Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 961 - Where were you last night?

Chapter 961: Where were you last night?

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Uh… Si… Ye Han…

Ye Wanwan rubbed her eyes, believing she must’ve seen things wrong!


Isn’t he supposed to be out of the country? Last night, he even mentioned he would be coming back tomorrow…

Si Ye Han’s gaze was focused on Ye Wanwan’s arm, which was still being held by Gong Xu.

Gong Xu shivered. He felt goosebumps all over his body.

Oh? Is this Ye-ge’s boyfriend?

Why did he suddenly show up here?

And why… why’s he staring at me…

What did I do wrong…

I only grabbed her arm…

How did a single look make me feel as though I’m being sliced 10,000 times…

I’m only a child. I didn’t do anything…

Gong Xu gulped and let go of Ye Wanwan’s arm faster than lightning. Then he retreated five steps away with a swoosh. “Uh, Ye… Ye… Ye-ge ge… Your boyfriend came…”

“T-th-then… I won’t bother you two…”

After he finished speaking, he disappeared in fear for his life.

M*ther! That was so terrifying! I was almost scared to death!

It’s fine that Ye-ge likes men, but why did he have to find such a scary one!

Isn’t his taste too heavy?

At that moment, Si Ye Han walked over towards Ye Wanwan.

Xu Yi closed his eyes. He couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

He called too late and couldn’t warn Miss Wanwan.

Even after two lifetimes, Ye Wanwan had never seen Si Ye Han looking so frightening and dangerous…

He looks so… mesmerizing…

When Si Ye Han was almost three steps away, Ye Wanwan pounced forward like an arrow, wrapped her arms around Si Ye Han’s neck then passionately kissed him on the lips.

“Darling! Why did you come back so early? I really missed you!”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Xu Yi: “…”


Miss Wanwan, this isn’t the time for seduction!

If this was the past and his master lost control of his rage, Miss Wanwan would’ve already begun crying, but her present state was also good…

Glancing at Ye Wanwan’s glittering eyes and excited expression, Xu Yi didn’t know how to react.

Si Ye Han’s cold expression cracked a little. Astonishment and a bit of frustration flashed through his eyes.

After a moment, the iciness started to reform.


Ye Wanwan was about to speak again when her body suddenly spun.

In the next second, she was pushed against the cold wall behind her.

Si Ye Han coldly gazed at her. “Is it him?”

“Ah… who?” Ye Wanwan looked dumbstruck.

What did he mean by is it him?

Si Ye Han nearly had to use all of his self-control to suppress his rage. “Let me ask you — where were you last night?”

Even though he was suppressing his anger, the violent storm in his eyes was really a cause of concern.

Faced with such a gaze, Ye Wanwan felt an irrational sense of guilt. “Last night? Last night… I was at home, in the Little House of Rose…”

Si Ye Han: “With who?”

Who were you with?

When she heard this question, Ye Wanwan instantly felt more guilty.

She then remembered Si Ye Han didn’t know about Tangtang, so could there have been a misunderstanding?

Damn, I thought Si Ye Han was returning tomorrow, so I didn’t tell him!

“Uh, I was at home. Who else could I be with… besides myself…”

In Si Ye Han’s eyes, Ye Wanwan’s guilty expression took on a different meaning.

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