - Witnessing a miracle

Chapter 974: Witnessing a miracle

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The adult and child pair both didn’t know how to have fun. Luckily, Wanwan was there.

“Wow! We’re actually so lucky! There’s a parade today! There’s also a fireworks show!”

“Whoa! That headband is so cute! I have to buy it!”

“Whoa! That lollipop looks delicious! I have to buy it!”

“I also want that balloon…”

Ye Wanwan was even more excited than a child, skipping as she dragged the adult and child pair everywhere with her. She nearly bought one of everything that was available for sale. Si Ye Han diligently hovered behind, guarding the mother-son pair from the crowd unless he had to go to the front to pay for Ye Wanwan’s purchases.

After a short while, Tangtang’s hands were stuffed with Ye Wanwan’s items. In his left hand was a gigantic rainbow lollipop and in his right was a balloon. On his head, he wore cat ears and around his neck, he wore a beautiful flower wreath.

Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han also had the same flower wreaths around their necks but Ye Wanwan was wearing bunny ears while Si Ye Han was wearing wolf ears and a black mask Ye Wanwan made him wear.

They passed by a photobooth and Ye Wanwan dragged the “father-son” pair to take photos. They were such priceless treasures!

Ye Wanwan laughed as she went through them several times before handing them over to Tangtang. “Here, Tangtang, you take care of them!”

The little fella carefully accepted them, treating the photos like precious baubles as he looked at them with his big eyes. “En!”

Night quickly arrived and the flower parade begun. There were more and more people present and it was becoming more crowded. Excited voices were building up in the surrounding area.

Tangtang was so small so his field of vision was quickly blocked by many people.

Si Ye Han glanced at the mother-son pair and handed his snacks to Ye Wanwan. “Hold these.”

“Huh? Oh…” Ye Wanwan took the snacks.

Afterwards, Ye Wanwan saw Si Ye Han bending down. With one arm, he picked up Tangtang and with his other arm, he pulled Ye Wanwan into his embrace, separating them from the crowd…

Ye Wanwan blinked. She felt her heart beating like crazy.

Si Ye Han actually appeared so much more handsome than usual when he picked up Tangtang.

Originally, it was hard for her to imagine what having a child with Si Ye Han would be like, but now, she felt that if Si Ye Han really became a father, he would be pretty gentle…

The sun was setting slowly and their trip to the amusement park was coming to an end. The crowd dispersed as people left.

Ye Wanwan ran off to buy a souvenir as Si Ye Han waited in place while holding Tangtang.

When it was time to go, Ye Wanwan watched the father-son pair and couldn’t help taking out her phone to capture the moment.

It was nighttime now and Si Ye Han booked a reservation at a restaurant known for their private home cuisine, so the family of three left the amusement park and directly headed to the restaurant.

The family of three was still wearing the same outfits from the amusement park. They had the matching outfits on and were carrying animal headbands, candy, and souvenir gifts.

This private home cuisine restaurant was very famous in Imperial City. Each day, they only served ten tables and if the average person wanted to eat a meal there, they had to book a reservation months in advance.

Ye Wanwan, Tangtang, and Si Ye Han were heading towards the restaurant when they ran into several familiar faces.

Lin Que was chatting with Xie Zhe Zhi when he noticed the three of them. He felt as though someone had pressed his acupuncture points and stood there, dumbfounded as he stared at Si Ye Han. “I… What did I just see…”

Xie Zhe Zhi observed Si Ye Han with interest as he looked at the printed pink pig on his clothes then he glanced at the little milk bun holding Ye Wanwan’s hand. He lightly laughed and then said, “Hm… We just witnessed… a miracle…”

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