Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 948 - Lost his mind from missing his sister

Chapter 948: Lost his mind from missing his sister

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The little fella learned very quickly and executed a perfect heart pose.

“Yes yes yes, that’s the way!” Ye Wanwan hurriedly grabbed the phone from Nameless Nie and took a photo of Tangtang’s adorable look.

Nameless Nie: “…”

Spray of Flowers: “…”

Devotee: “…”

Brick-moving foreigner: “…”

Iceberg man: “…”

They actually lived to see the little devil acting cute in their lifetimes…

After the photo was taken, Nie Tang Xiao pursed his lips and looked at Ye Wanwan with bright eyes.

When Ye Wanwan, who was admiring the cute photo, noticed the little fella’s gaze, she looked up. “What is it, Tangtang?”

The little fella shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Ye Wanwan thought about it then tried probing: “Oh, would you like a photo with mommy?”

The little fella’s eyes lit up immediately.

Ye Wanwan giggled. “Come over!”

She then handed the phone to Nameless Nie and said, “Ge ge, help us take a photo together!”

Nameless Nie was stunned when he heard that and froze.

Ye Wanwan called out again: “Hey? What’s the matter?”

Ye Wanwan was panicking inside. Hey, could you please act more professional? Why did you freeze when it’s time for you to perform?

Nameless Nie returned to his senses after some time and took the phone.

Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. She held Tangtang and looked into the camera along with him. Then the mother and son raised one arm each and raised them over their heads, forming a heart shape.

She seemed to have returned from a formal event; she hadn’t even removed her makeup or changed her clothes and was wearing a long, sky-blue skirt. Her makeup was light, and she had an air of gracefulness and nobility about her…


How could my sister be so lady-like and elegant…?

“Are you done?” Ye Wanwan rushed him.

“Done, done…”

Nameless Nie cleared his thoughts along with the strange feelings he suddenly had and took the photo.

After Nameless Nie made sure the little devil looked fine and had taken the death-exemption medal, he left in a flash.

After they left the Little House of Rose.

As they watched their own captain walking straight into a tree, the four others were stupefied.

A second before he knocked into the tree, Nameless Nie instinctively stopped in his tracks and avoided crashing right into it. He rubbed his chin and seemed to be in deep thought.

This was the very first time their captain had such a profound expression on his face and the expressions on their faces were indescribable.

Spray of Flowers couldn’t help but probe. “Captain, what’s on your mind?”

Nameless Nie mumbled, “Do you guys think…”

Spray of Flowers: “Think what?”

Nameless Nie rubbed his chin. “Do you guys think Famous Ye might be my younger sister?”

Spray of Flowers and the devotee looked at one another then put their heads together and started whispering.

Spray of Flowers: “Godly Rod, do you think captain has lost his mind from missing his sister too much?”

Devotee: “I think so!”

Spray of Flowers: “Do you know where Worriless Nie came from? That old freak – she was He Lian Jue’s only disciple. He was a legendary chief instructor from Scarlet Flames Academy, known as the demon king from Hell a.k.a. devil coach and he’s extremely savage. Tell me – would Worriless Nie actually wear such a lady-like dress at home and take care of a child?”

Devotee: “If boss Famous is the captain’s sister, I’ll swallow three catties of sh*t!”

Spray of Flowers: “I would even swallow 30 catties!”

Brick-moving foreigner: “I’ll swallow less – ten catties is enough…”

Iceberg man: “…”

Nameless Nie kicked all of them. “Shut up, my sister is also very moe and cute, alright!”

Four of them: “…”  Captain, could you please wake up!

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