Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 928 - Unconditional trust

Chapter 928: Unconditional trust

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Age of the Immortals:

Everyone’s faces were solemn.

“As a senior, Tan Zhen Xin’s actions were really unacceptable.” Luo Chen looked extremely angry.

Guilt shrouded Xu Lin’s face. “It’s my fault… I dragged everyone into this…”

Ye Mu Fan patted his shoulder. “Xu-ge, don’t blame yourself for it. If we need someone to blame, it would be that rascal’s fault; how could it be yours?! Oh right, I told you to secretly record the conversation. Did you do that?”

Xu Lin shook his head. “Tan Zhen Xin was very cautious – he made the reservation and even got his assistant to search my body before entering the booth. I didn’t get a chance to do anything at all…”

Ye Mu Fan sighed. He hadn’t placed too much hope on this idea. That sly old fox had been in the industry for so long that he would definitely be on his guard about such a low-level idea.

“What should we do now? Are we able to do anything to him at all?” Gong Xu was frustrated.

Han Xian Yu analyzed the situation. “We have to prepare for the worst right now, which is losing the lawsuit and being fined for infringement. Then we’ll have to stop all our shooting plans, all the investments we invested in will be gone and most importantly… it’ll damage the company’s reputation…”

Xu Lin hurriedly said, “Regarding the reputation of the company, I can make a public declaration that this had nothing to do with the company and all of you were merely buying my script…”

Han Xian Yu looked helpless. “The issue isn’t that simple…”

Emperor Sky would definitely sway the public’s opinion and implicate the company as well. If Age of the Immortals couldn’t produce any evidence, they would be in a defensive position.

“What did Ye-ge say?” Luo Chen asked.

Ye Mu Fan waved his arms. “I already called him but I didn’t really understand what he said. We’ll just wait for him to come back and we can ask him again!”

At that moment, a pair of footsteps came from the door. It was Ye Wanwan.

The few of them hurriedly greeted her.


“Chairman Ye, you’re here…”

The moment they saw Ye Wanwan, the atmosphere in the conference room became much more relaxed.

As long as Ye Bai was around, it was like any problem could be resolved.

Upon seeing Ye Wanwan, Ye Mu Fan flung his hands up. “I already told you about the issue, so what are your plans?”

Ye Wanwan swept her gaze across everyone present and replied, “I am aware of the situation, so I decided that the filming of ‘A Life and Death Struggle’ will be moved forward to tomorrow.”

Xu Lin was surprised when he heard that. “What? Start filming tomorrow? But according to the present situation, shouldn’t we try to reduce our losses as much as possible? Why would we rush to start filming? We can’t do that; it won’t work. It’ll also cause the company to be in an even more precarious position with public opinion…”

What surprised him even more was that no one else showed any objections to Ye Bai’s decision, even though it was clearly a mistake.

Ye Wanwan placated him and said, “Teacher Xu, when you came over to us, I promised you that no matter what happened, the company would resolve it. You just need to do one thing – film at ease.”

Xu Lin was confused as he turned to the others. “So all of you are okay with starting to film as well?”

He really couldn’t keep dragging them into this…

They looked at one another.

Then Luo Chen said, “I’ll listen to Ye-ge.”

Han Xian Yu hung up the call he was on and said, “I already got Yang-ge to make the arrangements.”

Gong Xu was all smiles. “I’ll just leave the thinking to Ye-ge; I’m only in charge of looking good~”

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